The machines are coming…

Despite starting with zero AUM in 2012, the growth of robo-advice has surged to touch $14 billion in AUM at the end of 2014 and could grow to $5 trillion in 10 years, believe Citi analysts. However, Haley A Tam and team at Citi also said in their Sept. 3 research report titled: “Rise of Machines: Retail revolution” that there will always remain a place for face to face, bespoke “quality” advice for those with higher value portfolios.

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Robo-advisors could pose substitution threat

Tam and team note that the financial industry has witnessed a lot of technology-led innovation and change, and the analysts see robo-advice as a new and growing disruptive innovation in this field. The following sets forth SWOT analysis on robo-advisers:

SWOT analysis Robo-Advisors AUM Robo-Advisors AUM

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