After the early sales success of the iPhone 6s, Apple is already working on the next generation iPhone 7. This handset is expected at some point during 2016, so here is everything we know and suspect about this important smartphone release.

iPhone 7: Everything We Know So Far

Release date

There is no reason to believe ahead of the release of the iPhone 7 that Apple will change the release schedule of the series significantly. Sales have been extremely robust for the consumer electronics giant in recent iPhone releases, and this is likely to lead to an iPhone 7 release date at some point in September 2016.

New SoC

A new A10 chipset is certainly expected when the iPhone 7 is released next year, although the precise specs related to it are not known at the time of writing. But numerous leaks suggest that the iPhone series may shift from a dual-core to hexa-core set-up. In particular, a report on Weibo points to this possibility.

3D Touch not Force Touch

Force Touch had been linked with the iPhone range for a long time prior to the release of the iPhone 6s, but with the inclusion of the 3D Touch system for the first time, it is highly likely that Apple will continue with this policy with the iPhone 7.


Another persistent rumor about the next generation Apple handset is that the iPhone 7 will include waterproofing. This is a practical solution to the perennial issue of using smartphones in rainy conditions, but could also offer some health-related technology as well.

Super slim

The obsession with producing ever slimmer smartphones is likely to continue when the iPhone 7 is released, and information from analysts already suggests that this will be the thinnest ever handset from Apple. According to a report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPhone 7 will be between 6.0 and 6.5mm thick; approximately equivalent to the iPod Touch and the iPad Air 2 tablet.

Camera upgrades

Of all departments involved in the production of a smartphone, it is possibly camera technology that has become the most important. Apple itself indeed acknowledged this by increasing the megapixel rating in the iPhone 6s by 50 percent. When the iPhone 7 is released, we could see an even more revolutionary approach to the snapper included.

A report in Business Weekly suggested that Apple is studying dual-lens technology, and that this process has indeed been going on for some years. This suggests that the iPhone 7 could be a beneficiary of the development, but several other aspects of camera technology have also been linked with the smartphone.

For some months, it has been reported that Apple is also working on manufacturing a professional standard DSLR snapper, and the corporation has even been linked with a unique periscope design. What seems to be certain is that Apple will be upgrading the iPhone 7 camera significantly, as the battle for supremacy in the smartphone market continues to develop.

iPhone 7c expected

The expectation of a 4-inch smartphone from Apple was prominent throughout 2015, yet Apple has yet to deliver this strongly rumored device. Nonetheless, murmurings regarding this expected handset had been so persistent that we can certainly expect to see it come to fruition in the foreseeable future. It could be that the iPhone 7 range will see the 4-inch iPhone will come to fruition, with analysts suggesting that it could be dubbed the iPhone 7c.

Wireless charging

Another innovation expected in the iPhone 7 when it is released is the introduction of wireless charging. This would mean that the Lightning cable could be ditched, and would make utilizing the iPhone series considerably more convenient. There is also pressure on Apple to introduce this facility into the iPhone 7, as Samsung has already implemented wireless charging in some of its Galaxy devices.

The removal of the Lightning cable would have consequences for the operation of iTunes, so Apple is probably working on the technicalities related to this aspect of the technology at this very moment.

Battery life increase

One aspect of the iPhone 7 that Apple fans will be particularly hankering for is an improvement in battery life. There has been criticism of the battery performance of the iPhone 6s in the media, despite Apple’s proclamations that it would improve significantly in this smartphone generation. So there will be expectation that Apple will improve the battery life in the iPhone 7, although the suggestion that this will be the smallest iPhone ever does indicate that this will be a technical challenge.

Apple may once again rely on power saving functionality included in the iOS series, and iPhone 7 purchasers will hope that this is executed more satisfactorily than in previous device releases.

Curved screens

Screen technology in general is a major issue for Apple with the iPhone series, as the consumer electronics giant is lagging significantly behind other major manufacturers in this area. But one possibility for the iPhone 7, apart from an increase in resolution, is the introduction of a curved screen variant. This would be very much taking a lead from the Samsung Galaxy and Note Edge range, and it is well known that Apple has already applied for a patent for such technology.

4K iPhone 7

Meanwhile, Apple will surely be bumping up the screen resolution of the iPhone 7 when it is released, and the more optimistic followers of the corporation will hope that this means a 4K iPhone 7 is on the horizon. A more realistic prospect is that the smartphone-sized iPhone 7 will be full HD, while the phablet-sized model will encompass quad HD resolution.

No Home button

Finally, some analysts have already suggested that Apple will dispense with the Home button completely when the iPhone 7 is released. Some concept images have already been released featuring a Home button-less iPhone 7, and this idea would at least make sense owing to the advent of 3D Touch.