Galaxy Note 6 To Be A Laptop Hybrid Device?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note line has always focused on productivity and multi-tasking. The next year’s Galaxy Note 6 could take it to a whole new level by blurring the gap between laptops and smartphones. The Korean electronics giant already owns patents for a dual-OS notebook with a ‘phablet dock.’ The patent’s diagram shows that the phone would fit into a dock in a laptop-like device.

Galaxy Note 6

Will Samsung incorporate this technology in Galaxy Note 6?

If Samsung incorporates the technology in the Galaxy Note 6, it will allow customers to use it as a smartphone as well as a laptop. When docked in the laptop, the phone not only works as a touchpad but also the laptop’s memory and processor. Now that high-end smartphones come with their own powerful processor, RAM, and memory, it makes sense to use them as a laptop, points out Ubergizmo.

Galaxy Note 6 To Be A Laptop Hybrid Device?

The laptop will act merely as a shell, while the smartphone will be the heart and brain of the laptop. Asus has already launched Padfone that relies on a similar concept. Padfone is a smartphone that also comes with a tablet shell. You can use it as a phone as and when you want. But if you want to use it as a tablet, simply place the phone inside the tablet shell.

The device runs both Android and Windows

The patent shows that the phablet runs Windows OS when docked in a laptop. So, it’s possible that the Galaxy Note 6 may run Android in its standard form, but will switch over to Windows when docked. To incorporate the dual OS feature, the next-gen phablet has to be an incredibly powerful device. And recent reports suggest that the Galaxy Note 6 will indeed be a workhorse.

According to Tech Times, the Note 6 will be powered by a 16-core processor and 8GB RAM. It is rumored to feature a 4K display, 30-megapixel main camera, and 16MP selfie camera. What’s more, the device may boast of a huge 4,200mAh battery and fast-charging technology that would deliver 40% charge in just four minutes, reports Tech Times. The phone will have biometric scanner for Samsung Pay. The Korean electronics giant is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 6 in the second half of 2016.

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    I find it hard to believe that it will run Windows… The dock diagram doesn’t seem very windows friendly. Windows is still too mouse centric to work without a track pad. L

    I feel like if it was really to be a windows device they would have had the phone dock in front of the keyboard, as opposed to behind it as shown, so that the phone’s screen would be able to function as a track pad.

  • Michael Foster

    I have the Note4. Would have upgraded to the Note5 if the resolution had increased and the MicroSD card remained purely for use in the Gear VR headset.
    If the next model has an UHD display, MicroSD I’m in for sure. Will give this dock a serious test at the Samsung store if it’s released as it sounds like a great idea to me.

  • Dennis Weaver

    Elizabeth, you are so much on target about the exaggerated specs. I have a Note 3, if these guys builds the “6” with 8 gig of ram, a 4200 or 4500mAH battery and 128 but preferably 256 gig of storage along with the fast charging capabilities…I would race to the store and be willing to pay a very premium price for such a powerful platform!

  • ChrisI

    This is NOT new. The Asus Padfone has been doing this for several years. The problem is with carrier restrictions. Because they want to sell both a cell phone data plan AND a tablet data plan, certainly don’t expect this to come to you as subsidized. Carriers may blacklist it entirely.

  • Elizabeth Schultz

    Exactly but don’t these spec sound way too good to be true. They change things from the note 4 to the note 5 but it wasn’t really a step up. Same quality screen only 1 ram more, same camera, and they took the removable battery out and sd card out. It’s hard to believe it will go up to 8 ram. We see these type of rumours every new device and even though we may like the device it’s still a bit of a let down from what it might have been.

  • Night Lithium

    All I can say is, the dock better have a freaking battery this time. Keyboard docks without batteries are obnoxious.

  • Matthew Utley

    but can i take out the battery and also put in a sim card? no, ok then, no