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FOX Business Network Beats CNBC To Start Off 2016

FOX Business Network started off the New Year beating two of CNBC’s top news shows in the demo during a huge day for the stock market which saw the DOW drop 276 points after being down as high as 400 at one point. The Intelligence Report w/Trish Regan scored 22,000 in the demo while CNBC’s Power Lunch had 19,000. FBN’s Countdown to the Closing Bell also out rated CNBC’s Closing Bell with 23,000 vs 13,000 in the key 25-54 demo.

FOX Business Network Beats CNBC To Start Off 2016

In addition, FBN’s After the Bell delivered its 2nd highest rated telecast ever with total viewers (144,000).

FBN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight continued the trend with 162,000 total viewers besting CNBC’s The Profit which brought in 142,000 viewers.

The strong performance comes in the heels of FBNs record setting year as the fastest growing cable network on television.

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    early to say but let try to explain where the West is in delusion about China?
    The main problem is accepting of one purely communist country as a common member
    of world trade environment and gradually to forget about civil rights, which is
    very important feature about any democratic country. Obviously in my view China
    takes the direction of Russia namely direction of Putin, but in some sense a
    little different. I meant that China is now in crossroad whether to take very
    unpopular steps to reform their communist state economy which is dominant, or
    to takes the course of nationalization of all foreign plants banks all invested
    capital in China for about past 20-thy years or so and by this way to
    strengthen communist power of communist party of China. The last looks like
    more probable because the power of communist party in any communist country is
    in its state subsidy economy, if the party functionaries who like to change the
    party card with notarial act of property are not large number. So in my view we
    can see in the future one very technology advance communist country, which had
    made up like this by the West itself. What irony isn’t it?

    Now about
    US economy, in my view the problem there is consumption approaching but not
    anymore to pay attention to producing, because all goods comes from abroad
    including Chine’s. In fact this engines the world economy which is positive but
    indulges US economy which is badly. Why it is so? In my view it is because the
    taxes in USA are very noncompetitive and the cost of living is very high, which
    push the people to search some more profitable activity such as market
    speculation or drug dealing but not producing something …..that is why US
    economy needs some producing country like Chine for example or other countries
    where to produce is cheaper but to sell in USA.