Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 will be a major phablet release later this year; a device which has taken on increasing importance for the corporation. While many people still consider the Galaxy S series to be the flagship device of the Korean manufacturer, the importance of the Galaxy Note series to Samsung shouldn’t be underestimated based on recent releases.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Everything You Need To Know

Firstly, the Galaxy Note series was the first mobile device manufactured by Samsung which featured a curved screen variant. This is extremely significant, as Samsung has increasingly become associated with this particular form of technology, ever since it first introduced its range of high-end televisions.

Additionally, the Galaxy Note series has received an extremely strong critical reception in recent releases, and in many ways has become the most admired Samsung mobile over even the Galaxy S range.

Galaxy Note 5 – curved emphasis

One of the first things to note about the Galaxy Note 5 is that this device will probably feature a much larger quotient of curved screen models than previous Samsung releases. Reports from Korea have already indicated that Samsung is intending to significantly step up the production of the Galaxy S7 Edge when this mobile is released, and that it will utilize the Galaxy Note 5 as something of a testing ground for this particular policy.

It is anticipated by the Korean corporation that consumer demand for the curved screen variant of its smartphones will increase significantly in the coming years, as it becomes increasingly associated with this form of technology. Indeed, when one thinks about curved displays, the name of Samsung is already almost intrinsically associated with them, and the Korean company seemingly intends to expand this process in its mobile range in the next couple of years.

Release date

As always with major mobile releases, Samsung is keeping extremely quiet about the release date of the Galaxy Note 5, and this has led to a lot of speculation on the subject. However, it is overwhelmingly likely that the Galaxy Note 5 will be released during the third quarter of 2015, as is usually the case. Samsung is expected to announce the device at the IFA event in Berlin.


This is one area in which the Galaxy Note 5 is highly likely to impress. Aside from its curved screen design innovation, Samsung has also become particularly associated with high-quality screens in recent years, having become the most successful manufacturer, seller and distributor of television sets back in 2007; an exalted position that it has held since then.

Thus, it has been widely reported and suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 will include a 4K display when the phablet is released. This has been a persistent rumor and murmuring for some time, and it is something that Samsung would clearly like to instigate for a few obvious reasons.

Firstly, Samsung would love to be the first manufacturer to release a mass market 4K resolution mobile device. Secondly, it would be a natural progression for the Galaxy Note series, considering that the Galaxy Note 4 featured a quad HD display. There really isn’t too much room for manoeuvre for Samsung if it indeed intends to improve the screen in is flagship phablet. Thirdly, 4K resolution technology is becoming more mainstream by the day, and Samsung has already made it a central pillar of its range of televisions.

So the Galaxy Note 5 could be a 4K resolution mobile, but the corporation will undoubtedly faced technical and technological issues if it is to achieve this. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if the resolution of the screen varies slightly from the Galaxy Note 4, but not to the extent of 4K resolution.


Aside from the resolution of the screen, Samsung is also likely to want to increase the size of the display slightly; thus concept images of the Galaxy Note 5 have suggested a bezel-less design. In addition to this, there will probably a move to include more premium materials in the Galaxy Note 5, and recent suggestions have even emanated which indicate the Samsung is eyeing sapphire glass for this particular smartphone release. This durable material has long since been linked with the Apple iPhone series, although it has yet to come to fruition in the iconic Apple smartphone. But the consumer electronics giant did utilize it in the recent Apple Watch smartwatch.

However, other rumors suggest that Samsung designers have suggested internally that a full metal body could lead to its flagship phablet appearing too hard and cold. So there have already been reports which indicate that Samsung will not go for an all-metallic build when the Galaxy Note 5 is released. Samsung designers are apparently aware of public desire for a metal frame, but quotations emanating from the Korean company suggest that it doesn’t actually make sense for the company in practical and aesthetic terms.

Foldable screen

With the Galaxy S7 being frequently linked with a foldable display, it is possible that Samsung could introduce this technology with the Galaxy Note 5. This would seem to be a long shot, as industry insiders have suggested that it would not be logistically possible and affordable until next year, but occasional murmurings persist that Samsung could shock people when the Galaxy Note 5 phablet is released.


Aside from the curved screen and 4K resolution, which will undoubtedly grab the majority of headlines should they come to fruition, the Galaxy Note 5 will need to be an outstanding performer in processing terms. This will mean that a central debate within the Korean Corporation will focus around whether to utilize its proprietary Exynos technology, or instead opt for the Qualcomm Snapdragon series that it had previously ditched for the Galaxy S6. Some early reports have suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 phablet will be driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 815 processor, but it is also possible that the device will be handed an Exynos unit.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is the most likely operating system for the Galaxy Note 5, depending on the release schedule of Android M, and this will bring 64-bit CPU support to the Android platform. It is possible that Samsung will include a 256 GB storage option among the models available at launch, but recent reports have tended to suggest that the corporation will instead stick to a maximum of 128 GB.

Samsung will also arm the Galaxy Note 5 with an impressive amount of RAM memory, with reports suggesting that this could be anywhere between 4 and 6 GB. It is also interesting to note that some sources are suggesting that the Galaxy Note 5 will introduce high-density EPOP memory. This new memory chip combines 3GB LPDDR3 DRAM, 32GB eMMC and a controller, and reports indicate that it will enable the Galaxy Note 5 to multitask with greater fluidity, and also enabling a slimmer designed to be more feasible.

All in all, the Galaxy Note 5 looks as if it will be an extremely powerful performer when it is released later this year.