Only Russia Can Destroy US – U.S. Ambassador

Amid indications that Russia carries out military drills to prepare for a large-scale war against NATO, experts around the world evaluate the possibility of a renewed Cold War as well as global arms race.

Only Russia Can Destroy US - U.S. Ambassador

Diana Belchase, an American writer, was recently invited to Georgetown University to hear Ambassador Linton Brooks talk about the U.S. relationship with Russia.

Ambassador Brooks took part in the development of both the START and START 2 treaties, and has knowledge of what is happening in the geopolitical order today.

However, Brooks stated that all his opinions were his own and they do not reflect any official U.S. agency’s thoughts.

“Ten years ago no one cared about Russia as a threat. Even John McCain said, ‘Russia is a gas station’ … with atom bombs,” Ambassador Brooks said.  “Their interest is the same as ours in dealing with the issues of the Middle East.”

Brooks noted that Russia is an important vote on the UN Security Council and is the only country in the world capable of destroying Washington.

Brooks then added that “The Bush Administration said Russia is no longer a threat. Obama has tried to strengthen our relationship. But Clinton, Bush and Obama have all failed.”

In his opinion, the annexation of Crimea in March 2014 is the most important event in the relations between the U.S. and Russia since the Cold War, and that it’s the first time since WWII that a country has been annexed.

He then added that the Russians do not trust the Americans, while they are also “misreading American character.”

“They believe we’re trying to destabilize them. They believe we’re looking for first strike capability,” Ambassador Brooks noted, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin especially believes in this.

Cold War 2: Repeated Reality

Diana Belchase then summarized that the Ambassador’s speech got her worried. She wrote that she grew up “in a world where the Cold War was real. It was the basis of a lot of great spy novels with thrilling plots and twists and turns.”

However, Belchase added that she would give up the pleasure of reading such spy novels for the Cold War not to become “a repeated reality.”

The author noted that she doesn’t have all the answers, and neither does Ambassador Brooks. However, she said that it’s important to know that “our new President, whomever that might be, will be knowledgeable and able to make inroads toward peace.”

Current NATO’s military drills – Swift Response 15 – involving nearly 5,000 soldiers from 11 NATO members are the largest military exercises of the Alliance’s airborne forces since the Cold War.

The military drills will run through September 13, and will include training of speedy troops landing. NATO officials noted that the drills have nothing to do with Russia, and that it’s just to ensure Europe’s security.

However, it is hardly a coincidence that the military drills are coming that close to Russian borders.

In order to show its military might, Russia carries out large-scale military drills, too. In March last year, Russia held massive drills involving some 80,000 troops.

Global arms race has begun

All recent political events are followed by regular saber rattling. And the joint military drills between Russia and China last month proved it. The drills then got worried all Western countries, especially the U.S.

Even though both of the sides deny it, the fact is that the arms race has been started.

NATO boosts its presence in Eastern Europe. The Alliance plans to build five of its new military bases in the nearest future. This year, due to the constantly growing number of military drills, Germany had to increase its military budget by 20 million euro ($22.5 million).

However, even larger NATO’s military drills are coming: they will be held from September 28 through October 16 in Southern Europe.

Ever since Russia released its revised military doctrine where it named NATO ‘the main threat’ to Russia’s security, Moscow has been holding military drills pretty much every day – either testing new weapons or developing a new maritime doctrine.

Russia is preparing for a large-scale war against the U.S.

However, what’s truly alarming is the research published by analysts at the European Leadership Network think tank, which analyzed Russia’s large-scale military exercises that took place in March as well as NATO’s smaller military drills in June.

The think tank concluded that the “nature and scale” of the drills showed that “Russia is actively preparing for a conflict with NATO, and NATO is preparing for a possible confrontation with Russia.”

Political experts around the world agree that such provocative military drills can trigger an all-out war, while showing off their military might is completely useless.

If you look back at the history, the main factor that allows aggressors to invade countries is not their military vulnerability, but rather political vulnerability. Examples can be drawn from unilateral interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Bosnia, Libya; Russia’s invasion in Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014; Saudi Arabia’s invasion in Yemen and other examples.

Russia’s new military developments could destroy a “few NATO states,” which would trigger a response from the U.S. with much more advanced military hardware, and thus unleash a global war “with no point of return,” according to Igor Korotenko, a Russian military expert, as reported by ValueWalk.

ValueWalk reported last week that some military experts see a high probability of the beginning of a large-scale war between the U.S. and Russia as a result of encounter between warplanes over the Baltics or the North Sea during military drills.

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    I do wish death upon the same people who threaten to nuke my country and the country that does everything they can to arm every one of our enemies.

  • Ashtonken

    U.S. and NATO did not cause the problem in Syria , the president of Syria is the main cause of the war in Syria ,first question how did the war start , answer the war started as a result of protest by Syrians citizens demanding for reform in the system of their countries governance and the president gave order to shoot them so the people have to defend themselves

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    Respect to China from Karachi, Pakistan.

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    Wrong they would destroy all of the world.


    Don’t be a panicmonger! We’re spending $600bllns vs $80bllns of Russia. And you’re right – defunct (why to mention at all). The rest is just wishful projects.

  • Gaultier Jean-Paul

    Only a defunct one in Cuba and a smaller outpost in Jamaica.. And a huge one in Asyrria,,,

  • Gaultier Jean-Paul

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    Here comes another stooooooopis arse!! Keep shitting!!! I will not honor your nonsensical rant with anything positive.. Because one fool makes many and you both are classified as FOOLS!!! There is nothing that you see in the media about Russia or any other state that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia will attack or want to attack Uncle Sam…. It is all saber rattling so do crazy selves something positive and just Shut The FU Up!!!!

  • ReD^_^EyeD

    Ignorance is a bliss… I guess…

  • Garry Compton

    Good post MD – I flew for 20 years in AK. and I heard a team of independent pilot investigators from America that volunteered to help on the MH 17 investigation and asked Washington for the satellite imagery and access to the salvage – they got shut out. The same thing happened on the 9/11 investigation. A lot of refugees went to Russia – a lot to Ukraine and there are a lot here in Crimea. They are still coming. In the end Crimea is probably better off – there was no war here – the Ukraine pensioners got converted to Russian pensioners and got an extra 100 bucks a month and they are starting to fix the schools and roads – UA didn’t do much for infrastructure – I’m no Troll – I just happened to get caught up between Russia and Washington — during my retirement years ! Thanks

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    If anyone has a warped mind and out look it’s you Jean ……why would you think what geets said is a fantasy , are you truly that out of touch or are you just talking out your azz …… Wow , what’s the B S about you wanting to give blowjobs ? don’t you think your boy friend will get upset …… Talk about an assrash …..

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    @ Patrick Downey , EVIL , EVIL , ……. by what standard …… there isn’t a country in the world that couldn’t be described by that statement ….. So really , the statement by itself is biased and ignorant ….. qualify what you mean , if you can ….

  • Gaultier Jean-Paul

    WOW ?! I’m petrified. Can you quote where in the Bible you saw/see that? Lets have a conversation on this topic because I find it interesting… E-mail me at: [email protected]

    One time I heard a religious scholar say the Chinese will be building a bridge that links to either Israel or somewhere along that side and when they do this the Son Of Man will arrive in the skies then the Chinese will shoot at him with high tech weaponry and He will destroy them… Is it true? Then He’ll bring down the new Jerusalem..

  • Gaultier Jean-Paul

    Sit there with your warped mind and think rubbish! Do you think World Leaders are so silly as you are? Wake up from your day dreaming fantasy…. I’m sure if the US or its gangs weren’t sure of a devastating retaliation even with the annexation of Crimea, they would have certainly tried your fantasies already! Wake Up you blow job!

  • davidjordan

    To the author

    1) Russia’s modern military could destroy most NATO countries, especially the small ones like Slovakia

    2) You switch between NATO and the U.S. through this article and how the U.S. would bring in modern weapons. Well, if war were to breakout between Russia and the U.S. , it would be the U.S., not NATO. NATO is the paper name for the U.S. The U.S. is 60% of NATO, does the heavy lifting and hostilities would be directed under U.S. leadership. So, don’t use NATO, but say The U.S. or NATOUS.

    3) Both the U.S and Russia would destroy each other with their nuclear stockpiles

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Only the US can destroy the US and Americans are sitting there as spectators who watched it happen.

  • Morgen DenRay

    Yep, you got that right. It is strange (or is it?) that you hear nothing about it anymore on MSM. As much as CNN loves to cover tragic events, you’d think it would have received just a little coverage. For example, what happened to the information from the black box? What happened to the investigation? It couldn’t be that the results don’t fit their narrative, could it? And then they never mention the nearly 1 million refugees that fled to Russia. It is strange, isn’t it, that if Russia was the aggressor, then why were all those people fleeing to Russia? I mean, they should have been fleeing to Kiev, shouldn’t have they?

  • Ding Dee

    well if you read your history we’ve kicked your fat behind twice already back in Vietnam and Korea. If you keep with your foreign policy in containing China that would be another epic as kicking

  • A.Alexander

    How to call the person who had nominated this …to the ambassador?

  • romans

    Needs to divert the Russian folk’s attention away from the economy which is tanking. He has $72 of stolen money and assets to defend. How is he going to realise this corrupted wealth which is held in the names of proxies? Read Karen Dawisha’s book ”Putin’s Klepocracy” detailing this corruption and related ‘disappearences’ of those who fell in disfavour.

  • romans



    1. Autumn 2013 Russia and Belorus carried out military exercises along Poland’s and the Baltic land borders and naval exercises in the Baltic Sea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ue6evEKbeM – RUSSIA READY for BIGGEST MILITARY DRILL “Troops on FULL ALERT” | Defense3
    2. March 2014, an SAS passenger plane taking off from Copenhagen with 132 passengers had a close encounter with a Russian reconnaissance plane which had its transponder switched off in international air space.
    3. Russia carried out land military exercises against Poland’s and the Baltics’ land borders in June 2014.
    4. In August Russia carried out sea and beach landing exercises in Kalingrad.
    5. Russia moved warjets and helicopters closer to Lithuania’s border in September 2014.
    6. In early September Russian strategic bombers in the Labrador Sea near Canada practiced cruise missile strikes.
    7. Russian troops kidnapped an Estonian agent from Estonian soil and still hold him captive in Moscow.
    8. Russia in 2014 has sent 146 jets and bombers in over 100 patrols along the Baltic borders with their auto-recognition systems switched off contrary to NATO-Russia agreements. In 2013 was ten patrols.
    9. Lithuania has seen jet incursions rise from four to 132.
    10. Finland has registered five Russian jet incursions 2014.
    11. More Russian warships patroling off the Baltic states’ coasts in the summer 2014.
    12. Russian submarines surfacing off the Baltic states’ coasts in the summer 2014.
    13. Russia arrested a Lithuanian fishing trawler September in international waters in the Arctic.
    14. 7 September 2014, the Canadian frigate Toronto was buzzed by a Russian aircraft in the Black Sea with the plane coming within 300 metres.
    15. In September 2014 two Russian jets entered Swedish airspace and had to be escorted away.
    16. Russia navy ships forced a Finnish scientific vessel to change course in international waters.
    17. Russian jet enters Estonian airspace October 23 2014.
    18. NATO Jets Intercept 2 Russian Su-27s And An-26 on Latvia’s
    border 24 Oct. 2014.
    19. Late October Russia twice sent jets over the Baltic Sea along the Baltic states’borders.
    20. Russian bombers patrol down as far as Portugal in late October 2014.
    21. Nov 13 a Russian Ilyushin transport aircraft intruded into Estonian and Lithuanian air space and was intercepted by two Dutch F16 fighter jets, part of NATO.
    22. Russian warships “Stoikiy” and “Viktor Koneckij” 17 Nov 2014 positioned themselves 18 km from Latvia’s territory.
    23. baltictimes.com/nato_fighters_in_baltics_scrambled_21_times_in_last_week/ (8-14 Dec 2014).
    24. Russia drops 2000 Paratroopers Near Border of Latvia and Estonia. 27.02.15
    25. NATO patrol jets detected six Russian military aircraft close to Latvia’s territorial waters 21.03.15
    26. SU-27 nearly collides with USA RC-135 manoeuvring to within six metres over the Baltic Sea. 07.04.15
    27. Russian reconnaissance aircraft “Il-20” and one tactical bomber “Su-24”, which flew without a previously approved plan around Latvia and Lituania 10.04.15
    28. Russian Kilo class submarine identified lurking near Latvian waters 19.04.15
    29. Finland detects foreign submarine in its waters. Russia condems Finland dropping grenades even though Finland never mentioned Russia.
    30. Naval vessel from Russia’s Northern Fleet has entered Lithuania’s waters for the fourth time in around a month (04.05.15).
    31. Latvia recorded three Russian warships, a submarine and an AN-22 military transport plane near its borders on May 3.
    32. Russian Il-20M Coot A spy aircraft and an An-26 Curl transport plane which did file flight plans
    tracked by NATO jets over the Baltic Sea 08.06.15.
    33. On the afternoon of June 8, 2015, NATO patrol jets spotted three Russian military
    aircraft above Latvia’s territorial waters.
    34. Up to 12 Russian military aircraft spotted near Latvian airspace.(29.07.15)

  • Patrick Downey

    The US is evil.

  • foxwhat

    Sarah Palin is keeping a watch on Russia from her house.

  • geets

    Mutual destruction is assured, sure Russia can flatten the US but the US the US can destroy Russia’s rather small 146 million concentrated population and launch an conventional invasion from over 200 bases world wide to seal their fate, however in the end both countries are destroyed along with neighbors like canada, cuba and mexico along with much of China and all the stans..

    Even in a limited exchange both nations would lose millions due to being left powerless and at the mercy of the weather and both but particularly Russia would be left susceptible to foreign invasions as well..

    The world as we know it would end for both Russia and the US along with 50 or more other nations..

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    Putin’s economy is seriously under threat! Some within his inner circle are terribly upset with him for creating enemies everywhere making business difficult to run. All Putin is doing now is using the media to make the world think 90% of his people are behind him. Lies; Putin’s actions bear all the hallmarks of an abandoned child with guns! All he would do is shoot his way around town like a mad man. This guy is not ready one bit to mess around with mighty America! I agree with John McCain that Russia is a gas station with bombs; so is China and North Korea!

  • Gaultier Jean-Paul

    Bro, why not ignore that ignorant drunkard? Do he sound like someone who is mentally collective? No president in the US can bully a Nuclear armed Super State!!! Worst, since Bush has brought US Diplomacy and Respect to a new low, no one ever feared the US, only 3rd world countries did… Now with the two previous massacres(Iraq & Afghanistan) which started without merit and a blatant disregard for the UN Security Counsel resolutions, none of the US’s Allies trust or even respect them… The US is now alone, what is saving Uncle Sam is their Green Back and as soon as China do what they are suppose to and the Dollar implodes, so will the US’s economy.. Then there will be WORLD PEACE!! Happy Riddance!!

  • Gaultier Jean-Paul

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  • Paul Keating

    Yeah one of those stupid Americans that are the smartest most powerful in the world…Not to mention FREE…and everyone would love to live in the United States. Everyone asks us for help and everyone tries to steal our technology and wishes they had our way of life. If that is stupid…Great! I’ll take stupid over your intelligence level ANY day!

  • Disqus-sion

    read my post carefully or go back to school, you idiot !

    btw, patriotism is not an equivalent of facts !

  • Keith Cooper

    Fear, fear, fear…it’s for sale and it seems everyone is buying it. Haven’t we’ve learned not to listen to these fear peddlers? I guess not. The Bush administration mastered it and now other countries use it as a tool to control the minds and hearts of their people. If they give you something to fear, you accept their actions to try and destroy it. What you don’t realize is they are misdirecting you from what their real purpose is. Do any of you really believe you know the real relationship between nations? So the media and the white house puts out some info on the news and you just believe it? Now when, if ever, could you trust our media? I mean they’re all owned by less than 10 people/organizations. Murdoch owns so many in the U.S. and Europe it should be viewed as a monopoly and recently Al Gore sold his and the U.S. media soul to Al Jazeera who is known to support terrorist activity but the U.S. govt allowed it. What’s more funny is that some of you be blaming the U.S. condition on individuals and their cabinets. Do you think a U.S. President is in control of anything? They are representatives of the corporations that bought their Presidency. You hate Pres Obama or Pres Bush or Pres anybody for what? They are put their to push the agendas of big business. Your prejudice is worthless. You’re hating the wrong people and I think some of you know it but you hate just to hate. Put your energy toward what really matters and that’s Big business controlling our country from the shadows. Make them come out of the shadows by voting to reveal the donors of these organizations and political parties and the curtain will be pulled back on how this world really operates the maybe you’ll see that we’ve all been had and it’s been going on way before you’ve been born.

  • Georgiy Eremenko

    The reports of its death has been greatly exaggerated.

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  • Brother Mathias

    Who needs Russia to destroy the US when we have a President, Congress, and court system that is performing the job just as well, and without the radiation.

  • Ralph Alexandre

    china don’t have combat experience ,how can you think they can destroy America? china is just a show off, they so scare of America they went to joint Russia for support.the usa can destroy china in 15 minutes believe me.

  • Chris Herz

    Carefully ignored is the plain fact the USA has been consistent in violation of the pledge given by Bush I that NATO would not move east as a quid pro quo for Russia leaving Eastern Europe. And then this silly putsch in Ukraine. Brooks and all his neo-con colleagues are less able to read Russia than is the reverse.

  • davidjordan

    Wow Matthew Weatherford… Really??? So, the other world leaders are supposed to bow down before the U.S.?

  • Oxen

    Wont happen lol, relax. It is the naive backward greedy third World leaders that will keep fighting own people or neighbors because they are too dumb to figure out how superpowers use them to sell weapons

  • Oxen

    And you serious believe that USA can do that? What a level of naivety. Even Mexico migrants cannot be stopped and here you are spewing such baloney!

  • Oxen

    Dreamer who is brain washed by local media.

  • Oxen

    Any nation that can launch a major devastating attack on a major city in USA within minutes of being attacked or threatened with eminent attack will not be attacked by USA. The same is true about Russia,so the nations to worry are the third World because they will be attacked by Super powers to grab their resources and install puppets. A US/Russia/China conflict will not happen any time soon. In any case USA cannot launch any provocative major war without the Europe puppets all/or most on side

  • sh ws

    Mathew, it seems like that you watching too much “FOX NEWS.” and Listening to “RUSH LIMBAUGH.”
    Get out of the closet and get some education. Try to understand a problem before commenting. Remember,
    Ignorance is hazardous to your health.

  • Joe

    Matthew Weatherford is an extremeist racist. Be careful what you read of his/hers. He has been a pronounced racist for many years. Matthew Weatherford I ask you please seek help its not to late to help with your racism!!!!!

  • al len

    Wow, Valuetalk is restricting too tight! Won’t allow comments over military issues? Lol You are so cheap Valuetalk! Russiantard website.

  • al len

    Don’t worry, that bear is long dead.

  • al len

    Russia can’t even get passed East Ukraine.

    The only thing that Russia can do against US is with nuclear strike which I am so sure of Putin would never do or he’ll reap the worse end of it. Militarily Russia is not ready for a massive military battle with the West, or even US as we speak. Look at Chechnya and Georgian conflicts that exposes Russia’s ill-prepared armed forces. And those conflicts are but tiny battles ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 opponents. With NATO’s over 3 million active troops with thousands of air power Russia will simply crumble in confusion from multiple frontlines and attacks, just look at the scenario inside Kremlin Putin trying to take hold on every battles inside Russia’s vast territory over-stretchering its forces, NO, Russia can’t win a major war with US or NATO. Specially not today.

  • ReD^_^EyeD

    All I can see is person poking a bear with a stick saying “He’s going to attack me for sure”.

  • al len

    Zack Routsis
    The best thing you should do is stay under your bed. And stay there coward! lol

  • al len

    Ow Polina I love you so much!

  • Richard George

    Maybe we should not be looking at the differences between us, but look at our sameness. When you get down to the root, it is all about ego.

    It is a sad statement that our societal structure is based on performance (competition), and politics, and not the truth, at what ever cost it takes, bending the rules a little seems always to be acceptable. This behavior is rampant throughout our civilization actually. Getting the best of someone is acceptable, I think it really is all about ego. We are an ego based civilization, which is only going to hurt us in the long run.

    The following is very true, it is not made up. I would have already been taken away if it were not true. Initially, I was
    harassed for a lot less than this by the Department of Homeland Security. Now they do not know what to do. Please read completely, and look at the final link, which is safe, and you can contact me if you have questions.

    Actually all militarism, and their corporate contractors, need to stop. We need to move on to a more peaceful existence. The United States government is far from the most powerful on Earth, maybe you can say they are the most powerful group of humans on Earth if we consider nationalism, then nation. The US government is not informing the citizens of the existence of extraterrestrials, well no government is, although it is very true. The Pentagon made some agreements with a group of extraterrestrials, before we were consciously ready. Other ETs have intervened, both of these facts are what the United States government does not want you to know. Do not stop here, this is very real. Check out the ETs on the California Highway Patrol helicopter. It has been posted for a while and they have not done anything with it, despite my disparaging remarks. They should have me evaluated, they will not. Although I do wish they take me to court for the harassment I received related to cutting entitlements to California law enforcement, which are exorbitant. I am not worried, as I am being protected, and they know it. There are people making contact with benevolent ETs all across the world it is very organized. There are many military whistle blowers coming out about some of it. Also, they will make these ETs the enemy, be on the watch for that, simply they did not get their way! What kind of ETs would allow a group of humans to keep them secret? I mean something like that should never be kept from the people. Would humans keep such a secret? You bet they would, which just shows where many are at consciously. And many humans believe and accept the government should do that, when it is actually all about us growing consciously, and not needing this type of over protective government, almost authoritarian and totalitarian. Regards the following, do you actually think I would post this if I were not
    being protected? Do you really think the CHP would allow this to remain on their site? Don’t you think they should have me evaluated, and taken away via the NDAA ruling? It will not happen. And if it were to happen, it would have already been done. Here is the link to the California Highway Patrol Google+ site look at the comment by “Saturn’s Moon Andromedia” which is mine.. :-) Peace and love is what it is all about, not war dear Friends… :-) On the link just below, be sure to click on the link in the comment, which will take you the the photograph of the CHP helicopter.

    Paul Hellyer, Defence Minister of Canada, retired speaking on the ET subject:

    Here is a link to the witness testimonies:

    Here is a link to David Adair who has actually been in contact with an ET craft and still works in the space industry:

    Here is a link to Charles Hall and his extraterrestrial experiences while in the military:

    Steven Basset of Paradigm Research Group speaking on Obama and ETs:

  • Matthew Weatherford

    I am not a proponet of going to war with Russia but at the same time I would hope our next president isn’t the same joke we have in there now. We must maintain or military status in the world while working towards as much peace as we can make. Our current president is being bullied at every level by other world leaders who see how weak and spineless he is.

  • Desert Man

    ValueWalk, why wont you allow what I wrote about the U.S. getting bombed ? is it so close to the truth that you don’t want the people to know about it ?

  • FPV Flyer

    More false propaganda. Russia and China are trying to use each other, and both want to be driving the bus. Their partnership is doomed to fail. Russia and China are boastful paper Tigers,with Nukes. Anyone who,starts trouble will be quite unpleasantly surprised. If you are constantly trying to convince the world how tough and strong you are, you have not yet convinced yourself. When is the last time the US boasted about a missile being able to destroy China? The host of their recent parade bragged that one missile they had, could “reach all the way to Hawaii!” Wow, act you’ve been there before, will ya? Chinese junk is untested, and the specs are always blown well,out of proportion. China knows it won’t fight the US, too much economic damage would result. Keep bragging about your superior anti access systems, and then will see what happens when they face countermeasures and non rigged testing.

  • FPV Flyer

    Russia is broke, natural resources in the ground don’t count towards GDP. Foolish midget Vlad spent all the money on vanity projects (Olympics?) and waste, fraud, and theft when oil,was high, rather than creating and executing a comprehensive plan to move Russia off of its deadly dependence on the price of oil and gas. Now that oil is in the crapper, and Vlad wants to pose topless and feed his sad ego, Russia is in a world of hurt. Economists have added up the costs of all of the upgrades the Russian military has boasted they will do, not to mention taking care of the Russian people, and the pensioners in Occupied terrItories. Russia is too broke to do any of it. All products will be created domestica?y by Russia too. Putin lives in fantasy world. Russia will spend itself into ruin, just like the USSR. Vodka swilling midgets never learn.

  • FPV Flyer

    How did Jade helm 15 work out? We’re the secret tunnels and FEMA camps packed? Was martial law declared in Texas? I’m just asking because I don’t have access to your robust and more than slightly paranoid news sources. Thanks for providing the facts on events that have never happened. I’m sure you observed all of these events first hand, otherwise you could be accused of being nothing more than another member of the paranoid Parrot tin hat brigade.

  • Imageri by Tim Davis

    russia did that on it’s own.

  • FPV Flyer

    Russia is broke, Putin is a fool with small mans ego. China’s slowdown has put a crimp in their world aspirations. The Yuan has been a disaster, great choice for the next reserve currency -not. China’s government has shown its complete incompetence trying to manipulate the stock market. The Chinese are too used to demanding things, and seeing them happen. Due to the depressed price of oil, the BRICS counties are hurting. Brazil’s economy is in serious trouble. Rampant corruption has been exposed. It’s one thing to talk about ending American hegemony, quite another to become the replacement.

  • Krzysztof

    Tell in the red place something about Putin how much you hate his political party you wont see your family for the long time in the good scenario or the will be last words you ever said

  • Richard

    Why don’t you ask those who were once caught in the eastern block countries and had no chance of any freedom until the USSR got worn down and could no longer take care of their Communist ways and pay for a military? Why don’t you ask those former eastern Block people who are building their own military now in fear that Putin will do to them as what he did to Ukraine? Why don’t you ask all of the people once behind Putin’s Iron Certain why they do not want anything to do with Putin or his Russia? He is a cancer because the only friends he attracts are those leaders who are on record as being ruthless to their people or make no bones about destroying countries who represent freedom. Why don’t you ask those people I have mentioned what is America to the world compared to cancerous Russia? I know the answer, but would truly love to hear your answer!

  • revolutionist12

    …he is a fascist rat, not a communist. Speaking as a communist myself he sicks his police on innocent civilians to quell dissent, and passes legislation that gives the presidency unlimited control. He is a fascist mongrel and his cronies are no better than Himmler, Goebbels, Goering and the rest of the discusting plutocracy that ran Germany into the ground.

  • alec bell

    Terry, your ability to change the subject is not as good as your spelling (even though Sanjay says the latter sucks too), but quite impressive, nevertheless. I’m sure you’ll get better over time.

  • Eric Joshua Oleju Benson

    And what is America to the world if Russia is a cancer?

  • Eric Joshua Oleju Benson

    redeye18477, fantastic observation, this is how these trolls manipulatively misrepresent the facts, hiding behind words. But the tiger cannot change its sport.

  • Treece

    The Best thing we can do…is remember what My Generation did back in the late 80s and early 90s when we witnessed the end of the Cold War. We brought some peace to the world the next Generation said f peace

  • Desert Man

    I just posted a very long statement here about whats going on now and whats about to happen to the U.S. but the controllers of this discussion would not post it for the people here to read, its was true facts and a wake-up for many, however because of that fact they will not post it, hmmmm

  • Zack Routsis

    The best thing we should do is not to annoy the BEAR

  • fgxgufig

    Still, it’s just 180,000,000. Or perhaps lesser. The population is dwindling anyway and people are dying earlier.

  • TEA

    Thanks to Comrade Obama and Communist lawmakers, life in America as we knew it is already under attack! On the eve of 9/11, these people failed to stop the most dangerous agreement in history. The Russians are already moving military into Syria to surround Israel, and keep Israel from attacking Iran. Russian and China have been checking our defensive preparedness, why for a first strike?

  • Desert Man

    I completely agree with you

  • Phil Latio

    Who ever said the ukranians are the “good guys?” They appear to be just as corrupt and broke as the Russians. Let them have at it. We have our own problems to deal with.

  • Phil Latio

    It is primarily Europe which is threatened by Russia. Since Europe is more interested in creating a welfare state for its millions of third world immigrants rather than supporting it’s military, let Russia be Europe’s problem.

  • Desert Man

    I for one am very worried about whats going right now with the Russians and the Chinese military build up, the Chinese can sneak their nuke subs in and they have enough subs to put one every 50 miles apart completely surrounding the United States coastline, we would have no chance of survival . imagine, in less then 15 minutes the U.S. can be completely destroyed, millions and millions of American people would be killed in that 15 minutes, and there would be no warning and no place in the states would be safe. If its not to late I believe that the U.S. needs to get off their asses and build up our defenses for such a strike. its obvious we are going to war in the very near future and the people running our country are asleep to that fact or maybe they know its going to happen and there’s nothing they or we can do about it so they close their eyes , don’t tell the public, and wait for it to happen, then poof, we are all dead with-in 15 minutes.

  • davidjordan

    To Polina Tikhonova-
    1) Russia can destroy a good number of U.S. cities in a conventional strike, just as the U.S. in kind
    2) Russia can destroy conventional military hardware could destroy most NATO countries
    3) Both Russia and the U.S. has the most nukes and could destroy each and the world over. But keep in mind, in the event of overwhelming force by the enemy, Russian Constitution allows the use of nukes
    4) Please decide if you’re going to use the word NATO or U.S. To refer to NATO fighting a war against Russia, then the U.S. would bring in more advanced military hardware. Well any conflict with NATO is a U.S. conflict, given the U.S. is 50% of NATO in terms of spending, equipment and support. NATO is the shell name for the U.S. Call it The U.S. or NATOUS

  • Eric Joshua Oleju Benson

    Very correct

  • Eric Joshua Oleju Benson

    Don’t be an idiot, If I were Russia, I will take the US down with me instead of self implode, be wise. There is no such things as containing a big and powerfull country like Russia, no nation has the power to do that, don’t delude yourself that America has the might to do that. If oil price receed back to 25 dollars/barrel, many countries will go down before Russia. Russia is only 50% oil dependent, but there are countries that are 90, 80 70% dependent on oil, these will tank long before Russia. Americas hatred of Russia is deluding many Americans.

    If you are stupid enough to go to war because of Ukriane go ahead.

  • vitrohon

    NO , I’m talking about Rasha/Moscovia !
    NO , I’m talking about Rasha/Moscovia !

  • Horatio


    Wait…are you talking about us (USA)???? O’ you talking about Russia??? No, you have to be talking about us (USA)….

  • davidjordan

    To Polina Tikhonova-
    1) Russia can destroy a good number of U.S. cities in a conventional strike, just as the U.S. in kind
    2) Russia can destroy conventional military hardware could destroy most NATO countries
    3) Both Russia and the U.S. has the most nukes and could destroy each and the world over. But keep in mind, in the event of overwhelming force by the enemy, Russian Constitution allows the use of nukes
    4) Please decide if you’re going to use the word NATO or U.S. To refer to NATO fighting a war against Russia, then the U.S. would bring in more advanced military hardware. Well any conflict with NATO is a U.S. conflict, given the U.S. is 50% of NATO in terms of spending, equipment and support. NATO is the shell name for the U.S. Call it The U.S. or NATOUS

  • Turning Point Sustainability

    So…, you’re willing to put the entire country’s existence at risk for the unstable Ukraine? That’s just plain stupid.

    I prefer practical politicians over idealistic idiots.

  • davidjordan

    Richard… Great logic added to this conversation. We as Americans, have been raised to believe by our politicians, no one can defeat the U.S.

  • TC Ahmetcan Caglayan

    Russians are raging alcoholics. Us Americans are tobacco dipping, beer loving, and gun totting rednecks. With around 90 guns per 100 US Citizens, I’m doubtful Russia stands a chance.

  • AmericanEagle

    “Peaceful russia”!! biotch please!!

  • rw93003

    We spend more on education, both per pupil and per capita than all but a couple of very wealthy, small countries and principalities–the problem with education is a problem with teacher unions and so-called academics who design curricula pretty much exclusively for college-bound left leaning students. 7000 a day drop out of schools that just don’t connect with them. Shops are converted to computer labs non-college prep classes are labeled dummy classes. Maybe that’s ok because we’ve driven all of those great paying non college career jobs overseas with high taxes and impossible regulations.

  • Otto

    Name one thing that Obumbo has done that the American people approve of. ObumboCare, NO., Iran Deal, NO., Swapping 5 terrorists for one traitor, NO., Transparency, NO., Enforcing laws as he swore to do, NO., Meddling in local issues causing many deaths, YES., improving the lives of Blacks and lower income folks, NO., Playing lots of golf and taking expensive family vacations on the government’s dime. YES., Using executive action to do what he wants. YES., and on & on & on.

  • Eric Joshua Oleju Benson

    I don’t know if this a fulfillment of that prophecy, it is certanily interesting

  • davidjordan

    Where does Democracy exist?

  • Eric Joshua Oleju Benson

    Then I suggest you first look at the constant excuses by the US and its allies to invade other countries before you point fingers.
    What you have just posted makes you an American troll. Was Iraq, Libya lies?

  • rw93003

    Some people believe in helping good guys in need. The selfish, what’s-in-it-for-me, crowd just don’t get it.

  • davidjordan

    To Polina Tikhonova-
    1) Russia can destroy a good number of U.S. in conventional strike, just as the U.S. in kind
    2) Russia can destroy military hardware most NATO countries
    3) Both Russia and the U.S. has the most nukes and Russia’s Constitution authorizes the use of NUKES in case of overwhelming force by an enemy
    4) Please stop interchanging NATO and U.S., as NATO is the shell name for The U.S. The U.S. is 50% of NATOUS…So, either refer to strictly NATOUS or U.S. Because, should hostilities breakout, it isn’t NATOUS that is going to lifting, “It Will Be The U.S.”

  • Krzysztof

    Russian can drink own oil like vodka they can’t help you for hangover bean there done there.

  • sclibertymom

    Agreed! It’s inevitable. But don’t you think that’s been the plan all along?

  • Turning Point Sustainability

    So both sides are destroyed….

    And for what?

    Over the UNSTABLE Ukraine……….

  • Turning Point Sustainability

    Why are so many people willing to put themselves, the lives of their families and friends and the the entire countrie’s future on the line for democracy in Ukraine? I don’t get it….

    We’d be angry if Russia were messing around in Mexico.

    Despite whatever anyone thinks, the Monroes doctrine is still in force. The entire continent is our sphere of enflunce and our buffer zone.

    The Russians are NOT being unreasonable.

  • m hermance

    Please tell me you mean America.

  • Mister BlueDevil

    It is, what it is. . It is no longer “We The People”. But instead it’s “we the government”.

  • Angel

    I don’t think so!

  • Michael

    Jockeying for position posturing sit down & talk/work out your differences.

  • busterhound

    The US can’t count on the EU if war breaks out with Russia.If the Europeans don’t care about those fighting & dying for democracy in Ukraine.Then the US/UN won’t/can’t wage a war without it’s European counterparts full support.

  • Richard

    That is militarily. We are destroying ourselves with political stupidity by not addressing America’s need in education, infrastructure, immigration and national debt. Sooner of later, we will all understand what Russia went through after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our military will do us little good at that point.

  • Ding Dee

    yeah right US nuclear submarine that got destroyed by fire because of a single sailor

  • Justin Peace

    It wont happen that way. Too many Nukes will be already flying at Russia by the time DC is Hit.

  • Bill

    Any conflict between Russia and the U.S. would be tragic for everyone. Not all of us Americans fall for U.S. media lies, nor the corruption that is plain as day in our country. It would make far more sense for everyone to be at peace, and work together. I think it should be clear that our government no longer represents the will of the people here. I hope that Putin will remember this.

  • chad

    Stop and think about it ,Christians destroyed the USA .They preached love ,forgiveness and accept EVERYBODY AND EVERY RELIGION.THIS IS NOT GOD’S WORD,HE IS TO BE OBEYED THAT IS WHY GOD CREATED HELL AND GAVE MAN THE COMMANDMENTS(obey him or be destroyed). In Luke 22 it even state when the time come your to sell you coat (garments) and buy weapons to defend the word of God and it’s people ! Your to turn your back on Eastern things,names and religions ,not vote for them ! CHRISTIANS TURNED THEIR BACK ON GOD(Jehovah) now his back is turned on America and we’ll see NO MORE BLESSINGS ! YES ! This is the end days ! After Kerry and his boss passes sign this peace deal ,it will allow Iran ,Russia and China to create the largest ,strongest military in history(100 million strong) The deal will be broken and in 3 1/2 years they will start Armageddon . BUT, it will becomes hell on earth and 80% of all earth creatures and living things will die !

  • vitrohon

    @ Richard ; YOU had me there for a while until you absolved ” the Russian people ” from Russia’s war on Ukraine . That’s like saying ; Hitler is the only one responsible for the actions of Nazi Germany !
    Without the support and approval , of BOTH the ” Russian people and the ” German people ” , neither
    would be possible !

  • Gregory Ditto

    russian trolls are stupi d but effective. I suggest you do not fall for lies spread by russian trolls if you love and value your own country.

  • Jrod StoneyBrook

    Lol my training and 3K rounds just in rife let’s not count the others ounces I have ready to go say different, China didn’t evade in the past because behind every blade there would be an rifle same is true today maybe more, I can name 30 local buds with military or leo training that would f up your plan, lol we will chase you out like the Alamo remember lol keep dreaming Mexico don’t want none of us and that why yall ain’t tried cowards

  • ColdWorld

    Wouldnt that be an awesome alliance China, Russia, U.S. Why can’t we be friends?

  • vitrohon

    Russia NEVER minds her own business , forever sticking her nose into other countries’ affairs !

  • Ted Chalfant

    The Bible states that the final war will take place at Megido. That is a short way from where the Russians are beginning to park there military hardware. Could this be the beginning of Armegeddon? If it is, that means Jesus will return to stop the world from destroying itself, and the beginning of the millennial reign of Jesus on the earth.

  • odonnet2

    Daily since March 2014, the Russian sky bears are perfecting their roundabout first nuke strike on the U.S. Mainland which has as its main purpose of precluding the U.S. from its capability of making return nuclear strikes. The first salvo will definitely be on Washington, D.C., to wipe out its entire military (Pentagon) and national leadership (White House and Congress). The second salvo will be to defang all its silos, airbases, and naval bases from San Diego, California to Norfolk, Virginia. After the U.S.’ military infrastructures are all put out of use, the third and last mission of the Russian intercontinental bombers will be to drop out leaflets to all major cities of the U.S. from New York to California for the unconditional surrender of the United States and its surviving naval and air force fleets all over the world to the nearest Russian and Chinese naval fleet invasion force commander or face possible total annihilation.

  • Anthony

    The US is totally to blame for the crisis. The elite is the west WANTS WAR WITH RUSSIA. This kind of veiled propaganda runs through the press daily to get the western citizens ready for the elite’s next war.

  • Leimert

    “Only Russia Can Destroy US – U.S. Ambassador” No wonder. One more reason for Russia’s response in Ukraine and Syria. The U.S.A. Russia food embargo and rhetoric of the 70’s’ and 80’s is old school.

  • Igor Voggis

    Yes redeye18477- Russian are angels and everybody around them are pure evil. Do you really think that annexation of Crimea could come without prior invasion? And what a strange coincidence of local conflicts with location of Russian military bases abroad.

  • Batman

    (moannnn) Do we not have anything better to do than destroy each other? Often I can’t believe this is my species. Why can’t we wise up and work and tolerate each other instead? Aughhh !

  • Richard

    Sorry, Obama laid the foundation for what could likely happen. The article is correct. War or invasions do not occur to because a military seems weak enough, it is because the political environment appears weak. Putin is then a cancer just waiting to invade.

  • Richard

    You had me for a while until you said Russia did not invade Ukraine and Georgia. Putting lipstick on a pig (Russia), does not make Russia anything more than what it is. And I do not mean Russian people. They deserve better than the pig Putin!

  • Richard

    Putin knows that conflict and war is an excellent way to boost the price of a barrel of oil. If energy costs go up, his economy despite the sanctions will improve. The opposite would take place with western nations.

  • Nate Rector

    we will go to a limited war,with Russia and China.I hope its not nuclear,but baby minded leaders might cheat with these weapons.Lets face it world population is out of control,things would be better with 90 % less people on earth.Parents need to teach their children basic survival skills.Start fires without lighters,hunt with bows,make shelter,how to hunt and gather.

  • Andreas Panayiotou

    You look like a clown and you sound like a fool. No-one expects any different from the overall American football mentality of the WORLD CHAMPIONS that play by themselves.

  • Andreas Panayiotou

    You sound that you have a chip on your shoulder and therefore you do not understand what is fiction or real. In the meantime the US debt is groing and yet you are planning to conquer the world, when your house is crumbling.

  • zodiakleo

    All this discussion about war is nonsense. We just confine Russia to its borders. It will self implode within 5 years.

    The price of oil will recede back to $25/barrel for the next 5 years. Russia will bankrupt itself and is own citizens will oust it’s own leadership.


  • one

    Tyrone, well said. That base was there for years.

  • redeye18477

    You have to admire the robot that wrote this article. Note in the same article the writer describes the same thing but attaches different words to either side. Example:

    1. “Current NATO’s military drills –” VS. “In order to show its military might, Russia carries out large-scale military drills, too.” Notice how the description “military might” is not attached to the NATO “drills”

    2.”Russia is actively preparing for a conflict” VS. “NATO is preparing for a possible confrontation with Russia”. Key word “actively” and “possible”

    3. “Examples can be drawn from unilateral interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Bosnia, Libya.”

    Notice how the USA/Great Britain are deliberately excluded from the sentence and illegal invasion is replaced with “unilateral intervention”

    4. Russia’s invasion in Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014. Note that Russia did not invade Ukraine and in Georgia it was Psychoshvili who attacked the Russian army and killed two Russian soldiers without any provocation by the Russians.

  • ?????? ?????? ??????, ???!

    you didn’t get any comment because there is no free US land in the nature LOL
    And stop with tales about free media in U.S . You’re brainwashed even more than Russians

  • ?????? ?????? ??????, ???!

    you’re paid troll, not the writer

  • Pavle

    In my opinion, even to think to destroy USA or Russia is a madness. But, I am scared of the global warming…

  • ndichu

    u are one of those stupid Americans who thinks they own the world.

  • DisqusPrivate

    Nuclear War means End of the World. U2.


    There is always the fifth column in any administration from time immemorial. From Polina and Brooks talk,this article is nauseatingly meaningless and holds no water.Russia is Putin,and Putin will soon be Put -out.

  • Cordell Hughes

    If this war is inevitable, Obama will be long gone from office. The GOP will most likely control Gov. and if their strategy is any thing like Iraq and Afghan wars. Condemning Obama decades after the fact will just be a distraction from the failed strategy of the modern leadership.

  • it’s me

    Hey ding dee wake. 1 US submarine can destroy the entire china. that’s a fact.

  • it’s me

    the writer is paid writer of putin…. she’s a putin troll.

  • Krzysztof

    Thank you

  • Krzysztof

    America got many boogie man for business purposes but you can tell almost anything

  • Krzysztof

    I am with you

  • Nicholai Ivanitsky

    If you see in any text a reference to NATO – Russia war, just stop reading. Because all this stuff is nonsensical.

  • Krzysztof

    Worst enemy for America is there own people appétit

  • Krzysztof

    If anybody know little history after ll world war Russian interest hog in the arm several country without there will finally thanks to Poland where all freedom concept start.Please ask questions to this occupy from Russian system country do they like get back where everything was limited from food to cars even shoes.Russian propaganda melt own people brain and to be honest they experts from doing this.Any comments for my opinion will com from free US land I believe.Thanks

  • Ding Dee

    You forgot about China, China can single handedly destroy America!

  • Tyrone Ward

    No negative. That base in Syria has been a key strategic base for Russia since the 80´s. They are not in the process of establishing it. They may be in the process of converting it over into a base that will play more of a viable role in the region.

  • Sweet dreams

    Well i hope Obama has Obamacare, because he will need it.

  • A. Ianosel

    Let’s be serious! The writer appears to be in darkness about the book “Disinformation”, which was written by the highest Eastern European authority on the machinations and intentions of present Russian dictatorship–masquerading as a democracy. The author of the book “Disinformation” was a high level General of State security apparatus of an Eastern European satellite of USSR, who defected to the U.S. in 1978. This book was presented to the American public in 2013, and Glenn Beck TV show hosted this book’s co-author, a Law professor from Missouri who discussed the book’s substance. In that book, the General is revealing that the Russian government has transformed into a “dictatorship spy state”–the first such a spy state in human history! No, the spy state is not out to do any military harm to any nation, especially to the United States but instead, the spy state has other agenda that the Western democracies do not readily apprehend at this time. The foregoing book will reveal even such a thing–if studied diligently. Last year, Stalin grand son stated openly and fearlessly, that the dictatorship spy state head is a “brainless” leader, and that “he heads a government full of thieves and tricksters” (The Independent, UK). Another U.S. citizen of Russian descent, Nikita Kruschev’s son,who lives in U.S., stated last year that Russia is no USSR, not even close!

  • Drveruju

    Russia would be minding its own business if the US with its neocon foreign policy had not begun to undermine the independence and sovereignty of Russia.

  • A. Ianosel

    Yes, Joseph, you’re correct. However, the writer is in darkness about the book “Disinformation”, which was written by the highest Eastern European authority on the machinations and intentions of present Russian dictatorship-masquerading as a democracy. The author was a high level General of State security apparatus of an E. European satellite of USSR, who defected to the U.S. in 1978. This book was presented to the American public in 2013, and Glenn Beck TV show hosted this book’s co-author, a Law professor from Missouri. In that book, the General is revealing that the Russian government has transformed into a “dictatorship spy state”–the first such spy state in human history! No, the spy state is not out to do any military harm to any nation, especially to United States, but instead, the spy state has other agenda that the Western democracies do not readily apprehend at this time. The foregoing book will reveal even such a thing–if studied diligently. Last year, Stalin grand son stated openly and fearlessly, that the dictatorship spy state head is a “brainless” leader, and that “he heads a government full of thieves and tricksters” (The Independent, UK)

  • Christopher De Mott

    —–I sure hope Brooks wasn’t getting paid more then $8 hour—, Because he is an– idiot—
    for saying– Russia –is the only country in the world capable of——- destroying Washington.
    Ambassador Linton Brooks, Here is another Country that could destroy Washington
    with out any Nukes,—- Mexico.. That’s Right—- Mexico. All Mexico has to do ( and who’s to say
    they haven’t ) is send 100,000 soldiers across the border pretending to be immigrants
    looking for work. Once here the soldiers rent apartment across the US, each one
    of those soldiers find 10 ( 10 is an easy number truth be it wouldn’t be hard to get 100 each)
    country men( Mexicans) that would be willing to aid in bringing down the US. That 100,000 just

    turned into 1,000,000. If they got 100 each, Thats 10,000,000. Thats right 10,000,000
    troops here with out firing a single bullet all waiting for the go ahead to start the
    sabotage of power plants, HWY’s, water supply, you name it. 1,000,000 to 10,000,000
    planed bombs all going off at once, Then forces From Mexico, Guatemala, El salvador, Venezuela and who ever else in South america wants a piece of our pie. Now for the best part Russia or
    China could finnish off the invasion with out any Nukes.
    Ambassador Brooks ever think about that ? OH Mexico wouldn’t do that to us. Really ?
    General Santa Ana said the war is not over, and that they would win it with out firing a single bullet,
    We dont have any land that we took from them do we? Think they want it back and then
    some. Great Spanish for everyone now. All the wealthy Americans are forced
    to be gardeners, Labors , Maids. Couldn’t Happen , Really, Why do you think the borders
    are wide open and our Government does not dare enforce the law, The war is over
    it came and went without you even knowing, with out a single bomb, all they needed was
    a threat and a show of force and we caved.

  • Rogue

    Well pal your wrong about Japan not having resources, how do you think they build those things w/o resources then, import it all, shakes head.

  • Cheetahe

    It seems like the Ambassador is lacking in historical perspective. Besides the Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea. Since WWII, Indonesia took over Timor, China invaded and annexed Tibet, Turkey invaded and took over North Cyprus, Israel took over the West Bank etc.
    I am sorry that our Ambassador does not present the Russian policies in Eastern Europe in the worldwide aggressive policies of nation states.

  • Rogue

    Once again you spout out where your anus is, you need to get your facts straight, the only reason Russia is even thinking of this is their economy is so shot that this is the only way Putin can keep national loyalty, the worse their economy becomes the more saber rattling they do, instead of rebuilding their decripit miltary they should be using their money to rebuild their infrastructure and economy again. Look through your history, many a time there is war in tough economic times. Also Putin wants a new USSR and he doesn’t care how many people (russian or other) he maims or kills to do it.

    You also forget that if Putin takes on NATO, it brings the USA into it and our more advanced military, we would do to russia just what we did to Iraq in operation desert storm, run right over them and this time boys don’t stop at the China border, just keep steam rolling along. If we would have done this at the end of WW2 we wouldn’t have these problems today. It would be the USW (United States of the World) by now.

  • http://KIDK.com Racyman

    Alright, which is it? President Obama is trying to start a war with Russia, or is too weak? He “allowed” ISIS to become strong, but he should just stay out of the Middle East? Didn’t President Bush invade Iraq, based on false intelligence that he sold to us and the world? Didn’t that directly effect the balance of power in the region, giving it to Iran, a major United States enemy and supporter of Muslim extremism? Didn’t the President of Iraq, who was supported by the Bush Administration, await the military forces of the United States to leave his country, and then total chaos broke out, as the President quickly went against the Sunnis? How many people in Iraq have died since killing Saddam, who was an evil dictator and killer, but didn’t allow our main enemy, at that time, Al Qaeda to have a presence in his country? How many major terrorist attacks have happened on our soils under Obama?

    So, I guess we should just invade Russia now, as it is inevitable, but Obama is going to start a war, by the message that the increase in military exercises and forces in the region presents? Obama haters don’t even know why they hate him. They have just been told to do so by FOX News, Rush Limbaugh and the GOP propaganda machine. They are too ignorant to actually have minds of their own or to use any form of common sense.

    How many of the events that will destroy us, due to our President, have actually happened? He has year left in office and none of the Nazis, or I mean, Republican’s conspiracy theories have actually been realized. In fact, if you ask a Republican to give you an honest answer about why they hate the man so bad, they couldn’t come up with a legitimate and honest answer!

    Everything is in better shape under this administration than the one that proceeded him. That includes the economy and national security. Oh and he hasn’t went door to door and taken away all of our guns either! Damn, there are some ignorant bastards out there! Hell, blame some guy on food stamps for the countries problems, like FOX News does.

  • leader_of_US

    ISIS got all the supply from Turkey. Whenever Turkey is kicked out of NATO, ISIS is finished.

  • Savage Sock

    Russia is NOT peaceful! But then neither is the USA, nor the UK, which is where I’m from.
    WE, are a naturally aggressive species within the human race. Whether you think this is a good thing or bad is entirely subjective…..but it is the truth!

  • Garry Compton

    America is prepping their citizens to believe Russia is the bad guys – especially when America pulls another false flag – like they did in east Ukraine flight MH-17 with the Ukraine air force. Notice after the shoot down – America could not show the world satellite imagery and nail the shooters ! Because they knew the shooters — were not from Russia !

  • Grizzly

    Hey ! Russia is largest & richest country in the world ! Who is broke ??
    Russia’s proved natural sources worth : $75 Trillion !!! WAKE UP !!!


    They just in process of establishing it, in order to help Syria to fight ISIS. This should help us also to fight ISIS. Our politicians can’t make their mind: what they want -to defeat ISIS or overthrow Assad. Of course they want both, but it may not be realistic. But the rest what I stated is correct. We spend $600 billions on military vs $80 by Russia. So, which one is a threat to another? Make your own conclusion.

  • Garry Compton

    America’s propaganda machine is working overtime these days. Sounds like they are preparing their people to believe that Russia will be the blame for the next big “false flag” catastrophe or bombing. LOL America takes out 4 countries and has a couple million refugees on the lamb but they’re the “Good Guys”

  • Grizzly

    Since when Americans worry to kill civilians ??

  • Grizzly

    Russia has only this naval base in Tartus , Syria & That’s all !! Military bases that they are all over the World are USA’s 800 military bases ! 800 military bases against ”1” naval base of Russia ! this shows the difference between peaceful Russia & aggressive America !!

  • sixpack

    LOL, correct the spelling nazis, I love it.

  • sixpack

    Right along with this writer.

  • Rogue

    I happen to like the happenstance of the happening so would be happening if you would happen to fall off a cliff. Ta Da.

  • sixpack

    obungler would get his black but kicked all over the ring. He’d have to have moochelle take over for him.

  • Rogue

    Yeah great idea, obama is pretty much the most effeminate president we’ve ever had, acts like he hasnt decided to come out of the closet yet. Obviously you’re russian d-i-c-k-h-e-a-d.

  • sixpack

    Our common enemy is our own politicians.

  • sixpack

    They’re hard for US to defeat, because they are armed, funded and directed by US.

  • Paul Keating

    Caymus, Obama chose not to fight them.He sat back and allowed them to get larger and more powerful. Special ops could have wiped them out within a couple of months if allowed to go in.
    Every SPEC- OP unit has been itching to go in from the beginning. Now, thanks to this idiot of a President …we have an international refugee crisis. This clown you worship…belongs in a circus…not a White House! He is more of a threat to our National security than ISIS!

  • Philip Coleman

    The Kremlin has a Naval base in Syria’ Did you know that? They are all over the World.

  • roy

    Do you think that a american,russian,korean,japanese,israel,somalie,mexican,cuban,and every other country on the face of planet child cares about anything beyond “where’s my mommy and daddy? we poison them all with our bigoted narrow ideas. You all speak of the world with borders, the only borders we have are within our own minds.

  • Caymus

    NONSENSE! ISIS is hard to defeat because they are a guerrilla movement hiding among the Sunnis. The only way to root them out would involve killing a lot of innocent civilians. Bush created ISIS by invading Iraq and driving MILLIONS of Sunni Iraqi refugees into Syria where they formed ISIS. Get Real.


    Bigger BS is hard to imagine. Crimea was a part of Russia for 200 years before gifted to Ukraine that itself was a part of Russia for 300 years. To proclaim that “annexation” of Crimea has become a threat to USA – what a BS. By the way this so called “annexation” was a result of a referendum of Crimea to separate from Ukraine. Population of Crimea is a Russian majority. That’s how tension is being instilled by so called experts. USA has military bases around the world, including in Europe. How many military bases Russia has outside of its own territory – ZERO!! What a jerk this lecturer is.

  • Terski

    This article, like virtually all articles on YAHOO is a propaganda piece. There are no US experts on Russia. The reality is the US wants to start a war with everyone, including Russia and China, two powers that maintain the right to control their territories. Those territories stretch to Eastern Europe and Central Asia for Russia, and Asia and the Far East for China. The US needs to face its reality that they can only control the Pacific and the Americas, while Europe controls the Mediterranean. The Middle East is just a problem made worse by every American politician. No one gets it right, except for the Russians. No one cares about Africa, but they should. American citizens need to tell their politicians to stop wasting our money on trying to police the world.

  • Philip Coleman

    Get ready for it will happen’ China has been paling around also with Putin. Regular conventional War could happen quite simply by a mishap for the spark. Then they will go for the big nukes if needed. North Korea has 55 already to help. The Cold War is already on if you had not been told. As far as returns from the Space Station and launches those will end.

  • Paul Keating

    Actually…Only Obama can destroy America. We can’t even handle ISIS under this Morons watch. A foe that has no Navy or Air Force. So tell me…Are we weak because of our military…or because of our lame excuse for a President!

  • Reaper

    Its simple, we just dont pay our debt. It will hurt the loan holders more than the US. After the war is over, we reap the spoils of war whether it be gold, oil, or women.

  • otaybob

    and why is that? Uh, because those former soviet republics are afraid of Russia invading them again and re-establishing the soviet union. They don’t want to be soviet ruled (oppressed) again. That is why THEY are asking to join NATO. It’s like if you get a gun because you are afraid of your neighbor, and then your neighbor saying you are the aggressor for getting a gun for protection. As some have said before, sure, we wouldn’t like it if Russia built military bases in Mexico or Canada. But, I don’t think Mexico or Canada are afraid of the U S invading them. Russia’s neighbors are afraid of Russia invading them at any given moment. Ukraine is a prime example. Do something Russia doesn’t like, and they invade you and take over your country.

  • nvtncs

    This article is wrong.
    Russia is BROKE!!!!!

  • VY CanisMajoris

    Without Russian fighting Hitler on eastern front, Hitler could’ve invaded America.

  • Roland P

    BS, Crimea belonged to Russia, that’s why Ukraine didn’t fight back, it wasn’t theirs to begin with and they knew that. Ukraine has territory that belongs to Moldova. Russians didn’t want Moldovan’s access to the Black Sea so they gave that land to Ukraine. Ukraine is not such a “victim” as the Media makes them out to be. They have Chechen Jihadists fight along side their troops…WTF??? Russia is going to spread their wings because we’ve been pissing on them since Gorbachov and you can’t blame us with the likes of Yeltsin and Co….????? Putin will save Syria and History will show how Useless Obama was in Foreign Affairs. I mean not one success story, from Libya to Solindra, F+ like his Harvard Grades. F is for FAILURE! LOSER!

  • VY CanisMajoris

    I said economy didn’t said net worth.

  • John Baker

    Under 75 years ago over 25 million battlefield deaths occurred on Russia’s western front. No wonder they are paranoid about their western borders. The US should have kept Nato out of the former Soviet block nations and let Russia maintain influence. In time we would have seen a more trustful Russia and a slow and gradual movement of independence of these former Soviet block nations. It is the US and its aggressive military expansionism that is threatening a new cold war and, indeed, world war.

  • Mick Jones

    OMG. Somebody told this “expert” that Russia Russia can destroy the United States. Did they bother mentioning the fact that the United States cam also destroy Russia? This has been pretty common knowledge even among us common folks. It called MAD (mutually assured destruction) and the concept has been around since at least the early 60’s. Try to find an expert who knows something that most reasonably educated people have known about since the sixties Polina.

  • Talgar Talgarov

    all sides must be very careful and cool heads must prevail. We all have common enemy and that is isalmo-fascist terrorists…

  • Morgen DenRay

    Have you noticed how many anti-Russian, anti-Putin articles appear on Yahoo News on a daily basis? You wouldn’t think they’re planted here by the U.S. govt, would you? It’s illegal for the U.S. govt to propagandize the American public directly, but since Yahoo News is global, then, apparently, it’s okay.

  • Vladimir Michaylov

    what is B.S. of this headline ! The Russia sit in deep hole , just tries to scary of the west by usual lies or propaganda… and this writer start to smell worst… scary ? go to democratic party, they love smell like that…

  • Angelo Steven Droutsas

    Let’s all kill ourselves before they have the gratitude to do so. Better, yet, Russia, if you manage to bring troops into our mainland, prepare them for instant death. Don’t forget, we are all ARMED AND READY!

  • Capealava

    Bugger off you idiot

  • pipster1234

    how you figure this? russia 500 billion debt, usa 18 trillion, eu 19 trillion….

    if you base it off of debt we can’t even afford to pay our current bills, why you think we have zero interest rates bonehead…

  • August Anderson

    Russia, cannot afford to go to war with NATO or United States!

  • otaybob

    Without the U S fighting Germany, Hitler probably would have eventually defeated Russia. Germany simply bit off more than it could chew. And, the ONLY thing Russia has that can defeat the US is nukes. If Russia and the U S were to go to war, Russia would have no choice but to use nukes because they would get their arses kicked big time conventionally. Largest air force? That would be the U S. Largest navy? That ALSO would be the U S. Why do you think Russia keeps threatening to use nukes if the U S and Russia went to war? Because they know that is the only chance they have.

  • pipster1234

    “They got their butts kicked in Afghanistan.”

    not really it was more a draw, even with usa supplying them with weapons. quite like how we just left it and vietnam.

  • Rusty Wyse

    What can Japan do today? Japan has no natural resources. The only thing Japan can do well are automobiles and Sony.

  • pipster1234

    highly doubt it since “we” seem to think we win.

  • Confessor Cromwell

    Come forth and drink the waters of the Glow, for this ancient weapon of war is our salvation, it is the very symbol of Atom’s glory!

  • Andrew Rynearson

    Naw we would be better served taking out the left coast and the northeast.

  • Andrew Rynearson

    Think nukes. start a war with us and we wont hesitate to bring the whole world down with us.

  • Rane T

    Russians didn’t win all their wars. They got their butts kicked in Afghanistan.

  • pipster1234

    “All the countries in question are to vast to effectively occupy and garrison against both hostile forces and large hostile local population which would be a requirement in achieving victory”

    what makes you think the local population be hostile? seems to me a large part of america voted for a “change”

  • adam

    That wasn’t the first the USSR invaded Poland during the war was it.
    The allies started operation Torch, Husky and the invasion of mainland Italy before Overlord.
    They also fought the Japanese in Asia, before the last month of the war.
    The USSR’s contribution to the world should not be dismissed, but to consider it a selfless act is folly. Staling unlike Hitler was pragmatic. He could be reasoned with, but he didn’t put himself at risk for the good of humanity.
    Its a shame FDR died before the war was over, I think he was the one man who could have bridged the differences between the allies. The world might be a lot better today if that had happened.
    He was the only western leader that wanted to level and compromise with Stalin instead of distrust him and only use him as a weapon against the axis powers.

  • Alasni

    All the countries in question are to vast to effectively occupy and garrison against both hostile forces and large hostile local population which would be a requirement in achieving victory, there is no nation or even series of nations that have the logical abilities and the manpower to do so.

  • pipster1234

    gdp isn’t net worth but hey nice try…

  • Disqus-sion

    though chinese military hardwares are poorly made, but they can crash US with their quantity and stupidity… its only a matter of time…. and its less than a decade to be exact…. and with Russia and China combined !! lol

  • VY CanisMajoris

    The only way to be sure who wins war between U.S. and Russia is by putting both U.S president and Russian president in a UFC fighting Ring. Putin vs Obama in ultimate fighting ring ,And let see who will beat who.


    One will never know if this will ever happen and we will not know until it happens, if it ever happens, till then anyone’s guess as to what may happen then is just as good as mine because such a thing has never happened before.

  • adam

    Yeah how noble Russia was for being attacked by Hitler. It takes a lot of guts to try and not die when someone attacks you.

  • pipster1234

    not to sure of that. who would mexico side with? who would india side with? brazil? indonesia? you seem to think the world made up of 3 countries?? a war such as usa verses russia would drag in everyone. of course i suspect EU might just stay out of it once they see who sides with russia.

    think brics..

  • pipster1234

    numskull he beating the censor… but he is right they beat chechnya rebels who basically the same guys. the only way to win is to be not PC, just kill everything and anyone.

  • Gene Scholtz

    Only a psychopath would find your statement to be funny. I think that death and destruction are terrible and I would not want it to happen to anyone. Or did you enjoy those people dying on 9/11?

  • Mr. Bean

    hot author

  • Alasni

    Neither Russia or the US is going to go to war with each other, such a war would be unwinnable for both sides even if it didn’t go nuclear and even if china came in as a ally to one side or another.

  • VY CanisMajoris

    The reason why Russia will win a war against NATO are:
    #1 Russia can destroy all NATO countries and their combined economy of $36 Trillions.
    #2 NATO can destroy Russia and all Russian economy of $3.5 Trillions.

    Would you throw a rock on 1990 Honda civil (a $500 car) if you are driving Bugatti (a $1.5 millions car) and call yourself a winner?

  • Radar

    Ambassadors such as these should be hung.

  • pipster1234

    ya know your right, watching on tv “think it up” i never thought i see the day we have a tv fund raiser for our schools.

    yet we the champs huh?

  • http://ZiggyboyBullet.com Johnny Z

    Only with the help of ignorance such as yours will the United States fall.

  • Patrick

    Has anyone noticed that there is more news available on what countries like Russia, China and Iran are doing than news about what our own governments is doing to help Americans here at home. So much of this crap seems like distraction and what bothers me most is the news organizations are doing exactly what the Government wants.. Putting the focus elsewhere while they scheme and blunder their way through to getting a cushy pension.

  • http://ZiggyboyBullet.com Johnny Z

    This is all just more proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Brent Richardson

    No only the US can destroy the US and OBUMMER is doing just that
    treating some illegal criminal transgender gets better food, medicine, housing, treatment, that the American soldiers who served in the WARS the US sent them to while the illegal hangs out and rapes robs and steals and nothing happens to them.

  • Gene Scholtz

    Curious, how do you know what Putin “knows” and does not know. Don’t you think that both sides are just playing this game for everyone to get agitated and approve larger military spending, plus to grow more patriotic and support their govt? It is working for Putin. His approval ratings are somewhere around 80-90%, and the US military industrial complex is also a winner. It is getting paid big time to develop new weapons, which may or may not work (like the infamous F-35). I doubt that either side wants to push that red button. This is just a performance, although at the cost of some lives, like the poor Ukrainians or Syrians and Libyans, among others.

  • Otto

    Only Russia Can Destroy US. not true, our president is doing that right now.

  • Sanjay

    Actually I believe it should be “feign”.

  • johnnie be good

    enough to destroy our planet many times ; not to mention life on earth for us all…

  • pipster1234

    the same junk that flies us into space? really to say russians are bad at engineering is plain stupidity. here in the usa if we didn’t import help for our projects via hb-1 visas we have almost none.

    but hey all is good india/china got our backs right?

  • johnnie be good

    no winner in the nuke war …the winner is the devil as we eliminate the human race!!

  • Murphy T. Surf

    go suck allah off again

  • sideways logic

    Why would the Chinese step in, at that point they would be the top dogs with no rival.

  • johnnie be good

    not funny as we eliminate the human race!! God help us!!

  • sideways logic

    It is around 2000 that can be delivered, 2000 waiting to be dismantled and 2000 in reserve with no delivery vehicles. That is from memory I will let you google it.

  • Patrick Shannon

    Both Russia and the United States have a powerful military industrial complex that is fuelling this new Cold War. China and Japan are also in on this new era of tension.

  • johnnie be good

    nuclear war with us and russia or china will become global nuclear war and there will be no winners…everbody on our planet loses …human race not only loses but potentially becomes extink …we have or you have no clue!!

  • Dennis Finan Jr

    this made me chuckle. who cares if they do drills, they have junk and terrible leadership

  • VY CanisMajoris

    Russia at end of 1980s, has 40,000 Nuclear Bombs.They still have enough nuclear fuels for another 20,000 nuclear bombs as of today. They currently have have almost 8,000 nuclear bombs ready for combat.

    Now go back to bed.

  • pipster1234

    “Russian people they always have luck for bed leaders”

    i think that is the Italians or maybe France???

  • johnnie be good

    global nuclear war has no winners !! its simple math !!

  • VY CanisMajoris

    Yes you are right, I even heard that Russian has no airforce and cannot even build a bomb, let alone Ak-47, Su-35,Armata tanks, Mig-27. Infact Russian don’t even have army, that’s what I’ve heard so far on the Internet.
    But Russian did fought against NaziGermany and imperial France and won all their wars . The worse things ever happened to Hitler was fighting against Russians.

  • pinche putos

    There is no way in hell Russia can defeat the U.S. in war…… this idiot obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  • Bill Collis

    Listen all, some good conversations! at sometime as history has proven someone out there always think they can kick someone butt, but remember the one who starts its as history has recorded have lost!! War isn’t fun but living in fear is worst. Putin knows nothing else, hopefully the earth will survey after we destroy it. For what!! because history and no one will every remember.

  • Terry Oldberg

    “alec bell”
    Your English is pretty good but the word is spelled “feint” rather than “faint.”

  • Ali Baba

    Tony, you keep popping up. You’re still an A/H. What about America’s secret deadly weapons?
    Ever hear of C_______Z?

  • ExtremeRC

    The media DOES make this stuff up.

  • alec bell

    Pretty amazing stuff! America conducts military excercises right at the Russian borders, then faints surprise that Russians worry. But when Chinese and Russians conduct their own maneuveres far away from the USA, Pentagon is “extremely worried”. You couldn’t make this up.

  • ExtremeRC

    Most of America’s nukes will hit the western half of Russia. Only a small number will hit the eastern half. Enough to make Russia glow.

    And you’re mistaken on the number of nukes, and especially the US Navy, which dwarfs Russia’s.

  • Ali Baba

    Correct Russian population is about 180,000,000.

  • Ali Baba

    You are a F/N dumbass! Get a life and read, you A/H, .America has enough undetectable nukes to destroy Russia
    and the world we live in 3 times over!

  • Alien

    7500+ will be sufficient for 10 Earth’s.
    Hope that never happen because i too want to visit Earth in Future.

  • Ali Baba

    You are a F/N idiot!

  • Master Hamachi

    The US could destroy the US without any help from Russia, China or Iran, not just with its own 7500+ nuclear warheads that would render the entire PLANET uninhabitable, but with its imbecilic foreign policies that have thrown all our own allies under the bus (while empowering our enemies), and our out-of-control, drug-addict teenager-style spending.

  • Ali Baba

    Very good statement Krzysztof.

  • Alien

    There Are Three Pillar’s of Power in Current World

    1) USA 2) CHINA 3) RUSSIA

    USA already RUSSIA had their sweet times and the position which they can make in the world is already established.

    Now China is steadily Expanding it’s footprint where both USA and RUSSIA is losing.

    I don’t know what will happen when it completely expanded,but need to be cautious about new power.

  • VY CanisMajoris

    I don’t mind Russia destroying America, after all America is preparing to destroy itself from inside out .
    Russia,can you please drop your upgraded 100 megaton Tsar Bomba on each U.S. capital cities? Hit John McCain hometown first and then DickCheney and Bush. I promise, there won’t be any retaliation afterwards.

  • adam

    Plenty of quotes in this article. You will notice this wasn’t a quote from brooks “Brooks noted that Russia is an important vote on the UN Security Council and is the only country in the world capable of destroying Washington.”

  • adam

    I cant tell you how many time I held military drills in the gulf to fight Iran. That’s what militaries do, they pinpoint their most likely adversary and practice what it would be like to fight them.
    That doesn’t mean a war is imminent.

  • Chet

    Russia has almost no navy, their population is half of what it was under Soviet times, most of their Army and Air Force is equipped with outdated gear from the ’70’s and ’80’s, and Putin won’t risk losing the $200 billion he stole from the Russian people by starting a war.

  • Jackie

    The Obama creates more enemies than all the previous administrations.———ashamed on him.

  • antilawyer

    Well won’t that be wonderful. The sad part is that the overwhelming majority of both country’s citizens could get along just fine. And the really sad part is how our collective apathy has led to placing arrogant and narcissistic
    dolts in charge of our Governments.

  • Krzysztof

    I fill sorry for Russian people they always have luck for bed leaders,this country not allude any critic for government,blood is sinking to the dirt. Stalin kill half of his army before Hitler attack his land and he was a big winner running his army like maniac killing his own soldiers on war time and after,why Russian people can see the truth.Losers Germans and Japan have build country from disaster with peace,Warsaw pact was big mistake any country get of this chain don’t won’t deal with Russian peace.Once i have question why we don’t like Russian people my answer was not we don’t like Russian people but we hate Russian politic,i bean in Russia i have good time make friends but i see how government will never change.Ras Putin is the another leader getin to the wrong direction.

  • Junk Data

    Media is keeping us updated. How sweet. How to fear.
    Do you think Russia want to nuke us like we love to nuke them?

  • Ali Baba

    Tony, I know a lot more about our countries counter attack responses would be, having been a field technician on
    military bases. Sure they have ways to knock us out, starting with an EMP burst. But then what? We have undetectible
    nuclear missiles that are targeted in such a way, that even after their 1st. strike, they will be annihilated as a people.
    So will other people surrounding Russia. But Tony, when that happens, the destruction and nuclear fallout will destroy
    all of humanity.

  • Chet

    ISIS will kick Russia out of Syria and then follow them home. lol

  • RS

    Learn how to spell!

  • RS

    Yet We will in return send Putin & his little green men to hell!

  • http://www.brightquang.net/ Bright Quang

    The story’s saying, “A bad beginning makes a good end.” If our super nation of the United States of America would like to be respectful for human rights of the worldwide or so-called is we respect for human beings than the barbarous wars, so leader Putin could not invade to Ukrainian nation and sent his soldiers to Syria.
    As we understand our world is a super way that is arrogant more than philanthropy, our world will be had polymorphous super nations that they ought to conquer each other, so our world would be peaceful.
    If our nation of the United States of American is ruled human beings by our all of the heart of philanthropy, our nation will be ruling all world for the long run. However, our nation of the United States of America wishes to take the human body in order to test for new modern weapons and to trample down the human dignity, honor down, so the Putin should perform his heroic man in order to rule the world.
    As we know about each age of the human beings, which has one super emperor for leading the worldwide. However, for this super emperor would be conquered all the hearts of people by its philanthropy, so it will be existing for the long run, it this super emperor is ruled human beings by its barbarous wars, it is no longer natural selection’s rules of the heaven and earth.

  • highlanderge

    US resolve was shown after losing every war they started,born losers.

  • highlanderge


  • highlanderge

    Go Russia.

  • normfields

    This is the Chaos theory! Russia nukes the US! The US nukes Russia! The Chinese nukes who ever, England and France nukes China! North Korea nukes South Korea! India nukes Pakistan. Pakistan nukes India! Israel nukes Iran, Assad, Hezbollah and Gaza! It will be chaos! Then it will be the war of the mine shafts! Hamas wins having the longest tunnels!

  • The Hooded Vigilante

    Once again… ValueWalk click bait.. Polina Tikhonova is not a real person. This child-like propaganda is being ran by 3-5 different people using a picture of half a womans face. Fake bio, Fake opinions, Fake everything. If you tools were half as educated as you claim Polina is – you’d smell the stink on your fingers after typing your “articles” every day about the same garbage. You even link your own previous garbage articles as “proof” of your claims. If you want to be biased at least be accurate.

  • Kirk726

    Well,now that theyve allowed themselves to be dragged into Syrias civil war,The Russians will be tired,and war weary in a few years,and after losing thousands of troops wont be too much for the US to worry about.

  • Ettore Bombino

    All you know it all out there, don’t underestimate US resolve!

  • fgxgufig

    But most of russia is barren and scarcely populated. The us will certainly nuke where its most populated to try to wipe out the russian race of just 120mil.

  • Ettore Bombino

    Russia has an inferiority complex and has always mistrusted the west. This is part of their psyche. Putin is nothing more than a narcissistic, ego eccentric dictator, elected in a rigged election. This is no different than Nazi Germany in terms of the propaganda sold to its people. No Different!

  • Tony Tepedino

    not so…we ran some pretty realistic “accidental” strike scenarios by russia and, depending on who was in the white house and how the “accidents” were portrayed by russia and the explanation accepted by the president, delayed death and destruction came weeks to months after russia’s first strike…obliterating any chance of retaliation. in this world where our communications are so open to any hacker around any antagonistic nation with good cyber attack capability could destroy us before we even knew we were in a fight…especially if the president takes days, weeks or months to mull over a response waiting for somebody else to make the decision to retaliate.

  • charlie

    I guess the U.S. defeating Germany in North Africa, Italy, the Atlantic and Bombing German Cities and Factories into dust didn’t do a thing to help defeat Germany

  • m hermance

    No. The numbers are, America, total 7,100.
    Russia, Total 7,700.
    That’s active, In reserve, And awaiting disarmament.
    Please check your facts before posting.

  • charlie

    Russia beat Hitler and Napoleon thanks to the brutal Russian Winter and the luckily stupid decision that Hitler made to delay the Nazi invasion of Russia by about 70 days. This delay cause the invasion of Russia to drag on into the Russian Rains and freeze which stopped the Nazi advance cold about 15 miles from Moscow.

  • Mohammed Mohiuddin

    Russia is 3 times larger than uS, all uS nukes cannot completely destroy Russia.
    Next is Chinaa, with nukes, next is, North Korea with nukes,
    Next is Pakistan with huge nukes.
    US has good allies, Nato, and Israel. but less nukes and subs.

  • The Hooded Vigilante

    Once again… Value Walk click bait.. Polina Tikhonova is not a real person. This child-like propaganda is being ran by 3-5 different people using a picture of half a womans face. Fake bio. Fake opinions. Fake everything. If you fools were half as educated as you claim Polina is – you’d smell the $^&* on your fingers after typing your “articles” every day about the same BS. You even link your own previous BS articles as “proof” of your claims. This whole site is joke. If you want to be biased at least be accurate.

  • Concerto_in_C

    USA has 5,113 nuclear warheads–and this is a peacetime stock that can be increased to 15,000 warheads.

    This is the end of the discussion.

    Tell Putin to go back to his sandbox and play some more with his tin soldiers.

  • Crom!

    I am not sure what kind of history you were taught in Russia. But at that time the American public was Isolationist and wanted no part in the war. Afraid? I don’t know about that. Is that some sort of Russian bravado or something? Anyways, as much as the current administration would the like their citizens to believe, the soviet had no chance of beating Hitler without US aid and the opening on the western front. It was not going to happen, and Stalin was screaming for help despite Churchill’s disapproval. Roosevelt sidelined Churchill to help Stalin. America is still waiting to hear “thanks for helping us” from Russia.

  • mdroi

    Well, if WW 3 comes, likely, it’ll be fast and deadly. The Russkies nuke us, we nuke them. Then the Chinese steps in, which they’ll likely nuke us, again, we’ll nuke them, too. Damn! And I was hoping to see Star Wars episode 9 or the Avengers 5 or 6.

  • DisqusPrivate

    Vice versa only nation that can destroy Russia is USA.

  • m hermance

    Putin has an 80% or better popularity rating. He’s not going anywhere unless he decides to. I’ve heard more than a few times that Russia is now the greatest threat to the US. Meaning some people in the government must know something you don’t. You cant believe the things you here on MSM were all they tell you is Russia is a weak of a country as there is.

  • Ali Baba

    Brooks, I bet you still wear diapers, you F/N Idiot. If Russia can destroy us, what do you think will happen to them??
    Get a life OLD MAN, the Russian’s know that if they cause a first nuclear strike against us, 180,000,000 Russian’s
    plus additional people in nearby countries will die with them. They will be CREMATED. What a silly old fool you are Brooks!

  • stranger

    No I remember that pact – every country played their own games at that time. Actually whole Europe – France, Britain and US of course allowed Hitler to occupy Austria, Poland etc. Especially US waited till the end of war to start getting pieces of European territory in 1944 simply to afraid that USSR will occupy whole Europe.
    Question to you – Do you think if you supply food to any country then it enough to defeat such brilliants like Napoleon and Hitler? Please be honest.
    I guess US Army had enough food in 1814 when small number of British burned down White House and defeated a great number of US soldiers? Selective memory and lack of history?

  • m hermance

    Chris, America is the aggressor here. It’s America or NATO if you like that is knocking on Russia’s door. Russia also has more nuclear weapons than the US, The UK, And France combined. And they would have a few countries backing them up as well. Including China. A country of 1.3 billion.

  • rvandegrift

    Outside sources are not the threat to the survival of our country as much as we are calling wrong right, not taking responsibility, allowing an abusive president to divide and weaken us, allowing Congress to not do their job, standing by while our country is ruined economically and on and on and on. The last 10 to 20 years have seen the decline of what was once the bastion of freedom for the world!

  • m hermance

    It would take the whole world to defeat the US? Really? Russia’s nuclear arsenal alone could turn the US into a pile of ash from the Atlantic to the Pacific. That’s not counting the rest of their armed forces or China backing them up.

  • abe1000

    What a bunch of bs. Brooks is 77 years old and worked for President Reagan and hasn’t been to Russia for decades. In 2007 he left (read FIRED) Los Alamos National Lab because of security breaches. Now he is drumming the war drums.

  • Harry Plotter

    Fighting needs resources and a lot of other factors. Besides the old world war II technology that Russian Army is still trying to distance from it, their economy is sinking and days of Putin in power is counting. Also they are extremely dependent on oil and if Arabs drop oil prices further their currency will worth a toilet paper!
    I don’t understand what such analysts are thinking. They are certainly out of their mind by suggesting Russia can destroy anything! The only thing so far they were cable of destroying was their own empire and specially economy.

  • Chris

    Hey lucky you got that backwards, it is Russia that is the aggressor, do you think Russia would win a war against 11 other nations, I don’t think so!

  • Reyter

    yeah, a ‘non aggression pact’, meaning merely, we won’t attack you if you don’t attack us signed after Stalin’s approach to the bandits and fascists of Anglo-American and French imperialism for an anti Nazi pact was flatly rejected.

  • stranger

    You must be not knowing a history. “On 6 June 1944, The Allies began Operation Overlord” – that only happened after all major battles. Red Army defeated Germans in all main battles and pursuing them in Poland in 1944. So final of war is already determined. Just educate yourself and learn facts. I guess you drink too much cola and eat a lot of burgers with you history books :-) Compare numbers and facts and when all those events happened. Do not forget to include a brain if you have in all that – not everything that comes from your TV and textbooks is true .

  • Reyter

    Stop deluding yourself you moron. Stalin constantly said basically
    ‘Thanks for “selling” us supplies but what we really want is for your
    coward armies to stop sitting around the UK screwing UK forces and open a
    second front. 3 years later when the Nazis had been in constant,
    desperate retreat for over a year Anglo-Americans open a second front.
    Stalin, utterly pissed tells them to stop terror bombing defenseless
    civilians and hit military targets instead. He points to the large
    barracks and railway junction outside Dresden and asks Anglo-Americans
    to bomb it. 10 days later the city is firebombed, the women and children
    escaping along the river strafed but the barracks and railway junction,
    not touched.

  • Reyter


  • Reyter


  • ecb

    USA will destroy Russia on any given day people . Putin will know not to try the USA , he knows better he is all talk but knows who carries the Bigger Stick $700Billion USA defense Budget .Russia barely has enough food to feed its poor, it would take the whole world to defeat the USA !

  • Crom!

    I know it’s a very hard pill for you to swallow that Russia is no longer a world power. Get over it trying to think America is not a world power; they are. Face reality would you please.

  • Crom!

    No one is asking them to.

  • vladimir

    US & NATO messed up ME, why should Russia be expected to clean it up?

  • Lucky Da Silva

    If there is patience and restraint on the part of billingerent USA there will never be a war. It is time USA stopped trying to prove that they are the worlds strongest military. USa cannot match any nuclear war from Russia and China

  • Crom!

    oh so I guess you forgot that whole Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact thing right? Or did you forget the whole US lend lease act? Selective memory right?

  • Crom!

    So really, is Value week a Russian propaganda site just as fox news is for American propaganda?

  • Observer

    You must be kidding. If it were not for American supplies–both arms and food–Hitler would have won that war. But Russians never acknowledged this and went so far as to relabel cans of American food, so that the soldiers thought it came from Russia.

  • stranger

    Well – Russia freed the world from Hitler (the US joined to war once winner raised) and Napoleon – paid millions of their citizens’ lives.

  • Ashtonken

    I guess Russia should accept some thousands of refugees from Syria not to be looking for a way to challenge the U.S. Russia is not anyway contributing anything to the development and betterment of the world only to challenge the U.S. , I haven’t seen any sack of rice of Russian AID but you can see that of the U.S., during the ebola crisis U.S. provided about five hundred million dollar and military personals to help what did Russia contribute only to try to start war with the west to prove they are strong nation rubbish

  • Daniel Apokorin

    Its done already, you just don’t feel it yet.