The Leader Of The Frack Takes A Leap In The Dark

The leader of the frack takes a leap in the dark

After much fanfare about its intentions to frack heavily in the UK, Ineos announced its first big deal in the sector this week – the biggest transaction the country’s fledgling shale industry has seen. The Swiss-based chemicals group, controlled by the billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, plans to spend £168m in the next few years drilling for shale…

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  • gscales631

    All well and good, but it should be added that the review, including into public health, has already been conducted in Scotland and confirmed that Scotland can do it safely. It was clearly stopped for political reasons, not scientific ones:

    This issue is more that the SNP do not want the shale money going to Westminster under any circumstances – even to the point of stopping it dead until a time when Scotland can keep the revenue. Ineos might have the weight to move things forward.

    As for the rest multiple scientific institutions have confirmed that it can be done safely. The response from the environmentalists and protesters is always the same. You cannot trust the scientists. Instead you must only listen to them and their story about Dave who doesn’t live under the same regulation and so has been subjected to some stuff that won’t happen here, but Dave didn’t like it, so it should be banned everywhere.