We doubt this will be nearly as hot (define as you wish) B#tch in business, but because CBS Follies just unveiled three videos, we thought was worth a look.

It’s Saturday night – which means the entire CBS student body is heading down to the Lower East Side to celebrate one (or more likely, 10) of our classmates’ birthdays. While we probably won’t actually know any of the people we’re celebrating, we can always count on the traffic to be bad, the dance floor to be crowded and sweaty – and the fact that we’ll be doing it all over again next weekend.

CBS Follies Birthday Treks – Parody of Birthday Sex

For most students, the Littlefield simulation is a harmless group activity meant to display the power of operations management. For Dan, it’s a matter of life and death

CBS Follies Three New Videos: Birthday Treks; Littlefield; Recruitment Funk

CBS Follies Littlefield

A MBA student receives job offers from three amazing companies, but now the difficult part – she can only work for one! Watch what happens as each recruiter tries to woo her to their side.

Recruitment Funk – Parody of Uptown Funk