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Steven Cohen’s Point72 Poaches Bridgewaters’ Ex Research Head

Steven Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management hired Matthew Granade as the chief market intelligence officer. Mr. Granade was the former co-head of research at Bridgewater Associates.

Mr. Granade will supervise the data sourcing and analysis initiatives of Point72 Asset Management. He decided to accept the job after learning firm’s efforts in data analysis, which was extolled by Mr. Cohen and Douglas Haynes, president of Point72 Asset Management, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Steven Cohen's Point72 Poaches Bridgewaters' Ex Research Head

“Steve explained that this was the way the firm needs to evolve. My personal feeling is that this is a very exciting time in this space. Investing now isn’t just about earnings estimates and 10ks. It’s about satellite imagery, sensors, and mobile devices. The more you can process those things, the more edge you’ll have,” said Mr. Granade.

Prior to his career at Bridgewater Associates, Mr, Granade served as an adviser to Orbital Insights, a company based in Palo Alto, California engaged in designing systems that analyze satellite images to obtain important information. Its first clients were hedge funds.

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