North Korea To Buy Russia’s Su-35 To Invade South In A Lightning Assault

Russian president Vladimir Putin has been laying the groundwork for World War 3. But there is another country secretly planning to invade its neighbor, and it has sought to purchase a fleet of the most advanced Russian fighter jets. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has secretly requested Vladimir Putin to supply the highly-advanced Sukhoi Su-35 jets to North Korea.

North Korea To Buy Russia's Su-35 To Invade South In A Lightning Assault

U.S. has to protect the South

A senior South Korean military official told JoongAng Ilbo that Pyongyang had sent Choe Ryong-hae for a secret meeting with Putin to buy an unknown number of Su-35 jets. Choe Ryong-hae is the right-hand man to Kin Jong-un. Officials said that the advanced jets will allow North Korea to act on its plan to “invade South Korea in a lightning assault,” reports The Inquisitr. Kim’s plan to conquer South Korea was recently revealed by a top North Korea defector.

Sukhoi Su-35 is known to NATO as the “Super Flanker.” it has undergone multiple upgrades since the 1980s, and is considered one of the most powerful fighter jets in the world. If Kim Jong-un attacks South Korea, it could trigger World War 3. The United States will have to jump in to defend the South because it has a security pact with Seoul. Kim Jong-un’s father and former North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il had attempted to acquire the Russian jets in 2011.

Intelligence officials have learned that North Korea approved a new military directive in August 2012. The new war plan will allow Kim to invade the South and conquer it in less than a week. For this, North Korea is planning to use advanced weaponry, including nuclear weapons. Over the past few years, North Korea has been boosting the ability to attack the South and United States.

World War 3 already underway?

According to Bloomberg, Kim Jong-un has set-up posts along the South Korean border to more quickly invade its neighbor. According to South Korea’s Defense Ministry, the North was also aggressively expanding its mechanized forces and artillery. The North Korean regime has set up “infiltration facilities” along the border with South Korea. If not Putin, Kim Jong-un could be responsible for World War 3 if it breaks out.

North Korea has also probably developed ballistic missiles with a striking range of 7,458 miles. It significantly increases the threat to South Korea and the U.S. A few months ago, Pope Francis said that World War 3 was already underway.

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  • Tradd Edwards


  • Tradd Edwards

    ****north Korea why can’t Russia an the u.s invade north kora and we and Russia could just split it in half we would win no d

  • TheWord

    Back at you a$$ wipe

  • cheesewhiz

    Agreed. This is sabre-rattling. NK does not nor will it ever have the strength to last a sustained battle with anyone. They don’t have the food or energy resources to last more than a week in a war situation.

  • cheesewhiz

    That isn’t how an invasion works. They wouldn’t just be sitting around one day and decide to press the button. There would be a massive troop buildup along the border as they prepare to invade and they’d have to go through our troops first. Before that happened, the entire region would know and be prepared for it. Sorry….but only a moron would just press the button and then sit on their rear thinking there wouldn’t be an immediate retaliatory event.

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

    Well then, did North Korean spies and high ranking officials try to kill you? I don’t get it? I get it all right. Do you really think the fat boy is going hungry over the sanctions? Sanctions punish innocent children that have no control over what that totalitarian dictatorship does. I hope the soldiers do eat. I hope they know where it’s coming from, …from the hearts of people that care about them. I don’t mean you of course. Did you send some money to one of the orphanages I mentioned? Yeah right, …like you’re not a really totally selfish arrogant person who doesn’t care about anyone but himself

  • Barancy Peloma

    no north korean has tried to kill me as none except spies and high ranking party members are allowed to leave for any period of time.
    but getting back to my comment about food going to north korea….. you just don’t get it do you?
    that food has to go through the n. korean govt. first. and THEY decide what happens with it. and frankly, they really don’t care about their rank and file citizens at all. it is simply the most closed nation on earth and you can’t simply feed their children because you want to. heck, even their border guards have been known to sneak into china looking for food.
    that food aid will supply high ranking commie party officials first, then the military and if there is anything left…. then perhaps the citizens will get some.

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

    There is a story I would tell you. A man was walking on the beach, and noticed someone throwing some of the thousands of crabs that had washed ashore during a storm. Puzzled at what the man was doing, he asked, “…why are you doing this? There are so many, you will never make a difference.” As the man held up the next crab, he looked at him and said, “It makes a difference to this one, as he threw it back into the ocean. You can help, …no excuses. It is not their fault being born into poverty.

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

    Yes you give children food, …there is no excuse to punish them by restricting it. If you are concerned, …as I am about the quality of life in Africa, I have several organizations where you can provide direct help to orphaned children. It will not go to warlords or corrupt politicians. Even if you help a single child, …there will not always be poverty and suffering for that child. On my website I have connection to many dear friends and charities I know are legitimate. Just look up Grateful Child in a Yahoo or Google search and click on Jambo Charity, Step to Life, Tumaini, or Little Hopes in Kenya and Uganda. Poverty for them will end when you decide to end it for as many as you can.

  • Barancy Peloma

    so i guess we do nothing. we give north korea food (and whatever else they want) whether they want to kill us or not. short of going to war, sanctions are the only options. any food we give them goes to feed his commie party friends and the military.
    the citizens get little if anything.
    you see similar situations in most of africa too.
    plenty of people starving and yet, when tons of food aid shows up, the warlords and corrupt local politicians seize it and sell it at inflated prices on the black market. there will ALWAYS be poverty no matter what you do.

  • Marek

    Between the Koreas. Not between North Korea and the United States. We were never officially at war with them. If you really want to split hairs. Feel better now.

  • Jim Wakefield

    Besides, you had better just state Korea as a Police Action, because that’s all it was/is.

  • Jim Wakefield

    I don’t give a hamster’s rump if you were in the military or not. I WAS too. So STFU. You still are incorrect. “Congress shall have power to … declare War” But Congress hasn’t actually declared war since World War II. Get it right wanna be hero.

  • Jim Wakefield

    No he’s not correct anymore than you are. “Congress shall have power to … declare War” But Congress hasn’t actually declared war since World War II. So like I said before, get your facts correct.

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

    That is just not true. Sanctions have had a crippling effect on the children there

  • Bill Van Diver

    George old buddy you and I are on the same page. I just wish the US would just mind their own business. First thing they want to do is cut American benefits instead of cutting foreign aid. I’m just wanting to open people’s eyes on them being over taxed and their money given away to other countries. I like for us to protect our borders, and make illegals stay out of this country. I thought that was out goverments first duty to the citizens of our great country. Any way have a great week-end Truly Bill

  • George

    And we could do the same, no submarines. We have strategic nuclear launch positions around the globe. Putin himself has admitted that he feels threatened by America’s capability. Deployment of enough nukes to wipe out the USA would be idiotic, it could end with the extinction of the human race. You can’t make those claims because we could do the same to Russia.

    I hope it never comes to that, I don’t want to go out to a Russian nuke anymore than a Russian wants to go out to a USA nuke, or the rest of the world wants to die in the fallout. The funniest thing about this whole Russia VS. US issue is that it is between diplomats. I have no problems with Russian citizens, I have worked with a few throughout the years, I found them to be great entertainers and hard workers. I wouldn’t mind sharing a few rounds with Russian men and women in the future, but because of this 18th century squabble, it doesn’t look like a bright future…

  • Barancy Peloma

    north korea is entirely responsible for their famine issues.

  • disqus_qBzwHL0H5f

    A single trident submarine has the power to wipe out all of Russia!! Good luck finding them all!!

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

    Really? When’s the last time North Korea attacked the United States? I’m sorry for you that you think violence will solve anything. Making children go hungry is violence.

  • Barancy Peloma

    you really should watch some videos of north korea and understand the reality of ‘we have real, determined enemies who want to kill us’ is all about.
    you have no legit solution.

  • Bill Van Diver

    Hey George. I got another idea for you. If President Putin deployed his nuclear equipted sub’s to the east and west coast, and really wanted to take out the  usa he’d have no problem. By putting them just out side the fifty mile limit the us does not have any defence against that. If they all fired at the same time it’s America well done. There would be noone to give the order to fire back. If they did Russian missles would destroy them before they could do any damage. Have a great day buddy

  • George

    Not faster or more manuverable than a raptor. This is 100% BS. Cite your credible source.

    We are THE ONLY country with F-22 raptor. We won’t even let our allies have 1.

  • George

    Not all Americans are stupid. If we’re so stupid, why is median household income so high? Why could I have afforded a mansion in Russia at the age of 25.

    Our immagrants and immigtants might make the overall scores look much lower than the rest of is, but we are still much smarter and more capable than Russian citizens. We are also the 800 lb fighting gorilla in the room.

  • George

    It’s general knowledge but some people haven’t figured it out. It wasn’t an insult just an expression. It doesn’t rule out the possibility of a WW3. That is wishful thinking. There was a WW1 and a WW2 so there can and probably will be WW3. Whether or not it happens in our lifetime remains to be seen.

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

    What do we do? What we should never do is hurt innocent children anywhere in the world, for whatever perceived reason. I’ll leave you with this quote from MLK on his birthday today:

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction. The chain reaction of evil-Hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars-must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.

  • John Bardon

    According to the CIA studies (which was made public) NK can afford only 2 wave of major attacks (if they would invade the South.
    Do not tell us that buying the SU-35 would result in an eventual success in being able to invade the South…..

  • chris

    just STOP! north korea HAS NO PLANS to invade south KOREA! stop talking BS~!
    north koreans are not stupid, they know even if they invaded, and they won, let’s say, USA retreats, china steps in and flexes and said, USA back off, go back to Japan, then what! you honestly think, the south korean citizens will just accept a north korean dictatorship? north korea will send troops into every city in south korea, and guard their police stations day and night, force the local south koreans to work and follow the new dictator KJU?? forget it, it’s not like the colonization of 37 years back in the early 1900 when japan did that to the south koreans, now is different.. south koreans will never stand for it.. so eventually north korea south korea will crumble and a revolution will happen.. the north korean strategists know this.
    it will never work, but for south korea to invade north, the north koreans will not fight for it, they want to become part of the south and one country under democracy.. only a few loyalists will fight for the north, but they will be killed quickly and finally they will all put down their guns..

    so.. north korea is just buying weapons ready for an attack from USA and south korea.. not an invasion! trust me!
    they will NEVER INVADE! they tried it once in 1950, and never again.. they could of won if they did it again in the late 60’s when usa was in vietnam, perfect time, but they didnt.. the 90’s when kim Jeong IL got his nukes.. he didn’t..
    and now.. they wont..
    the KIM family LOVE being KINGS.. an invasion will lose his kingdom.. he is not stupid..

  • gjq

    sensational news title but I believe North Korea is trying to get Russian jets because of US hostile policy.It is time to end hostilities towards north Korea and encourage market reforms. All desired outcome will follow from this.

  • dave 2nd amendment

    bill diver you need mental help and should seek it quickly

  • Semper Fido

    Ooh Rah!

  • Semper Fido

    Ted, I’m going by fact. That actually happened during the Georgian conflict. There’s film coverage and everything, though the Russians still deny it to this day. I’m sorry you can’t be nice about it, so let me put it in language you’ll understand: Get your facts straight before running that suck you call a mouth, Junior. Oh, and learn to spell Raptor right. I won’t bother to hope for a little correct grammar.

  • Guest

    Ooh Rah!

  • Semper Fido

    Ted, I’m going by fact. That actually happened during the Georgian conflict. There’s film coverage and everything, though the Russians still deny it to this day. I’m sorry you can’t be nice about it, so let me put it in language you’ll understand: Get your facts straight before running that c**ksucker you call a mouth, Junior. Oh, and learn to spell Raptor right.

  • Tom

    Not to worry Dennis Rodman on his way for another birthday party to sway the North from the South.

  • Proud american

    Mr Bill van dumb a$$ you got to be the biggest idiot in Russia next to Putin

  • Chris

    Yeah it’s America’s fault like everything else. The fact that a country like North Korea has even decent ties with Russia tells you a lot about Russia. But it’s easier just to blame it on the US.

  • Chris

    Yeah that’s very mature and intelligent.

  • Derek


  • Derek

    Come on pal I’m stupid??? Your the one who posted that Russia should send weapons to ISIS correct?? Meanwhile ISIS is killing Russian Citizens!!! But yet you as a Russian person want them to send weapons to the same group thats killing Americans and Russians! Sounds to me YOUR STUPID not me pal! They just ahad a 10 year old kill 2 Russian Citizens! But yea have Russia send them Weapons! You should not be up here posting! Simple as that!

  • Nelson450r

    If you support ISIS then there is no hope for you.

  • Nelson450r

    Bill Van Diver- you calling us stupid and you can even use proper grammar.

  • chuckrobertpearson .

    We can thank America’s unnecessarily hostile policy toward Russia for this. If Russia and the U.S. had strong ties and if we weren’t damaging their economy through sanctions, we might have some sway over whether they do this.

  • Derek

    Also Bill the [email protected] DIVER! Your comment about having Russia sell weapons to ISIS makes no sense! You realize they are killing your Russian Citizens as well??? You realize that right??? They just had a 10 year old kill 2 Russians! But yet you want Putin to sell weapons to ISIS!! You have no right what so ever posting anything! Do everyone a favor and just stay in your Russian SHACK and stay off a Computer! DUMMY!

  • Bill Van Diver

    What’s wrong. Don’t you believe in free speech? Your one of those getting over taxed so your tax money can be given to your enemies. That’s the good old American thinking. Your just another stupid american.

  • Derek

    I hope this Bill Van Diver realizes that RUSSIA HAS NOTHING ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! YOU HEAR ME OLD MAN!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derek

    Hey Bill Van Diver! When it’s our turn to be Judged by GOD I hope you realize your comment! Anyone who supports the PIECES OF S**T like ISIS like yourself deserve nothing but the worst in LIFE! People like you make me want to jump through my computer screen and just give you the biggest a** Whoppin of your life! Your a Legit CLOWN and I don’t care how old you are! I would love to smakc the S**T out of you! Now go pound sand you LOSER!


    Kelvin, you hit the nail on the head. It’s ok for US to invade Iraq, Afghan, and so on, but it’s not ok for Russia to take control over the Crimea (where over 50% of its citizens are Russian speaking nationals). Crimea citizens voted in a favor of the Russian government over Ukraine, so where is the foul play?

  • Bill Van Diver

    President Putin owes the US nothing except pay back for their bull [email protected]%$#t. That would be a great way to boost their economy. There is Billions to be made by selling Plane, Tanks, Nuclear weapons. This should veto all the sanctions the US imposted on Russia. While your at it President Putin be sure you sell them to all the US’s enemies. ISIS, Iran, And I’m sure you know the rest of them.

  • Ted Jebb

    Keep dreaming the SU-35 is considered one of the best fighters in the world. The only fighter that may stand up to it is maybe a rapter. This has been stated in many articles including ones from the Pentagon. It’s technology is outstanding, manuverability is considered the best in the world, and it is faster then anything the USA has. In other words when one of our pilots locks on the Russian pilot already shot him down.

  • jake

    This kind of sensationalist writing serves no useful purpose, except that dopes like me respond. Enough, already!
    Focus on the good ol’ USA and write something worthwhile that can lift the spirits, maybe even the economy.

  • mrivera

    The 80’s are long gone. Congress has no backbone and the fighting generals have been purged by Obama. If N Korea invades, we will pull our 40K troops out and do nothing except make speeches at the UN condemning it.


    WW3? Really? This writer is full of it. So just because NKorea got some Russian SU-35 jets, they can just fly over and bomb the heck out of SKorea? What an idiot.. I wonder if this writer google to see where SKorea’s military power ranking is at (SKorea is No. 9 by the way). They have enough defense missiles (Patriots) and air power to take out NKorea in no time, but this story is just trying to get people to read for fun, nothing more. But here’s the true fact, there are more than 1.5 mil people from Russia, China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Uzbekistan… and so on, living in SKorea, So do you really think that Putin is going to help NKorea kill his own people? l doubt it very much.

  • bobcat34

    puttin is the stupid leader, he praying for nuke war when his country has such a bad econmony

  • Semper Fido

    Every time an SU-35 has gone A/A against an F-16 Viper or F-15 Eagle, the Russian planes were shot down. Once in a 2:1 ratio against the US made planes. That was a Georgian pilot against two Russian pilots.

  • Semper Fido

    Only a troll, or worse, Democrat would start the conversation with insults. Go away, until you can be civil.

  • abby

    why is putin trying to start another war he should be focusing on his country because I heard that russia’s economy might have another recession and the russian currency is declining like crazy so why is this idiot trying to have another world war

  • Semper Fido

    If the President should refuse to act in defense of the people of the United States, his cabinet may invoke the 25th Amendment, declare him incapacitated, and remove him from office. It almost happened to Reagan in 1987. Barring that, the Secretary of Defense could conceivably enact a bloodless coup with the backing of his Generals (who viscerally hate Obama), and upon successful completion of the nation’s defense, turn themselves in for arrest. It’s unlikely they’d see a day in jail, due to a Republican Congress, who must prosecute them.

  • The Promised End

    The DPRK does have the money to buy weapons because of the price of oil, It does not have to spend $140 a barrel, only $40 to $50. Fertilizer make more sense for the DPRK, but since when did common sense dictate what that praetorian state does. Buying these jets is fine, but you can’t use them.

  • mike

    Putins not going give kim any planes not for free anyway LOL he’s just not that kind of guy , . besides the US has a new laser that will knock them down within 5 seconds or less ,so Kim it don’t matter what you got its going to crash and burn if it don’t blow on lift off

  • Phuket_whocares

    South Korea has better cheeseburgers, that’s why the dear leader wants to invade..


  • Bradley

    Well Louis, I’m not in to defending him, but Putin is more then a wanna be. He’s still, K.G.B. even though it’s not called this any more. If Putin wants it, he gets it. And he doesn’t stick his neck out for anyone, without something gainfully in return. He has a country full of sheeples, and he’s the herder. Make no mistake, he’s an idiot in my book, but he sure ain’t stupid. The attack on the Ukraine was planned long before the Olympics. His timing was spot on. He is a shifty character in which you don’t turn your back, for if you do, he will use it against you ten fold. He’s out for himself and nobody else, don’t you believe other wise.

  • Edward Smythe

    Burn the North from off the face of the earth !

  • nocgirl

    Unsure if the defense budget is true….they lack all resources necessary to even stay in a battle and most of their conventional equipment is Soviet Era.

  • Woodsey Owl

    Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God. — John 8:47

  • Woodsey Owl

    “Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.” –John 8:47

  • Barancy Peloma

    stop the sanctions? so what do you do then? just give them everything they demand? that will only accelerate their increased militarization.
    one thing many folks forget is they tend to assume every nation’s leader is a rational individual.
    that is not the case.
    north korea will never settle for just controlling north korea. they want the south under their control too. and don’t think for a moment they won’t hesitate to use nukes either.
    this stalemate as we know it will NOT last forever. there will be a resumption of the korean war again. it’s just a matter of when.

  • Woodsey Owl

    Yes, and He has come a second time so that we now know the name of the Holy Spirit and can be baptized in the name of the Father (Jehovah), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit (Jesus’ new name) – See Rev. 3:12.

  • paulkbri

    hey stupid, where in my comment do you see word “dumb”. I really think the only ignorant person here is you. I did serve in the military, but you haven’t. only military you were in is video games. Now that is ignorance. What did you do take a few extra days off, after your Christmas school vacation?

  • paulkbri

    No, the dumb people are the ones who voted that jerk not once but twice. With a name like christsandwich, you really seem to have your head not screwed on tight enough. You buy his lies, and you have the nerve to call me dumb. You should look in the mirror to really see dumb

  • quarkie009

    When a leader does not perform his duties as a leader of the West, then you will have other countries that will test to see where any weakness exist. Obama has not shown true leadership and that is why there is such talk of other countries stepping up fill the void. You have shown by your own statement that you are the one that is racist and ignores reality day by day. The United States should be second to none in our military capabilities and be strong enough to throw fear into our enemies that they would not even contemplate such actions against our allies or us. Sadly to say, we do not have the leadership to instil fear into our enemies or instil goodness in our nation to be better. Case in point, Obama led from behind in Libya where Obama talked the talk, but did not walk the walk. He is willing to let Iran have the nuclear capabilities to build several nuclear bombs. I will never trust a democrat or their supporters.

  • 1alien1

    very good point

  • 1alien1

    very good point

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

    we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one Barancy. I don’t think they will start a war they know they will lose. They have virtually no chance against western military superiority and they know that. …and yeah, …stop the sanctions. They only hurt the poorest of people that have no control over what the state does.

  • Jady

    Come on stop lieing, north ISNT invading South Korea, North DOESNT have the capacity to invade South Korea, if it did it will only make north Korea vulnerable.

  • http://teslagraph.com Tesla Kuhn

    and what will north korea allegedly buy them with, northern charm and happy luck smiles? sounds like breakfast for children.

  • James D. Janos

    Give me or address and phone number so I can file a law suite against foe liable and slander ….

  • James D. Janos

    I am not a wannabe hero a$$ hole, I served 10 years foe this country plus 30 more with homeland security …we are STILL TECHNCALLY AT WAR WITH NORTH KOREA ….get your fact straight …an armistice is nothing more than a cease fire …no treaty has ever been signed .man you are just the example of what dumb as$es this country now has …then you ATTACK ME ..get the f_ _ k out of my face.

  • Marek

    got ya. lol

  • Roseanne

    Thank you.

  • Roseanne

    Mike, what is tin foil hat? Can you explain for all of us please.

  • johnnypercula

    so was I…. can’t help it when they try to get me to take fat boy seriously.

  • shawn

    you are just dumb. stay off the keyboards.

  • shawn

    hmmm Harry, pls stfu if you have absolutely no idea what you are saying. If South Korea is attacked, there is no IF USA will help, USA is OBLIGATED(meaning they MUST, for your low intellignece :) ) to go into war. They have troop in South Korea, you think USA will sit back pull their troops after being attacked??? You just dont know jack.

  • Rude Boy

    Actually, China wants no part of North Korea.  They don’t want the refugees nor the bankrupt economy.  Koreans and Chinese are historical enemies who only got together after WWII to facilitate Communism.

  • shawn

    thank you Chris! Obama has absolutely NOTHING to do with this article. You are just a very white person hating on a black man leading this country. Althought Obama is no Roosevelt, I’be be the first to say that his presidency is absolutely turning into a mess, as it was already before he started, he is defitely not the leader we’d all hope he would. However, he still has nothing to do with this article!! Angry white person.

  • Bill Martin

    Quite the contrary Richie, the problems are not with the military or the soldiers who are the best in the world. The problem is the commander
    in chief and the liberals in congress who have been downsizing the
    army, navy, air force and marine corps. The officer core has been almost wiped out, soldiers threatened about all types of politically correct BS, ineffective NATO ammo which you can bet would not be used by our
    adversaries, we would be outmanned by the Chinese or the Russians
    and possibly even the N. Koreans.
    Obama and his socialist / liberal cabal are the ones insulting the military
    men and women of this country, you can see how much the president hates the military by his words and demeanor.

  • Scott

    Thank you! Great information.

  • jay

    612,000,000,000 wow that is a lot of your money wasted on defense! What did we waste the other 3,288,000,000,000 on. Other than The cap you imply we don’t spend enough on. That extra 0 is one to look at. That 0 is an awful lot

  • nocgirl

    The US pilots have more training than NATO as well its closer to 200 hours a year. I almost feel sorry for the NK pilots they are brainwashed into thinking their training and equipment is superior when they do not stand a chance against SK or the US.

  • NecksRforSunburn

    for future reference, it’s thermonuclear.

  • Kly

    This is about as far from MSM as you can get.

  • Oliver Twisted

    Well, WTH else would you spend your money on? Health? Education? Infrastructure? You can’t bomb Klingons with a bridge or a university degree!

  • Eric Forman

    Ah, like all MSM articles I can read between the lines. The world is a dangerous place I need to fork over more of my paycheck to the ‘defense’ industry to protect me from commies, narco-terrorists, islamists, klingons, …

  • Angel A. Perez

    john – the media everywhere is swamped with this sort of information. It is an epidemic called the Too Much Information virus!

  • Angel A. Perez

    “Faux News”??? Yep!!! That sure sounds just right!

  • jasonca

    nevermind the fact that South Korea and Russia are on very friendly terms.

  • NecksRforSunburn

    Apparently you are under the impression that a person is only allowed to get their news from one source and must remain loyal to that source. Fox has conditioned you well.

  • Oliver Twisted

    I’m reminded of a line in George Romero’s ‘Dawn Of The Dead’. The ‘Peter’ character picks up an extremely nice — and expensive — rifle equipped with a high-quality scope. He says, ‘The only person who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it.’ His comment was meant to disparage the shooting skills of wealthy people; but there’s the point behind his jab: It doesn’t matter how phenomenal the weapon is, if the person using it doesn’t have the training and skill to exploit the weapon’s advantages. U.S. pilots — some of whom are based in South Korea — train all the time, and they train in advanced aircraft. The Korean People’s Air Force comprises about three dozen very-capable MiG-29s, almost five dozen aging MiG-23s, and almost 400 aircraft of older designs. These are ~150 MiG-21s, 40 Chengdu F-7As (Chinese, licence-built MiG-21s), 98 Shenyang F-6s (MiG-19s), and 100 Shenyang F-5s (MiG-17s). They also have strike aircraft. It is said that ‘Quantity has a quality all its own’ (usually attributed to Josef Stalin). Still most of North Korea’s fighters are 1950s and 1960s designs. KPAF pilots only fly about 15 to 25 hours per year compared to about 150 hours per year for NATO pilots (which includes U.S. pilots). Even the pilots flying the MiG-29s do not have the training to be an insurmountable threat to U.S. or South Korean pilots. (South Korea has 60 F-15s, a total of 169 F-16s, 20 of their own KAI FA-50 fighters, plus the older Northrop F-5s and McDonnell-Douglas F-4s.) I just don’t see North Korea being able to establish air superiority for an invasion.

  • andre 3000

    they’ve been talking about this for this for the past 5o years….in other news I got a turtle

  • Mike

    You obviously read it. Do you feel like a sucker? Unless someone seeks those things I guess they didn’t actually “fall” for it.

  • Mentok The Mindtaker

    So Ronald, how’s the food there in Bellevue? Are you getting enough exercise and fresh air?

  • Mike

    that would have more credibility than Faux News

  • EdgarAllenPoor

    That’s right, anyone searching for the unbiased truth should tune in to FOX….or Maybe the Fantasy Land Network.

  • Jeff

    They probably already have that stuff. They horde it and keep it from their people so one day they can attack the South when they least expect it. I think Putin would love to start some trouble between the Koreas because we will have to get involved so he can be what America was to the Taliban when Russia attacked Afganistan. The USA backed the Taliban and supplied them with weapons. Putin would love to help another country that is in a fight with the USA.

    Just my $.02

  • thedude1500

    “Max Landsberger: Since the 1984 oil discovery in New Guinea, we have sold the Bu!kais hill tribesmen 20 of our S-24 fighters. At $21 million per unit, that’s $252 million. This has started a local arms race between the Bu!kais, and their local neighbors the Kla!klalas. Now the Kla!klalas also happen to be sitting an a large amount of oil. And now the Kla!klalas want to buy 20 of our new X-24/X-Ray Ultra Pursuit fighters for a total of $480 million.
    Pete Helmes: What are the chances of war between them?
    Bob Nixon: Very good sir. Our spare parts replacement contracts could be very lucrative.
    Pete Helmes: Who trains their flight personnel?
    Max Landsberger: Well, as near as we can assess it… well… they don’t actually fly the planes. They sort of roll them down hills… crashing them into each other.
    Scott Dantley: Personally, I think that it’s a shameful waste of incredible kill power.
    Pete Helmes: Make the deal.
    Bob Nixon, Scott Dantley: Absolutely.” — 1985 movie Head Office

  • Don M

    And who conditioned you ? CNN

  • Brizilla

    It would be over quick. ;)

  • Don M

    Where do you get your news?, from the local coffee shop?

  • jay

    The U.S. would not use nuclear weapons even if north korea used one at or near the demilitarized zone. Mostly because of the danger of escalating
    tensions and provoking other worried countries.
    Noth korea is loud obnoxious and ruled by a man with next to no life experience. but also not likely to invade the south without something convincing them they are in danger of being invaded. As far as
    no funds to buy weapons. That is very untrue they have no outside debt and an annual defense budget of $7,500,000,000

  • DeeHawk

    You’re an idiot. You don’t know basic grammar.

  • Mike

    Jay, what hole did you just come out of? The cutbacks have nothing to do with advanced weaponry, tanks, planes, we just launched a new aircraft carrier for goodness sakes. Get up on current events brother.

  • DJ High Bread

    Let me clarify, yes you’re correct that if a highly populated country attacks another highly populated country on a separate continent, you could call it a world war. However, MOST people probably wouldn’t consider China sending over 1000 troops to attack Canada a world war. Do you see my point now?

  • mrivera

    If Kim Jong Un converts to Islam, we’ll join the war on his side.

  • Michael

    Sounds smart yet so dumb. The only way North Korea gets any tactical advantage is by using Nuclear Weapons, something neither China or Russia would sign off on. North Korea’s Navy is old and antiquated, the heavy and light tanks are WW2 issue, do some real research before pretending your smart

  • mrivera

    The difference is we don’t have a MacArthur who could turn things around. The fighting generals have been purged out and the ones we have left are too concerned with investigating sex assaults, improving diversity, empathizing with Islam, and integrating trannies into our ground forces to think about how to win battles.

  • Ndugai

    These are last days! be it Nk Vs SK or Moscow Vs Washington DC, It shall come to pass, …..Nations will come to fight against Nations and Kingdoms against Kingdoms. Every thing that was prophesized in the BIBLE must come to pass. It is better now for the world to turn to the LORD JESUS THE ONLY HOPE.

  • DJ High Bread

    So why haven’t any of the recent wars (which have included the largest powers in the world) been considered world wars? In my opinion, a world war is only classified as such if it’s the largest war the world has seen and typically people only assess the size of a war based on the type of weaponry used combined with the amount of destruction. If there are a few soldiers with guns shooting at each other, nobody will classify it as a “world war”.

  • Marek

    I was being sarcastic.

  • Rich

    Well Mrivera you are a retarded child so why are you writing on these forums? Please Retard dont post unless you have some Actual intellegence on what your saying. Thank you

  • Marek

    In other news: South Korea invents new recipe for Kim Chi. North Korea poised to invade.

  • wing_ding

    he goes nuke, well that’s too bad for Seoul.

  • Louis Swan II

    Russia is always willing to help a country that is willing to help Destroy United States. Putin is nothing but a So Called wana Be Leader and not worth A Pot To Piss in, Communist Russian Pig Putin.

  • disqus_qBzwHL0H5f

    How much is N.K. Paying for them? (or simply how)
    How many air-craft are involved?
    Who is going to fly them? –Doubt- N.K. has qualified pilots for this class aircraft!!
    How is N.K. expected to maintain them? (Fuel, weapons–this requires expertise and gets expensive)
    –Common sense even if Russia gave them a few they lack the ability to use them effectively or maintain them!!

  • Marek

    James is correct. It’s only a cease fire. Albeit a long one. There was no official end to the war.

  • mrivera

    I’m sure N Korea has noticed how well the US has stood by her allies during this administration and may calculate that we won’t lift a finger to help the south. Not a bad bet. Even if we did, Obama has degraded our military to the lowest level since the 1930’s and purged out all the Pattons, MacArthurs, and Nimitzes. We won’t be able to stop them short of nuclear weapons, which we are also scrapping. It will be 1950 all over again only this time, the N Koreans will finish the job.

  • Cheese

    Good point!

  • wing_ding

    Need a new car? Buy GM or Chrysler. No more Hyundai or Kia …

  • Cheese

    Chinese food for everyone!!!

  • http://www.wheretobuybelowwholesale.com/ BUYLOW, SELLHIGH.

    It’s so laughable, even incredibly hilarious that Kim Jong Un (a.k.a. Fat Boy) and his equally deranged ally, Vladimir Putin (a.k.a. Adolf Hitler), both think they and their countrymen can survive a Nuclear World War III or even a conventional WWIII in this day and age. Good Luck.

  • kelvin

    Since the crisis began in Ukraine , US and the west has been spreading everyday lies and hate against Russia for decades. and this ideology doesn’t exclude some Hollywood top action movies about how bad the Russians are. While haven’t the media been criticizing the Russians countless times a day before the Ukraine crisis began?, or shared light about Mrs.Nuland and partners that planned coup against the Ukrainian elected president?.

    The Russians defends budget is no where close to the US , yet the US cry victim every day about world war 3 .
    The Russians economy is shit compare to the United State economy, yet the US spread fear among the masses .
    The Russians population is half of the United State population, yet the US cry fowl play.

    The United State and his allies are everywhere, and the US pretended to still be the victim… even after dragging the oil price down which is very good for me because my car drink’s fuel like pig…yet the United state aint satisfy.
    I suggest the government need blood for sacrifice.

  • Mike

    We are more equipped to fight them than insurgents in mountains or a jungle. Do you just bash America because you hate it or do you just not know how to do research for yourself?

  • wing_ding

    it’s local to the area …

  • Diamond Dave

    So is Kyle

  • beck pauley

    and if china starts the us will be responsible for turning china into a super power

  • Mike

    Anyone see the connection between this and both Red Dawn movies, they specifically talk about an army from the north and the kings of the east as well as rumors of wars. Not saying this is happing here and now but this is most likely a scenario of how what’s been recorded on my VCR.

  • Marek

    I’m not a religious nut but it’s amazing how no one is an atheists right before they die.

  • Mike

    do you just tap random keys and hope it says something?

  • James

    This world ( Generation) has been on a critical path to Global Thermal Nuclear War for quite some time now
    and the bad part is NK Russia Iran ISIS and China all really want it. Their hearts are hardened and their
    wills are set.. So really anytime now, today tomorrow next year or perhaps several more years …
    The hate has escalated to far to fast and is way overboard the tensions are like a runaway freight train
    under full power and its only gonna get worse sooner than most think .
    this is a very troubled World that needs saving from itself. ASAP !

    Kingdom against kingdom ( Middle East) Nation rising against Nation we see it in the news
    violence riots martyrdom economic troubles lawlessness chaos and confusion
    political bodies at odds with each other.

  • Mike

    North Korea is incredibly stupid.

  • Cheese

    The sadder question is, why do we bother to click on these Yahoo stories in the first place!

  • Mike

    it must suck to be you

  • Marek

    He may not write eloquently, but I’d rather him next to me in a fight than some of the turds posting here.

  • Ethan

    Israel could as well.
    But yes i agree.

  • Mike

    does your tin foil hat get a little tight sometimes?

  • Cheese

    You know it!

  • Michael Failla

    Yes, pacts are pacts, and it should be as simple as that, but this President does whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants, and he doesn’t care what the law says.

    And as for Mr. Simpledicksunburnman – What does being a Conservative Christian have to do with it? That’s what you Libertards do. But as far as my Conservative values are concerned, I would like you to tell me why you think it’s unfair for you to keep what you’ve earned and for me to keep what I’ve earned. The sad truth is that Liberals NEED Conservatives because they cannot live without their money, but Conservatives can live very well without Liberals.

    If you’re 20-years old and you aren’t a Democrat, you have no heart. And if you’re 40-years old and you aren’t a Conservative, you have no brain. If you want to live in a Socialist society, move to Russia you un-American turd.

  • Ethan

    We wouldn’t need to “Jump in”. We have 50,000 soldiers stationed on that border for that very scenario. 25,000 more in Japan and other pacific islands.
    Before even gets word of the attack US forces would be engaged a crossed the theater.
    Not to mention the might of the entire US Pacific Fleet(Literally its own army/navy)

  • Marek

    Sdrew, your full of S__T. Your Obama is the weakest President ever. Even worse than Carter. How can you respect a President that lies right to your face. Pukes like you are the ones that hide under the bed when the s__t hits the fan. You have no balls to stand up to aggression. You think being weak will make everyone love you? Obama’s failure is all his own and his party. The right didn’t have to do anything. You’re just too blind to see it.

  • Ethan

    You do relize sony is a Japanese company and not an American one, right?

  • bird

    all north korea needs now is the gas/diseal for its tanks and planes, not to mention spare parts, ammo, and a few other basic items before its ready.

  • syroco

    Not happening.

  • David Thomapson

    Your an idiot, you don’t know the science behind nuclear bombs the least bit .

  • johnnypercula

    But it can be transferred from one state to another, like a big nuclear fireball….

  • NecksRforSunburn

    Has anybody noticed the pattern on this comment section here? The only people who seem to believe this headline are the ones who are spouting Fox news rhetoric and propaganda. For you gullible extremists: Russia hasn’t sold any Su-35s to North Korea.

  • Yamaha

    Thank you. Finally someone who understands the economics of the situation. The US would have to fight on two fronts; against North Korea and ISIS. Obama is trying to shrink our military. Did anyone else hear about the Taliban pledging cooperation with ISIS?

  • Scott Smaistrla

    its not even good sensationalist journalism…

  • Scott Smaistrla

    you are a delusional fool…

  • john

    This article is a joke…the author hopes you will seek financial or stock advice….all of you actualy fell for it

  • nocgirl

    Doubtful it would be WW3 unlikely China will fight the US and NATO.

  • Marek

    Mass can not be destroyed.

  • NecksRforSunburn

    Leave it up to the Obama bashing, obstructionist supporting extremist to believe the false alarmist headline. Fox has conditioned you well.

  • grumbler

    You and Pat Robertson share the same stupid views.

  • Roseanne

    Obama administration is using N. Korea to pass an USA Act on Jan. 20 so they can have total control of USA internet. This is part of an operation called “Crown”. USA is not going invade N. Korea. USA is looking at Iran. We have a king in waiting for lost kingdom. Edwar Aram wants his Iran back. He will uses all of his money to bet on USA.

  • chase

    ok you must not know how to read, ww3 does not mean nuclear war. just because no one wants to us nukes doesn’t mean they wont fight by armies. don’t be a moron

  • Ramsey

    Why not get rid of this little puppet before he cause us harm?

  • shane

    It’s not the atom bombs that worry me, It’s the Hydrogen bombs- 1000x stronger and you could make a single bomb that could literally destroy the entire earth in one shot.

  • peter guarino

    ” If Kim Jong-un attacks South Korea, it could trigger World War 3. The United States will have to jump in to defend the South because it has a security pact with Seoul. ” Well its not really a sure thing – at least not while Obama is in office, any way.

  • J

    What does Russia get out of the deal? Probably a bunch of counterfeit 100 dollar bills

  • john

    Thanks for the financial article about north korea

  • Joseph

    Radius of destructive circle: 1.7 miles
    12 pounds per square inch : From a 50 mega ton Hydrogen(fission) Nuke

    At the center lies a crater 200 feet deep and 1000 feet in diameter. The rim of this crater is 1,000 feet wide and is composed of highly radioactive soil and debris. Nothing recognizable remains within about 3,200 feet (0.6 miles) from the center, except, perhaps, the remains of some buildings’ foundations. At 1.7 miles, only some of the strongest buildings — those made of reinforced, poured concrete — are still standing. Ninety-eight percent of the population in this area are dead.

    2000 nuke’s test (most in the atmosphere)

    Unless it his near your house, your just waiting to die from radiation which like I said we have already been exposed too that since the 60’s

  • J

    Jong Un’s grandpa thought he could invade and take South Korea too, and nearly did. Maybe Jong Un thinks that the US is war weiry from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Less likely to get into it with N Korea. Also firmly believes China and or Russia will help them

  • Kyle James

    North Korea is not Stupid. America is bound to Seoul for a reason, America enjoys defending freedom.

  • bevis

    This sounds like a “drama” story

  • trahanaquasimodo

    Evil czar putin/Satan will give him New nuclear Weapons parts, New Missiles , CASH, OIL, Gas Free Trade just so NK keeps the Down right Dumb US occupied in Asia and Not Poor Ukraine or WEAK EU.

  • kendunn

    I guess the Ruble is so weak now even the NKians can afford Russian junk. What a stupid article, Those jets cross over into SK and then what? More to invading than crossing borders.

  • Larry Cutler

    Due to trade sanctions with North Korea, The sale of the SU-35’s won’t happen in this writers lifetime. Besides, the first pilot to fly the plane will land it in South Korea and kill for food.

  • careerarmy

    Nope this wont happen. The north is very poor and can’t afford to buy these acft.

  • chase

    its pretty easy to say there will be a big war, and storms in the future when you don’t put a timeline down.

  • trahanaquasimodo

    I said that before Weak minded obama has been given False Intel on NK by the down right DUMB Evil NsA evil clapper /EVIL corrupt CiA boys club Thugs and Fake FbI who get get their Intel either from the evil russians or Evil israeli who Hate the US.
    . all he has done is what EVIL czar putin/SATAN has been wanting is NK to side with his EVILNESS EVIL czar putin/SATAN

  • xyz

    The army plans to drop Steven Segal behind enemy lines with some sharp knives and take over the North Korean Army and bring back fatty for a weight washers commercial and make some millions to help the oppress people of NK.

  • Scott Smaistrla

    this is sensationalist journalism at its worst…vikas shukla…do you actually think you are providing us with new information??? so these state of the art neo soviet fighters are going to help NK conquer South Korea…do you actually think that the United States and its allies would not throw the entire strength of the US NAVY pacific fleet including fast attack subs with cruise and tomahawk missiles at NK. Un is dumb, but he’s not stupid…you should focus your time on writing investment/finance books and leave foreign policy and military tactics to the professionals…this piece is garbage…

  • chase

    lol you really think its as simple as that? South Korea is an ally. using Syria or Ukraine as a reason why he wont is moronic and idiotic, its fairly different with pacts, its really as simple as that

  • YoYo

    How do crap articles like this make it on Yahoo

  • chaser9920

    whatever north Korea does is the worlds fault. everyone knows whats coming and nobody has the balls to stop it.

  • Chris Prothero

    Hey [email protected], our military IS stretched too thin as it is due to Dubya sending our men and women to die in two illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Did you forget that part?

    As for ‘deviants’…are you referring to homosexuals? NEWS FLASH..they’ve always been there, you just never saw them. So for you to lash out in your homophobic rage is unfounded and nonsensical.

    Your personal attacks are comical. Whenever you right wing tin foil haberdashers can’t find a logical argument you resort to name calling. Please continue. I’m feasting on your rage and tears.

  • Ronald Aleksy

    Friends of the political LEFT! Comrades, make no mistake. Russia is now under attack by the western capitalist imperialists. So it is only natural for Putin and Russia to look for allies wherever they can be found. And North Korea is in desperate need of Russia as Russia is for new allies. No doubt, that in time these advanced fighter jets will be flying over North Korea. In addition to overt hostilities against North Korea, there are the more subterranean hostilities like the movie about the assassination of Kim. The USA with its dominating capitalist agenda is causing the entire socialist and communist world to enter new alignments. It was foolish for the USA to turn against Russia because of the Ukraine for which many Russians shed their blood in World War II. Also it was foolish for the USA to adopt a single sex marriage agenda that Christian Russians spit at and that Muslims the world over will kill over. The USA needs to end its policy of foreign alienation. Soon we hope!

  • Guest

    Typical conservative. Alarmist headline! it’s true, of course! fear for your lives!! FoxNews has conditioned you well. What’s next, bible thumping? Oh, the next post (or last post depending on how you look at it)…I guess bible thumping is next…lol

  • Howard Harper

    Vikas…had nothing else to write about?

  • Michael Failla

    If North Korea attacks South Korea, don’t expect us to jump in and save them. We may be required to do so, but that means nothing because if President Obamawitz doesn’t want to, he won’t, and it’s really as simple as that.

  • Jay Raferty

    We have about 80000 troops in South Korea and you don’t think they are ready? We have nuke subs nearby and you don’t think we are ready? I have been in South Korea in the Navy trust me they are always ready.

  • GZ

    Anyone see the connection between this and the book of Revelation, it specifically talks about an army from the north and the kings of the east as well as rumors of wars. Not saying this is happing here and now but this is most likely a scenario of how what’s been recorded in the book of Revelation will come about.

  • dltravers

    Do not let hatred cloud your logic. The answer to the question of the US coming to South Korea’s aid in a full blown invasion is not up for debate. It will happen. Do your really think Obama runs this country? He guides it in some respect with his crew of clowns; but he does not run it by himself. He would love to have that totla power, no doubt.

    I agree that if a Bush like president was in then the response would be instant and total. With Obama’s crew, he would find a way to screw it up by delay, obfuscation, and limited action.

  • Swede760

    I can just hear the Doctor saying “Nurse, this Patient has a bad case of Dictators, get the peeler!”

  • CurtWW

    James D. Janos By your childish comment, I can tell that you have never been in the military. I was in the Air Force for many years and you have no idea the capability that our armed forces have. Nobody should ever want a war for many innocent people will die. I don’t even think that Russia, China, or even the United States want’s a war. I do believe that the little boy leader of N Korea should be replaced with someone that has some real brains.

  • strokermcgurk

    If that little punk Putin sells fighters to a country like N. Korea he will label himself and Russia in a manor that will put them back into the days of the old Iron Curtain. No country, except for Cuba, Venezuela, China(maybe not), N. Korea, etc. will want to trade with them. He just thinks he has a problem with sanctions now!

  • noname

    US gained its wealth after WWII… all the corporations increased its value dramatically. no point at least for Russia for a war, Russia still remembers and are sadden by WWII..

  • NecksRforSunburn

    Yea, I know…I liked the joke :) There’s another one up a little bit mentioning Chuck Norris, that one wasn’t bad either.

  • Seed_drill

    I don’t think the North is militarily strong enough to defeat the South, the problem is the South actually has a civilization they need to defend, whereas the North has nothing to lose. Plus Seoul is way too close to the border.

  • pen

    The Russian Federation is led by excellently accomplished individuals, such as Putin, Medvedev, and Lavrov; so it does make sense that the Russian Advanced SU-35 Jet Fighters be sold to North Korea. It would then be a matter of time and formality before North Korea’s 1 Million man Army would quickly overrun South Korea now led by Ms. Park, who was on TV yesterday itching to make a “deal” on Reunificatioin with North Korean leadership. North Korea’s conquest of South Korea would completly shift the Balance of Power in the China Sea in favor of China at the expense of America and its Pacific Ocean Allies (Japan, Austrailia, Phillipines, Taiwan, etc.). The next domino to fall would obviously be Taiwan, in short order ! Jan 13, 2015 at 11:14 a.m. PST.


    DA, It was a joke. It is a 40 million dollar jet . It would be like going to East St louis and giving everyone in town a BMW on credit.

  • Aaron

    This isn’t journalism, this is just wild speculation based on vague detail: “set-up posts along the South Korean border to more quickly invade its neighbor”

  • avrex

    Two weeks ago this North-Korean monkey was talking about peace with the South !!!

  • Mitch

    So, now you claim to be the adult or expert just because you were at the DMZ??? I believe one of them got to you and made you a spy! Go back home to your lover, Kim Jong Wantabe

  • DJ High Bread

    Which is another reason why I don’t believe WW3 is possible. If anyone uses a nuke it’s game over for everyone. I don’t know what your comment has to do with having a HS level education but whatever man.

  • NecksRforSunburn

    lol, you’d think, but the writer is lying. Russia has not sold the Su-35 to North Korea. It’s just your typical alarmist journalism. ‘Click on this’ is all that headline really says.

  • Guest

    Funny thing is Mike is actually right. Do some research (Petrodollar).

  • CurtWW

    FPV R/C so your saying that Obama and the scum bag democrats are at fault for cutting our defense system. They cut our defense money and use it to support all these illegals that have invaded our nation. And Obama and the lousy democrats won’t deport these law breakers.

  • Sang Na

    North Korea is a very poor country and has no money to buy enough Russian
    Su-35 to invade South Korea.
    The economy of South Korea is about 30 times that of North Korea.
    It is only a propaganda of North Korea to give threat to South Korea and U.S.

  • Alex

    Well N. Korea would have to kill about 30 thousand American troops in South Korea just to take the area. In response N.Korea would then become a smoking hole in the ground, and little fat boy would be gone.

  • quarkie009

    A lot, unlike your boot licking attitude for Obama and his asinine policies that are destroying America. You are only interested in burying your head in the sand and ignore reality. It’s people like you that will holler and rave when our military is stretched too thing to protect our own country. This country is toast when our military is unable to do the job of protecting and defending, because they are being turned into a social experiment to have deviants brought into their ranks and destroying the effectiveness of the military. This is exactly what you and your kind stand for; an America that must ask Obama and his idiots that surround him for permission what to do. I would rather be labeled a right wing extremist than to be labeled a communist/bleeding heart wacko environmentalist idiot. You need to be put in an insane asylum and throw away the keys since you are too far gone and your brain has been burned up by the illegal drugs you use.

  • Tim


  • Bitterjack

    The United States is the only country in the world that could deploy a battle hardened military. None of the other hostile countries we could possibly fight have fought a full on conflict since WWII.

  • Richie

    By “our” military I hope you mean the North Koreans. The United States military is extremely well trained. Don’t insult them.

  • George

    Everyone with a HS level education knows that no one who currently has nukes will push the button. Putin might be power hungry, but he is not insane. Hitler might have used nukes if he had them, Putin will not.

  • Mitch

    mike, mike, mikee! Your’re off your propagando Putin board! Noone wants to hear your stupid propoganda here or anywhere defending poor old Putin! He does enough on his own and doesn’t need any more idiots like you to defend him!

  • Vulture

    NK is just a tool for the likes of Russia and China. Sadly they are like a rabid dog willing to attack at any moment. China supplies the $ and Russia supplies the tech. NK is nothing more than a large barracks of brainwashed soldiers willing to fight America with only a whisper from their leader. Sadly the strategy of these countries is working and there is very little the U.S. is able to do until its too late.

  • NecksRforSunburn

    According to the headline, Russia has already agreed to sell the Su-35 to North Korea. There is nothing to indicate that has happened and it probably won’t. I know a lot of you journalists love alarmist headlines and the clicks that you get from using them, but you’re only damaging your own credibility here.

  • Panacea

    Damn guys.. wake up and smell the propaganda..

    Even if this were true, N.Korea can barely afford to feed itself, you really think they’d be able to fly multi-million dollar fighter jets?

  • PP Burnz

    Just send in Chuck Norris ….

  • Jim Wakefield

    Is that ghetto lingo? Or some nasty, perverted, form of the english language?

  • DJ High Bread

    I disagree (neither of us can prove this without WW3 actually happening), but I could see other weapons of mass destruction resulting in people saying it’s WW3 I suppose. My point was, our weapons have advanced so much that a war large enough to be deemed a WW3 would HAVE to use those weapons. Notice the whole middle east situation (Iraq, Afghanistan etc) was not deemed a world war? In my opinion, if the USA had dropped a nuke on Iraq, then people would’ve really started calling it a world war however since no WMDs were used, people just come up with other names for it. If you follow the principle of transitivity, you’d see that for the war to be called WW3, it’d have to be as massive or more massive than WWII and most people wouldn’t make that connection without some sort of enormous attack.

  • Bill Martin

    Our military is in no way prepared to fight a trained military force, we would get
    our butts whipped in no time.

  • jerseydave

    He is either sent by or looking for a gig with Russia Today, or the other arms of Putin’s “information ministry.”


  • jerseydave

    They do. South Korea has some very powerful home built Naval destroyers and a very impressive Air Force. The F-15K comes to mind. South Korean pilots also get much more training and their maintenance s surely a lot better.

  • jerseydave

    They do. South Korea has some very powerful home built Naval destroyers and a very impressive Air Force. The F-15K comes to mind. South Korean pilots also get much more training and their maintenance s surely a lot better.

  • sam

    you’re a fool on the wrong side of the coin.


    All it proves is Putin isn’t smart enough to check North Korea’s FICO score.

  • John Willis

    Um,I think it’s already a wasteland.At least from Google earth it sure looks like it..

  • jerseydave

    Putin does. Like offering Su-24s to Argentina, he knows that a mere offer will make people panic and have to use resources to cover things defensively. Of course, as mjm800 and nothardly mentioned, the MiG-15s, 17s, 21s and even 29s the North Koreans have now are hardly ever flown and both pilot training and maintenance are probably atrocious. It does get people to react though. Which is Putin’s game. As a Judo guy he wants everyone else to be off balance. PS. Every time I see “Zionists want to control the world” as the main point of a post that is an indicator that every other thing written in said post is also bat-nuttery. ;)

  • sam

    WWIII can happen without nukes.

  • sam

    Putin is the real worry here, not the North. Russia and China both have heavy concerns with me. North Korea is a puppet for the communists. So North attacks the south, that draws the US into yet another conflict. We bring out ships, they’ll nuke us with their more capable short range missiles. NK is nothing but a puppet for the dirty work and its used to stir up conflict just like in Syria.

  • Jim Wakefield

    And do you not know that an “Armistice” was signed in 1953? Yeah, a full war maybe in (your small mind) has still been going on. Get your facts correct and quit warmongering wanna-be hero.

  • meb

    I am ready to die, but I want to see you humans suffer painful deaths first.

  • boogersnot

    how is total eradication of the human race good for the economy? there wont be any economy left after a nuke war.

  • DMN

    No it is not that easy. Giving advanced military tech to a mentally unstable dictator is a different thing. Now is it possible to bribe some Russian officials to get a couple unofficially, maybe.

  • boogersnot

    peace is a pipe dream, it will never happen again on this planet, money, greed and hatred of races will end our time on this earth very soon.

  • sam

    not suicide if Putin has bigger plans.

  • Not hardly

    I was about to write the exact same thing. I thought I was reading a trailer for a new fantasy book.

  • gotcha

    is this kutsen?

  • boogersnot

    u do realize the homeless and loafers of the world will be the first ones drafted to fight in an all out conflict. U dont think they give u free money for nothing. They kno where you r and how to find u.

  • chanctob

    There probably won’t even be enough time for that! lol

  • boogersnot

    dont have to feed them nukes kill everyone. we need to realize no one survives a nuke strike, radiation eventually will kill all if any survivors.

  • mjm800

    Let’s see North Korea does not have pilots trained to fly them, fuel for the planes to fly, spare parts to fix the planes, or the money to buy them. Yeah, OK good luck with that. They cannot even keep MiG-21’s in the air forget about SU-35’s. What a garbage article.

  • WarIsaRacketBySmedleyButler

    North Korea knows this would be suicide. This is just more Zionist pro-war propaganda for world domination by misleading the poor masses in to fighting and dying for the elite to control the world.

  • Jim Wakefield

    Carl Sagan was an over sensationalized fool. And quit trying to “parent” other people. You don’t know squat.

  • Enter1

    Shhh comrade! Don’t tell anyone!

  • DJ High Bread

    WW3=Impossible. If tensions ever escalate to a world war level, we will all simply be dead. There will be no survivors and no time for anyone to declare WW3 because in order for it to be a large enough war to deem it a world war (assuming we’re basing the term after WWII) we’d have to be using nukes and if we’re using nukes at this stage it’s simply going to be the destruction of the entire planet.


    America worldwide has FAR too many enemies, everyone needs to stop underestimating the opposition and plan on what to do when it starts getting serious, it is an inevitable train wreck. Welcome to the start of WWIII

  • JIM


  • rabbit

    well North Korea does need new jets and the Russians need to unload some of the super flankers. They do have a new jet coming out and could use the revenue.

  • Enter1

    Comrade Please your little monkey of a president didn’t do any of this. It was done by a Saudi King plane and simple.

  • zhorik

    South Korea’s economy is 25 times that of North Korea. Why can’t they buy or make the right toys to match the Northern Korea? Plenty of dough, technology, brains in the South.

  • Enter1

    Comrade….. Do not believe the lies propagated via your textbooks!

  • stealthattack

    Yes it would you r-tard. Romney would have prepared for full scale war you effeminate girly man.

    Obama instead guts the military to spend on drug using leeaches like you.

  • Bangiskhan

    The sh** stirring media has been hyping WW3 since Reagan was president. If any story could ever be compared to “the boy who cried wolf”, it’s this.

  • Enter1

    Ha,Ha, Ha Ha, you are living in a delusion! You will be assimilated into the Russian collective!

  • fu


  • Red Rocket

    Revelations is what you speak of? A book of the Bible that should have never been included and has caused so much madness?

    That book was about the current state of early Christianity and Rome… It wasnt intended to be applied to events nearly 2000 years later

  • Enter1

    NO Comrade not to kill but to F**k each other!!!!

  • Enter1

    Nice ad for Life Ant Comrade!

  • stealthattack

    Clearly you are a s#men drinking Obama supporter.

    Last I checked, Russia has Crimea. Russians are still going on their vacations. He never hit them with real sanctions you r-tard.

    Real economic sanctions would have destablized Russia to the point they become impoverished and girls there wpuld be giving bjs for bread like in 1990s. Obama failed to do such action cause he is a worthless leader and is gutless.

  • Jakeresides

    Nuclear war would be a global problem. I say if one missile is launched, the leader of the country responsible should get a KOS order from all allied western countries.

  • Red Rocket

    You are 100% correct.
    We are engaged in War when it benefits the rich financially.
    Great example recently… When did it become the FBI’s job to be involved in Corporate cyber security?

  • CuriousMan

    That’s right. I am patiently waiting for my Samsung Galaxy 6. Kim Dong Low better back off.

  • henrythe8thiam

    That was kind of my point……

  • Enter1

    Noooo! We just discovered the long lost Beagle 2 lander Please don’t hurt it or i might have to call the martian society for the prevention of cruelty to animals or m.s.p.c.a on you! Kim Jong Woopi cant even take them!

  • FPV R/C

    you better wake up homie..The USA does not have the capabilities it once had. Our defense systems are all but useless, our military has dealt with massive cutbacks over the past six years and our fighter pilots are now being exchanged for drone pilots.

  • J GRM

    “God knows where that would lead to”.

    Amen to that!

  • Red Rocket

    You are aware that North Korea has been at war with South Korea for decades?
    And they recent may have acquired these jets cus Russia needs the funds?

    You can’t seriously believe that if Romney or Hillary or McCain or whoever was our POTUS the same thing wouldnt happen

  • Noah Stone

    This subject is so boring. North Korea isn’t going to do anything because they are cowards! All they have been doing is talk. That’s all they ever do.

  • Barancy Peloma

    i’m not worried. the south koreans need to do a better job of protecting themselves from the psychotic neighbors to the north.
    if they are willing to absorb the true costs of a strong defense, they should be ok.

  • Red Rocket

    how would it be good for the US economy?

  • brb39

    Polish Vladsknob often do you ???

  • eric

    China already has plans in place should NK fall. However, this plan does not include military intervention. Their first priority is the economy and they aren’t going to destroy that by losing its biggest trade partners. This is all for internal purposes. NK would inflict great damage at the onset but would then be destroyed. His father and grandfather knew this. The question is does Kim, with zero military background, go too far. This regime is not sustainable

  • Red Rocket

    Would this really be WW3… Or just a regional conflict. I do not foresee Russian wanting to be involved enough to make it world war. The rich control Russia, are they willing to risk that wealth?

  • brb39

    would you accept a Kim Yung Dung coin ,,,,I don’t think there are enough uneaten rats in NK to use for Barter

  • mike

    Can’t you idiots see that is article is more propaganda to demonize Vladimir Putin and Russia for standing up to the West funded coup in the Ukraine and foiling their ambitions in Eastern Europe. For God’s sake open your eyes and see that the greatest threat to starting world war III lies squarely with the West.

  • magnumpi28

    Good point

  • Ryanwiing

    This isn’t the 1950’s anymore James. North Korea is poor as can be, and can’t afford to take on anyone, especially South Korea, who the US will no doubt protect. North Korea would literally be choosing suicide by war.

  • brb39

    One missile in each runway in North Korea shuts them down long enough for them to run out of gas and crash

  • henrythe8thiam

    That should give a much needed shot in the arm for the Russian economy. If North Korea can even pay for them…..

  • Enter1

    Give me Gold I give you plane Comrade!

  • brb39

    Who will maintain the jets ,, Russia would soon tire of it and China will not support the Mad Boy much longer

  • Sniffer Clark

    Who do you think was responsible for Saddams bathe party to secure power? The same people who were supplying Iran and Iraq weapons in the 80’s hoping they would kill each other during their conflict. While we were over there we also gave arms and training to the Afghans to fight the soviets in the 80s. History kids, come on!

  • james w.

    been there too bright boy and I stand by my statement!!!

  • ryanwiing

    Exactly what I was thinking. Russia isn’t supplying anything but a healthy case of “go play by yourself.”

  • DMN

    Ahh ok sure. Calm down you dont know jack.

  • magnumpi28

    They are not fighting with bows and arrow. Before Japan has time to blink Seoul will be a sea of fire.

    North Korea possesses 700 long-range artillery pieces — Koksan 170 mm howitzers
    and 240 mm multiple rocket launchers — that are capable of bombarding
    Seoul. Given the city’s population of 24 million people, the fear has
    always been that a preemptive attack on the capital could kill millions
    and turn it into a “Sea of Fire.”

  • Enter1

    Comrades…. Please fear not the intentions of the crimson saviors. We only want to exist in peace and harmony with all of the earths creations as long as you follow our rules and support our precious state decisions. We will only take your wealth, “Pretty women” and big houses…. that’s not too bad is it? I didn’t think so, Good Day!

  • Sniffer Clark

    and to the Syrian “moderates”

  • Sniffer Clark

    and that wasn’t a cake walk either. We were there for a decade and didn’t win, the place is a cluster and we “have” to go back

  • James D. Janos

    Thinking like yours could get ten to twenty thousand Americans killed in a few weeks ..I have been there, done it, lived it, and know it …. that DMZ is the most horrible place on the plant ..next to you mind that is.

  • Jay Raferty

    If he attacked South Korea he would loose both North Korea and South Korea because he would have to use Nukes because Russian Planes or not no Korean pilot is a match for an American pilot nor is any around the world as a matter of fact and if a Nuke was used the US would totally Nuke North Korea and it would be a wasteland.

  • evilahole2

    Let me get this straight: PRK paid their debt to Volvo, their credit score increased enough for the Russians, so they rack up a big bar tab with Moscow? Nyet.

  • DMN

    I somehow doubt that Putin would sell his most advanced aircraft to NK.

  • Liberty or Death

    This isn’t a “local problem”. First of all this is a direct result of the situation existing right after WWII and the defeat of the Japanese by the US. The territorial disputes were never resolved. Second, what happens in their war is going to effect the entire world. What if Un uses nuclear warheads? How does that not effect us? Lastly we are strongly tied to South Korea economically. If they get taken over by a totalitarian despot from the north we will lose a ton of money through trade.

  • patty cake

    don’t post my comments… like I said … it’s not going to change a damn thing. And I’ll be listening for your voice as well.

  • R. Vandaka

    If fatboy Kim does want war and strike South Korea, I can sort of see what he is planning. He strike quickly to capture Seoul, then he’ll kidnap all the kpop idols and hallyu stars and force all those kpop and hallyu lovers to pleads with the world not to attack North Korea in order to save their lives. He’ll then induct all the female idols into his harem and the male into the frontline army as shields.

  • lawrence

    North Korea cannot afford to buy fighter planes. Even a vintage second hand sopwith camel is well beyond their means. Russia with a failing economy of its own is in no position to finance such a purchase. In other words this article is complete and utter rubbish.

  • Bill

    I can only say North Korea grow up for once. All Korea’s leaders That means Grandfather, Father, and Son need to leave the sand box and go do corner time.

  • cheesewhiz

    You all seem to forget their next neighbor, Japan, who could wipe them out quicker than the US. Japan has no interest in letting that nutcase take control of the South and it’s weapon cache so close to its borders.

  • James D. Janos

    you are absolutely right ..I served two years in the AF as a communications and combat controller …living in a Marc 108 jeep or an Cessna O-2 Skymaster aircraft training and going after the infiltrates on the DMZ ..most people do not realize that we are still at war with North Korea.

  • Ima1492

    WHERE are they getting the funds to buy anything?

  • jim

    From a strategic standpoint, Putin would view that a North Korea invasion and war with South Korea would serve his interests well, as it would distract the US from any moves he makes on former soviet states. The US would have to deploy a great deal of hardware and troops to fight North Korea, and would be unable to fight a major second front at the same time, at least from Putin’s perspective and belief. So this scenario has credibility. Its far from certain, but I have no doubt there is a lot of support for this scenario within North Korea as well as Russia.

  • J

    I don’t mind the misspelling, its the message that you need to focus on! because he is right! the kids of today are no where near the capacity of the men back when war was knocking at the front door! they didn’t have computers and electronics to do it for them, it was the hearts & soul of the brave men that did whatever it took to adapt and overcome. I am not saying we are bad, we are just different people today compared to yesterday.

  • Clip Nuesome

    They can’t even feed their soldiers, let alone supply them enough to sustain any type of push.

  • JL Bush


  • nocgirl

    The average NK fighter pilot flies 20 hours a YEAR on old, poorly maintained fighter jets that barely run. What the hell is this author smoking?

  • R. Vandaka

    because we are a coffee drinking nation. because we drink too much coffee, we wake up agitated, we gotta find someone to bomb and declare war on.

  • nocgirl

    This article is a bunch of garbage. NK has neither the equipment or any resources to sustain any battle.

  • Paco

    Stop flapping your jaw and suggest a pre-emptive Nuclear strike on Pyongyang.

  • James D. Janos

    I have read most of these post on North Korea …They are all stupid and childish …. unless you have served in Korea on military duty ..at the DMZ …doing combat controller duties, training the South Korean Military forces through KMAG (Korean Military Advisory Group), none of you sub humanoids know anything about the Koreans …South or North. I can guarantee you that if we have to fight North Korea, it will be one of the worst engagements since the last Korean war. The tenacity of the N. Koreans, the terrain involved, the huge number of N. Korean personnel … we would be overwhelmed in the first or two weeks of the conflict. To prevent the slaughter of our 25, 000 or so troops over there …a limited number of small tactical nuclear weapons would be used….God knows where that would lead to. You people have got to grow up and realize what this world is really like. We as a nation are so disillusioned by our technology, our pride, our self indulgence in materialism, and the inept ability of our present government to do anything right …well …something very well had better change ..if we are going to survive ..I suggest you all read Pale Blue Dot and the Demon Haunted World ,,,by Carl Sagan to open up your eyes and minds.

  • Er N

    Hey, Value Walk! I am jobless and have a lot of free time . I have read many investment and financial books (I have MSc degree in Economic – Bank Management). And I can write. I f you pay me 10% of what you pay this moron Vikas, I can produce at least ten or twenty such idiotic articles a day. What the f… The guy is a total idiot. And, obviously, the people who pay him to write this crap, too.

  • cheesewhiz

    That’s patently false. America protects its ‘interests’. Right or wrong, we started Vietnam and Korean wars to curb the spread of communism. Japan was slaughtering the Chinese but we had no intention of saving them. Bosnia? We only went in after there was public evidence of genocide and the guilt got too high. Africa? Please, we couldn’t care less how many millions are slaughtered there.

  • Paco

    poker is all he’s trying to play. Bad part is I don’t think Obama (or the West for that matter)plays very well. We turn over our chips upon request.

  • RC

    aint it gr8 to have so few NUT Jobs running this planet?

  • Paco

    Who believes this stuff? The day North Korea goes over the line, I’ll buy you all a drink. These nickel dime airstrikes you see on ISIS will look like a few fire crackers.

  • sdrew

    Clearly what the president has done is working because Russia is being strangled financially and the people are getting angry, lets not forget that the world had been pressuring the USSR for over 40 years before it ended and that the people of the USSR were starving and wanted it to end, that Reagan didn’t do it by himself!
    American weakness is a perception and people like yourself have created the perception of weakness in Obama with your disloyalty and hatred of him…..the inbreed logic a black man isn’t worthy of leadership, that the right will not give him the respect his position is entitled to, that has enabled America’s lesser position globally….when a people doesn’t stand behind their own leader, that’s when they and their leaders look weak as a nation! This was the plan of the right from the very start, the goal was to tarnish the presidency of Obama!

  • magnumpi28

    You think they are fighting with bows and Arrows? Assuming you live through it, you will someday find out how wrong you was.

    North Korea possesses 700 long-range artillery pieces — Koksan 170 mm howitzers and 240 mm multiple rocket launchers — that are capable of bombarding Seoul. Given the city’s population of 24 million people, the fear has always been that a preemptive attack on the capital could kill millions and turn it into a “Sea of Fire.”

  • Max Kohnke

    Why the free world lets that jumpsuit wearing little despot and his overarmed clown circus exist s a mystery. I hope he ain’t dumb enough to start any crap, but if he does, a lot of people are gonna die becasue the west wanted to be politcally correct.

  • 1SeoulBusanBoston1


  • Hask Anzio

    The writer.

  • Barancy Peloma

    nk will most definitely invade. the only question is when.

  • Tony Nbc

    “Did killing ever solved the problems?” WW II, we won. That problem was solved! You and I are the living proofs of that.
    Would you be able to express your opinions freely as you are now had we lost? Would you and I and everyone here be born at all?. Secondly, How long has the world been helping Africa?

  • batshatcrazy

    not sure what is more psycho — kim jong or the WRITER OF THIS ARTICLE.

  • Hask Anzio

    If they did sell them the birds, they’d be severely stripped down versions of them.

  • wing_ding

    hmmm, we sell plenty to Saudi Arabia.

  • Pece

    I want peace all over the world.north Korea please bring your war to Mars

  • Barancy Peloma

    why wouldn’t russia sell the planes?
    they will gladly do anything to endanger the west.

  • wing_ding

    yeah but it’s fun to see the türds suface.

  • 1SeoulBusanBoston1

    USA and the world should worry about Middle East. My sense tells me 99.9 percent WW.III will start Middle East Arab nations attack Israel.

  • Heb

    Shirley, you sure are stupid, Johnson put 500,000 troops in s.e. Asia and we lost 60,000 and he didn’t have the guts for another term. Nixon ended the Vietnam war and look what your people did to him. 4 people died in Benghazi and nobody died in Watergate. Did your mother have any kids that lived?

  • HonestTexan

    America has always protected “the little guy” from evils like Nazism or communism (and I’d toss socialism in there, too). America is not “fascinated” with wars. However, the Left is “fascinated” in trying to depict America as war-mongering, even though the Left is who America often has protected from evils like Nazism or communism.

  • Hask Anzio

    Butterball Jong likes his life, so invasion of the South is not in his or North Korea’s best interest.

  • WJ_texas

    Wonder if would just be easier and cheaper to hire someone to do it for you. It is what The US does.

  • Barancy Peloma

    there would be a death toll for sure. but unimaginable?


  • wing_ding

    yes, it works thru out the animal kingdom. We just do it on a large scale.

  • 1SeoulBusanBoston1

    What a Pure Nut Job article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Like China is going to sit and watch). China already stop supplying oil to North Korea. Russia not going to risk any war in the North East Asia.

  • HaveMercy15

    See theres people such as yourself that needs to FINALLY WAKEUP! Instead of ALWAYS trying to Disprove GOD take alook all around. its Evident that There is GOD and There is a Hell! Be Blessed

  • wing_ding

    if the north invades the south and wins, well, that’s too bad. Purely a local problem. A good reason to bring the troops home. Bright side? Good for the US economy though.

  • Ty

    Next time, forego your service in Germany and take a writing class.

  • Juno

    what a moronic article.
    So if by miracle NK gets these fighters from Russia..
    And they have the pilots to actually fly them.
    And they have the supplies and fuels to fly them..

    And IF they attack..”The new war plan will allow Kim to invade the South and conquer it in less than a week.” you say?

    So what… the South Koreans and US and other Free nations are just going to sit there and let them just do it and not fight back? Sure, we’ll keep our F-14/15/18/22/117s on the ground and just let them bomb the shit out of the South.

    Hey moron.. you don’t win wars with fighter jets. The war is done on the boots on the ground.

  • HonestTexan

    Don’t confuse the good guys with the bad guys, just because both have killed in past times. That’b be like comparing cops to robbers, just because both have used guns.
    Overall, humanity is quite good.

  • frankwilliams723

    Pretty scary for us all I would say. We need to be very careful that this violence isn’t spilling into our streets. We should be prepared in case it threatens to, I think. My best precautions to be ready (and be ready to get out of cities if you have to), are to:

    1.Have at least a months supply of food that does not spoil handy, such as canned goods and keep at least 50-100 gallons of fresh water if you can

    2 If there is a risk to you, keep life insurance on yourself (its only $15 a month online at Life Ant), especially if you have kids and a family.

    3.Keep items you may need if power goes out, candles, firewood, extra batteries, and don’t forget games and entertainment.

    It’s all stuff that we should be doing anyway.

  • magnumpi28

    The death toll on both sides will be unimaginable

  • jimmyk2222222 .

    This is what happens when the U.S. has a joke as a president, you can not be weak and expect these countries to respect you as a military power.

  • magnumpi28

    This will be no Iraq cake walk war

  • biggeorge22

    You are an idiot! There is no God IMO! This is stupid people trying to scare stupid people like you and it’s working…

  • khan

    I wonder why the human is born? Is it to kill other? Did killing ever solved the problems? then why the weapon?
    Please work for helping the thirsty,hungry and ailing humanity,This should be the aim of all and this will bring peace and prosperity.Wars are never ending games.

  • F

    I’m an American and I don’t understand our fascination with wars. It’s like a fetish of ours.

  • makalaglag

    It will be like buying a car from a dealership. Buyer has no money, no credit score. Dealer has no stock, no finances. If fact whatever they have with the cashier is losing its value everyday. Where is the plane coming from? Invade the South? The South can invade them in 1 day. Problem is what to do with the remaining population of braiwashed, unskilled people. SKorea’s problem also is cost to feed fat boy and the cost of his stupid hair cut.

  • magnumpi28

    North Korea would launch many missles at south korea and the death toll will be unimaginable on both sides.
    If you think this is going to be a cake walk like teh Iraq invasion you are so sadly mistaken.

  • johnnypercula

    One term seems to have been forgotten here. That term is “mutually assured mass destruction”….. Not to mention China does not want nor will they tolerate a nuclear waste land on their door step….

  • Robert

    Oh no we are all going to die tomorrow. Everyone panic. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Quikc time to stock up on twinkles and bottled water. The end of the Word is happening….ahhhhhhh

  • Patty Cake

    there will be no WW-3. It will be known as armageddon as fulfilled. Oh, it’s going to be terrible hearing millions upon millions of screaming voices proclaiming that they and their assumptions (about Jesus) were wrong. That the bible was right all along. We’ll also hear them BEGGING for God’s mercy. But to most, he’ll tell them to get away… they’re only acknowledging him (at that point) because they’re soooo scared. And then they will finally understand that they were tricked them from the beginning by their father the devil, (the owner of that horror). Hey… Caine KILLED his brother… this all has to be fulfilled. Now… we could chose LOVE??? NO. entirely too easy. We want that drama, strife, conflict, and murder. Remember: Every knee shall bow, and every mouth shall/WILL confess… you’ll see. you don’t have to post this… that’s not going to change the fact.

  • Johnny Five

    Clickbait article.

  • magnumpi28

    Watch Jack Van Impe, he will explain it to you, just listen real close as he will start quoting scriptures 90 miles an hour.

    Jack’s been saying the end of the world is near for the past 35 years so you should consider him an expert on the topic.

  • David William Carr

    Well boys and girls the only time this country came close to going to war was Oct 83 and I was station in Germany. With all the bull that was going on then the U.S.S.R. though the United States was getting ready to fire the first shoot. This Russian Lt Col if he had fallow orders a lot of us would not be here, President Reagan had them jumping. Now from the looks of it since our President Obama is not standing up to Russian they are not backing down. Moreover, with a lot of you cry babes thinking it is not going to happen sorry it look like it is going to happen. You KIDS today are acting like they did when Hitler was causing all this trouble in England, France, Poland, it took the United States getting attack bye Japan before we did anything. Korea was started bye U.S.S.R. and China bye letting North Korea attack South Korea in 1950. Cause you KIDS have nobody to fall back on cause a lot of us are to old to do your fighting for you so you better man-up and woman-up. Cause it your problem today and what are you going to do run and hide or what!

  • Navin Johnson

    Key words- “IF FLOWN BY COMPETENT PILOTS”. The is a world of difference between “flying” and “combat skills”. We have nothing to fear.

  • Wendy Price

    You sound worried- Why do Godheads seem to be in no hurry to meet him?

  • a cotoia

    Let the movie stand and send rodman over he wont mind shoving stuff up he’s a$s…..lolololol

  • Justin Durham

    ~Official South Korean war cry.

  • RudyH60

    the ’35’s will def be over their heads to operate for quite some time…nukes will be flyin’ around if the s*h*i*t* kicks off on this one…

  • Anon2012_2014

    Only if Russia DONATES the SU-35 complete with support crew will they fly in North Korea. Not impossible as Putin sees it in his interest that there is never peace in the Korea peninsula — deflects more from his war in Ukraine. Same think in Syria. Same thing in Lebanon. Same thing in Africa. Putin supplies wars all around for money and power.

  • jackmeyhoffer

    Really? Where in the Bible does it say that N. Korea is going to attack S. Korea and that these are the “last days”?

  • dannyboy

    I think it’s the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. We are in the last days and all you can do is find God and make peace with Him instead of waiting until it’s too late.

  • NKorea troll clicker

    Vikas is trolling… got me too :(

  • edwordrules

    LOL. South Korea will just deploy it’s drone army and have StarCraft players demolish North Korea. This is what they have been practicing for.

  • StopBeingSheeeep

    The NK government isn’t broke, it’s 99% of the people who are broke. Fatboy is living quite nicely.

  • 1alien1

    i guess you are missing the point here, selling to a threatening dictatorship is not the same as selling arms to taiwan

  • Huy Le

    This is likely the inevitable. I think people commonly suppose that it’s impossible for neither sides North and as well South Korean is potential to develop into an integrated country due in part to a long-standing rancor that has since generated after the war officially started. In fact, the Korean people are dreaming about a long-waited reunion for their entire country. If neither North nor South Korean’s leaders remain insisting on continuing prolonged feuds and don’t resolve to find a commonly solution as well as making progress toward achieving a goal for Korean people and by people, then the war is sooner or later the inevitable. Imagine if big boy fatty Kim Jong Un is in a temper, outburst of anger, exasperation or indignation over his wife or whatever, the war might be broken out at any time. It’s all depending on Kim Jong Un’s temper. Korean people is risk of being harmed by this dictator and if they are not able to find an available way to stop this from happening, the Korea would be possible to be ended up fighting each other to death. When reflecting this thing, it sends shiver down my spine.

    God bless the Korean people!

  • ViolentPeaceTreaty


  • StopBeingSheeeep

    Yeah becuase America sells weapons to dictators who routinely make comments about invading its neihbors.

  • soubuckeye

    Historical context: A NK pilot did that very thing with a MiG-15 during the 1950-53 era of the war.

  • Joe

    Its a shame that the IS beheads humanitarian workers instead of these warmongering, attentionseeking pieces of sh.. authors.

  • soubuckeye

    When you take one look at North Korea’s military prowess (visible through their parades they have), their rank and file military tech is still rooted in the 1950’s. And that’s IF these parades are showcasing legit weapons and numbers (I’ve read reports suggesting mockups in these parades and multiple passes by the same vehicles to disguise low numbers). Their ballistic missile program is laughable, and verifiable publicly available reports demonstrate that NK missiles blow up mid-flight more often than they would should they go up against a ABM defense. When it comes to buying SU-35’s, I simply to not see it. NK does not have the money, nor do they have the resources to fly them. This isn’t 1952 again, when Stalin sent MiG-15’s with Russian pilots. Come to think of it, NK might still be flying some of those MiG 15’s.

    From a political standpoint, the US would quickly move to defend the South, and I believe a major reason a conflict has not taken place yet is that China does not want to see anything that could destabilize the region. China has grown to enjoy the prosperity thats come with favorable trade relations with the rest of the world (especially the US), and NK’s antics have degenerated to the point that China is almost like that older bigger more popular kid who feels obligated to support his smaller, loud-mouthed, “not quite all there” knucklehead cousin, when in truth he’s pretty embarrassed by the association and tries to just keep a leash on him.

    Should the North decide to invade, I think you’d quickly see China declare itself neutral, the South and US would quickly defend the peninsula, the US would have air superiority over the entire theater within a few hours (even if NK had the 35’s), and then it turns into part mop-up, mostly humanitarian relief mission from the DMZ northward.

  • Charlie Moore

    And Saddam Hussein was going to deliver the “mother of all wars” to the world. I think that one lasted as long as it takes to make a cappuccino.

  • ToiTronHoc

    Buy a prototype Su-35 and revert engineer just like China to make their own high technology fighter jet.

  • Bhelliom

    Actually China has been clamping down on the North. They won’t help them with this. If the US does have a pact with the South then they will more than likely assist as they have soldiers stationed there. As for Japan, I believe that their charter does not allow for this type of engagement. Defence only. though I have heard that they are looking to change this and allow for “Policing”

  • Russell Michael Zahralban III

    Why must I fall for click bait?!!? POR QUE?!?!

  • khan

    If america sells weapons to any country or station his army on other lands, then this is justified. But if Russia or China do the same then this may lead to 3rd world war, what a joke

  • jrad

    China will not help the DPRK. If anything, China would help the USA and the ROK control the situation and keep it at it’s current state. China does not want to to border a country that has a USA military presence and would therefore reign in it’s unruly lap dog. Japan would help the US and the ROK because they don’t want a crazy neighbor causing instability in the region. If the North did win (which they wouldn’t), the next target for the North to conquer would be Japan. While the Japanese and ROK government’s don’t always get along, they have a common goal of keep stability in the region.

  • Bill

    Ahhhhhhhh sooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shawn

    What’s he going to pay for them with? Monopoly money with his face on it? North Korea is broke!

  • jackmeyhoffer

    If this author picks stocks the same way that he writes articles, I would find another advisor if I was a client.

  • jackmeyhoffer

    Sounds like a bunch of bull(s)hit to me. It would be suicide for N. Korea to invade S. Korea. Kim Jung Un may be a lunatic, but he’s not suicidal. The author of this article should take up another profession.

  • Jake

    the problem is the North doesn’t have the skilled pilots and the don’t even have the gas to fly

  • The hermit

    Why the h#ll do we (the USA) have to defend SK? Its high time they defend for themselves, especially after all the weapons we have given to them.

  • Niku D

    The South would annihilate the North and the US would sit back and watch

  • h ladha

    sometimes you guys just love to put in any nonsense as “news” because you simply need to write something. when there is no news just keep quiet instead of feeding the world with nonsense.

  • Damnedifino

    All that’s needed for peace is Madeleine Albright, some Champagne, and a fawning Main Stream Media.

  • http://chrisbucka.blogspot.com/ Chris Bucka

    To better understand the context of the article, it’s important to read the reporter’s bio, which shows he’s typically an op-ed contributor. Op-ed is really the only angle this article works from, because it certainly isn’t steeped in facts or reasonable expectations, as other commenters have already pointed out.

  • The Professor

    This is without a doubt the stupidest, most misinformed article I have ever read.

  • me

    good thinking!
    only north korea has coasts, darn those maps that say other wise, those lying liars!

  • Chris Prothero

    What does your right wing, nut job, Obama-hatred rant have ANY thing to do with this article? You need to seek professional help for your unhealthy obsession.

  • NAMarilyn Haffner

    The nut cracker in the North is crazy enough to try some sh#t with us & South
    Korea !! He will be very sorry he started with the U.S.A !! I still doubt China will
    let this happen !! We need China on our side, but I doubt this very much !! Russia
    giving away left over crap to North Korea is doubtful !! Every couple of weeks the
    nut cracker will call out some threats to their neighbor in the South. Harry Truman
    we need a big mushroom cloud over North Korea !!! We can do this in memory
    of you !!! Rest in Peace !!! We will not stand by & let this happen !!!

  • eartgoer

    The Russian planes are not as expensive as american ones but still Su-35 cost 40 mln each. My impression was that NK has no money to even afford military trucks. So how would they buy the planes ?

  • Woodsey Owl

    Bible nut = a person who is trying to understand God’s word so that they have the chance to go to heaven instead of [email protected]

  • Think twice

    You must come friom one of these self destructing country, and blame it on the West, Russia, the middle east, North Korea , need to rattle saber in order to prevent internal turmoil, the middle east has already past that point! I feel sorry for you and your countryman!

  • Woodsey Owl

    Bible nut = someone who is trying to understand God’s word so that they have the chance to go to heaven instead of hell.

  • Chauncey

    This article is pure junk news. Russia will never sell the planes for starters and the Pope Francis comment is so way out of context.

  • quarkie009

    Everything that Obama does is for himself and he does not care for the safety and freedoms that remains to this day. His legacy is more important to him than doing what is right and is willing to allow other people to fall on the sword in order to protect him. His belief in transforming America into a third rate banana republic with him being a dictator is part of his being and he could care less what other people think of him, therefore, he is the worst president this country ever had and history will prove such statements to be correct. Obama has never been a leader, instead he is a follower of false ideas and ideology.

  • Rob

    If this were indeed a “secret deal”, we wouldn’t be reading it here.

    Go back to work folks. Nothing here.


    Once the NPK trains the pilots, they will fly those SU35 to the South and defect.

  • Woodsey Owl

    The ends of the earth means where the land ends and water begins.

  • HanSangYoon

    This is getting more and more exciting…even as a South Korean, I am almost certain North Koreans will open up their borders believing they will invade the South…when it’s really the South Koreans invading the North after the first 5 minutes

  • Shane Holmes

    LOL – they have to dothe entire invasion in a week, else their military will all starve, like the rest of the country is starving while they build a military force up

  • Joseph Drillian


  • james w.

    If a country can be taken over with a wrist rocket brigade then fat boy is in good shape. Otherwise a girl scout den would whoop north korea even further back into the stone age.

  • jim

    It’ a bunch of BS, The same can be said about the Tiger tank vs Sherman in WW II. One plane or one weapon does not determine the outcome of a war. There are numbers and totals and tactics. Ultimately wars are determined on many factors.

  • a cotoia

    Bring back starwars initiative…Russia didnt like that?

  • Kit

    Shame on the reporter trying to capitalize on fear and distrust in order to draw page views. Can’t believe this guy has the audacity to use his media platform to declare that WW3 is all but a sure thing.

  • Chris

    So they try to buy a couple of jets and think they can contend with the major players? Weaklings.

  • rayoflight

    I don;t know what your mother ate while pregnant for you to come out this way. This is very irresponsible. You would be hiding under your bed if a street fight broke out. leave alone war. We are fed up with wars. And I don;t think this is news at all. We new this already. And states don;t always buy planes to go destroy their neighbors
    . Grow up a little.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude


  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    how much do these people pay yahoo to put these crap articles up?

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

    I don’t think China would aid the North attacking the South, …and to start killing American troops there. This is all just hype anyway. The North is not about to attack the South, …and especially not with nuclear weapons.

  • Ross Heppe

    Unfortunately, North Korea DOES have valuable mineral resources that Russia could exploit in exchange for weapons from Russia. Seeing what Putin has done in the past year, I would not put it past him to work some kind of deal, providing he wants to get involved with people who have no idea how to conduct themselves on the world stage. Far-fetched, yes, but anything is possible.

  • wrfine

    North Korea doesn’t have enough Rubber-Bands to fly those Jet’s!!!

  • Ograf

    In my humble opinion this is total, 100% BULL POOPEY!!

  • Pablo

    72 hours in, NK would be combat ineffective, and reeling!

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    lol russia isn’t going to lend jets to people who can’t even fly them. LOL accidental kamikazes.

  • http://foxnews.com/ True Texan
  • a cotoia

    As one great Japanese admiral stated….(WE WOKE A SLEEPING GIANT)

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

    B.S. North Korea isn’t going to invade the south or use nuclear weapons. …and they don’t have the jets yet, …let’s see if they actually get them.

  • Vijay Mehra

    time to get some ballistic missile interceptors over there….there are 1 million plus landmines in the dmz how are they going to storm across that? how can they afford new Su35’s the russians cant even afford them.

  • me

    So sad that you are so misinformed…

  • Hkinsey3

    Are you saying that one of our allies (South Korea) can depend on Barack Obama to actually do what a treaty says he is supposed to do? That he would honor any obligation that the U.S. has to anyone? Well good luck with that.

  • Woodsey Owl

    So sad that you are so misinformed…

  • Dr. Evil

    Good thing, too. It’d be nice to focus our budget on the American people, not the military industrial complex.

  • harryhoo

    CHINA will help KOREA.(Xi)
    USA may or may not. Japan will not.

  • Joe

    Likely wants to have “peace talks” and use these jets as leverage to get what he wants. NK and Russia are going down sooner or later, U.S. is just waiting for them to make the first move. Also, I’m not buying NK using nuclear weapons on Seoul. Why nuke a place you’re wanting to conquer and make it inhabitable?

  • reallypissed

    @ John. I’ll bet there is a Trident parked right off the coast of NK. Not to mention any nukes we have stashed in Japan.

  • http://www.denverpotvacations.com/ Steven Yaniz

    This is just more clickbait than fact. A starving North Korea with bareknuckle supplies attempting a lightning invasion of the south is ridiculous, China would never allow North Korea to use nuclear weapons, Russia doesn’t just give away jets & Kim Jung Un has no money or natural resources to provide in trade for equipment.

  • harryhoo

    North korea may invade South in 2016. They got “GOOD INFORMATION about Key POINT OF SOUTH with DRONE”.(WHERE IS PAK every min.)

  • Nicachipal

    You are absolutely RIGHT !!!!!

  • Kit

    Irresponsible headline trying to sensationalize international conflict. Clickbait at its finest.

  • reallypissed

    They’re not as broke as we are. They’re not 18 trillion in the hole.

  • http://facebook.com/Jeffdawg.43 Jeff Tovar

    Amen to that Woodsey, if it’s in the Bible it’s a gonna happen or already happened.

  • 1Robert

    By the way, China will never approve of a nuclear war going on just 400 miles from its border, and the US will not just set idol while NK is killing US troops. NK can’t take a dump without China’s approval, and China could take out NK in just a few days because the people would join with China to topple their government.

  • dltravers

    That is just total hogwash spewed and picked up by a news source desperate for content. NK forces and equipment have been in a state of decline for decades. Any picture of KIm doing something with the military shows the old their old equipment. NK has little support from anyone and to think that Putin is that stupid is a serious miscalculation of your opponent’s abilities.

    They are developing small nuclear munitions for artillery use but they idea that they can miniaturize and deliver a long rage shot is not only ludicrous it is total suicide. South Korea, is a strong and potent force to be up against. The US has been reorganizing its forces in the region and will back South Korea to the hilt of the sword.

    The best NK can do is blather, blackmail and probe the border.

  • Lemmy

    Vladimir Putin is a peacemaker, what this article talk about. what a sh$t about groundwork, open your eyes.

  • Logic

    This article must have been written by a 15 year old that just finished playing a game of Civilization. Seriously, what a waste of time. WW3 won’t be started by North Korea. Even if they were to try anything, China wouldn’t protect them, and the reality is that the U.S. has the ability to wipe every NK military installation off the face of the Earth in a week.

  • Rocketman

    This is very, very bad news. The Su-35 if flown by competent pilots is more than a match for the F-15s and F-16s of the South Korean Air force. The only aircraft that can stand up to them is the F-22 raptor of which I had a hand in developing. If they can conquer the south in a week that probably won’t allow the U.S. time to get enough combat aircraft there to back up the South Koreans and the best fighter aircraft the USN has, the F-18, isn’t ready to take them on either. I’m also kind of wondering just where the money for these jets are going to be coming from since N. Korea isn’t exactly a rich country by anyone’s standards.

  • How? I was fire support coordinator (of US fire support) for the 1st ROK Army. Our principle tactical nuclear support for the South Koreans was provided by the 4th Missile Command, which was withdrawn years ago as part of SALT 1. They don’t have any of their own.

  • reallypissed

    China will give them everything they need. Probably the Russians too.

  • Garth Cole

    Simple ignore it, its been working for the last 8 years why stop now. I guess we could ask them to stop again, but while we where invading iraq for nuclear weapons North Korea shouted at the top of their lungs they where building nukes themselves. Testing missles attacking South Korea and hacking the USA. Honestly at this point doing nothing is really whats expected.

  • reallypissed

    Can you say China?

  • Joseph Exchequer Ohmann

    Yes. History does repeat itself , I believe this to be true , Let it be so..Just like Japan was 60-70 years ago.

  • Kayl Anshütz

    Is this person serious? All of this has been going on since 1950. There is nothing new with North Korea threatening to invade the South.

  • http://facebook.com/Jeffdawg.43 Jeff Tovar

    They’d get all their supplies from Russia and China

  • qa4057

    Hey! This movie hasn’t been released yet.

  • JMS

    And don’t you forget it commie!

  • Matt Kenney

    Of course if they take the South, I really doubt that the US would continue trading with them.

  • Sam Pensive

    in the interim maybe the NK pilots would fly to S Korea or Japan and seek amnesty?
    you know on a training mission?


    Some secret.

  • qa4057

    Kind of like a yellow Pillsbury Dough Boy.

  • B Blessed

    You reporters seem to like to write crap when you can’t find real stories to write. The North would attack the south only if they have a death wish. They will never do so without first knowing that they have the full support of China. China is nowhere near to help them sustain a war with the US so you people really need to stop spreading propaganda.

  • fuzzyspappy

    Kim is like Barry Hussein. he has a plan. his plan is to have a strategy. his strategy is to have a plan

  • coldcuts

    The North Korean army is so bored and tired of beating down their own people that they’ll prefer to start a war just to break the monotony.

  • qa4057

    I’m sure there have been 1000s of occurrences of armies invading other countries from the north in the past 2000+ years. Were there any dates in the Bible? Of course not.

  • JMS

    That is some funny chit right there I don’t care who you are!

  • Rmat52

    If anyone wants to start WW3 it is NATO. They have been promoting terrorism throughout the Middle east for over a decade. (most recently in Syria backing Al Qaeda and ISIS to overthrow Assad ) And, now they are trying to start WW3 in the Ukraine with their recent regime change operation there and the installation of the DC puppet Poroshenko.

  • RobbiePaul

    The people of North Korea periodically “starve” yet Kim Jung-un has the ability to go off and buy Russian jets. Are these weapons produced to stimulate the economy of Russia? Kim Jung-un thinks like a spoiled teenager…..It is dangerous for everyone to have a man like this in charge. North Korea might be able to fire some shots off…but the reality is after those shots are fired North Korea as you know it is done. PS–What is China’s opinion of Kim Jung-un?

  • Chris

    No kidding Ryan…I was just asking Edward what he thinks the US should do because it sounds like he think the US shouldn’t get involved if the North attacks.

  • Andres Pazmino

    When Viking attacked England from the north (in the six century i believe) all of the church people started saying that this prophecy had come true and the end of the world was near… due that was long ago… anf guess what the world did end.

  • 1Robert

    How do they plan on paying for 1 jet? Kind of interesting that they are not trying to purchase Chinese jets.

  • Matt Kenney

    Racing stripes XD You made my day

  • me

    but you forget other important prophesies:

    me 1-13-2015: and then one day a Bible nut will go on the internet and start quoting scriptures that have stood the test of time as always being wrong about everything and is taken literally when it has nothing to due with the outside world except in the context of Jewish culture.

    me 1-13-2015: this Bible nut will defend his statements as prophesies, but if you actually read the passage quoted, it is not a prophesy, as the passage is written in the present tense, not future tense.

  • Jeff Slater

    Who publishes this crap?

  • Johhnybravo77

    You are taking this out of contexts. You need to apply this to what the Bible is teaching in this chapter.

  • Yes. We had an attitude and policy like you suggest in 1939-40. We stayed out of it until the Japanese decided it for us at Pearl Harbor. As a result of our isolationist policy, it took us four years and tens of thousands of dead to take back all we had stupidly given up. Seems some people learn nothing from history.

  • Woodsey Fowl

    “North Korea is at the ends of the earth” lmao…. you know, some people even claim it’s not flat! Crazy right? Time to read another book buddy, -any- other book.

  • Linda Cassidy

    but who will protect the celebrities?? they’re so important to all of us.

  • U-hsen Li

    this site is as legit as a blog on facebook.

    an author who reads about stock and investment know nothing about politics.

  • Woodsey Owl

    You receive the mark of the beast [papacy] when you practice sun god worship by holding weekly worship service on Sunday and celebrate December 25 [sun god’s birthday] as Christ’s birthday. God, who came to the earth in the flesh with the name Jesus, set an example of worshiping on his holy Sabbath day [7th day – Saturday], and He was born in the spring, not December 25.

  • powerz

    Only if they are buying some Russian pilots too; NK pilots are more endangered than white rhinos.

  • me

    yea…and after u fools finish fighting we’ll enter and take the whole lot!!
    what’s up with u? haven’t been hugged enough as a kid or it’s the meds ur taking?
    better get the ol’ tinfoil hat and put it on..

  • muzz67

    He will have to buy pilots to go with the Jets too. Quick everyone to Guard post Olette

  • JJtime

    The mark of the beast is accepting Satan as “Christ”, which mean you will have the mark in your head, and when you work for the Anti-Christ means you have the mark in your hand. There won’t be any electronic marking’s, only those things I mention as a reason to be thrown in the lake of fire.

  • fuzzyspappy

    whatever you are smoking, may I have the rest? plain to see it is too strong for you

  • garandpoobah

    No! It’s a cross between a penis and a potato.

  • The last time I left Korea, after walking the entire length of the DMZ, the North Koreans were normally deployed in battle positions and frequently infiltrated the DMZ on intelligence missions to the south. Recent news was that Pres. Obama has ordered a reduction of US Forces in Korea. At least he’s consistent in his draw down of US support for its allies around the world.

  • Q

    you should just start by wiping yourself out as you are too stupid to live with that comment.

  • http://willling.com/ Will Ling

    what crap.

  • jeebus

    Man, you Bible nuts really like to stretch these prophesies way beyond what is even remotely relevant.
    You’re silly.

  • gonzo05

    Ok so what are we going to do about it>??

  • Matt Kenney

    Don’t compare him to Dr. Evil! Dr. Evil is awesome

  • Giao Pham

    You don’t buy weapons and equipments to start a war. What will you do when you run out of replacement parts, or worse yet in this case, when the war dragged on, where North Korean government find the money to pay for it?

  • Matt Kenney

    um…. a lot of Jews are white people.

  • Woodsey Owl

    There is a prophesy about this in the Bible:

    Jeremiah 1:14 – The Lord said to me, “From the north disaster will be poured out on all who live in the land. [Kim Jong Un is threatening this now]

    Jeremiah 6:22 – This is what the Lord says: “Look, an army is coming from the land of the north; a great nation is being stirred up from the ends of the earth. [North Korea is at the ends of the earth]

    Jeremiah 4:6 – Raise the signal to go to Zion! Flee for safety without delay! For I am bringing disaster from the north, even terrible destruction.” [Zion is the church of God that keeps Jesus’ new covenant festivals – headquartered in South Korea and present in 176 nations of the world]

  • me

    wait a second!
    just only a few weeks ago K.J.U. said he wanted to re-enter talks with S. Korea for a peaceful reunification.
    He seems like an honest person. Just look at him. He looks like a cute teddy bear you just want to poke in the middle of his tum tum!

  • David Heyd

    Yeah and what are the N. Koreans onna eat durinthis so called war.Even they are starving.

  • Kayoss860

    I agree, China if anything will personally take out North Korea themself and North Korea will be part of China.

  • jorge

    Do people really think that China wants this conflict in their backyard? NK is a thorn in China’s side and as much political agreement China and Russia have China has never trusted Russia and I don’t see that changing anytime soon

  • Butt Mcshits

    Oh no! North Korea is going to attack! LOL, they can’t even feed their people, but are going to buy fighter jets, with what IOU’s? Their chubby leader is more interested in eating twinkies and drinking coke than he is in invading anyone.

  • Doo Dah Man

    My Man! You are all over it…but you forgot…don’t pull on super man’s cape, don’t spit in the wind, don’t pull the mask from the old Lone Ranger…oh and don’t mess around with Big Jim!!!

  • Justin Durham

    So North Korea is buying up some targets for the US air force? Seriously, these guys can’t even stop the release of a crappy movie, much less start WWIII.

  • Big Al

    I think it’s sarcasm.

  • Phil

    Some secret. lol

  • Kayoss860

    I really hope this idiot does attack. This will give the U.S. and most of the world a good excuse to wipe his sorry pudgy butt off the face of this planet. This way, South Korea can take over North Korea and become “Korea” and release the people he have been enslaving.

  • Varvara

    fake sites like this make me mad. grounds for ww3? really . i think russia is the one that wants to stay away from wars but it keeps getting dragged in. dont forget who started coup in ukrain and let n azis took over the government western propaganda at its fullest so you can click their website ads

  • Delong Tsway

    How is Iran dangerous? The militants are in other countries

  • John Phillips

    Both North Korea and Russia are broke. To operate these jets requires skilled fighter pilots and money to put fuel in these jets

  • Big Al

    ….yeah until they run out of food.

  • no name

    i guess these little mid east wars aren’t big or bad enough, politicians need more money, so they need a world war. send them and their kids first.

  • Truth

    Actually the United States of America is the most dangerous country on Earth.

  • Drock

    Because NK doesn’t have half the trade that the South has. If Kim takes over the south, then his regime can reap the benefits of the trade that the south has with the US and it’s allies. Plus, taxes from the south all go to the North, just means another way of taking money. North needs to die already.

  • Justin Durham

    “Don’t eat meat. Don’t eat fast food. Don’t eat junk food.”

    Because more than anything, God hates chubsters.

  • JDD

    Spit the hook. You are being baited by a troll. Any attack on SK by the punk dog faced boy leader would see mushroom clouds in Korea but it would be the North that went down in ashes.

  • Brian Dobbs

    After reading this piece, it makes me think this side must be looking for a new writer for there security stories….give me a ring, I am sure I meet the standards…I even saw the new Red Dawn Documentary

  • Tom

    This is all posturing by Russia to keep a missile shield out of the Ukraine. Putin needs some leverage in talks with the US.

  • cbanalyst

    I feel that we need to strengthen the South so much that Kim wouldn’t take the chance. Anything less would be an invitation to war. Frankly, I doubt that the wishy-washy in chief realizes this; Churchill would have.

  • peter

    If NK invaded the south, trade would be broken with Asia and China’s govt would fall.

  • JonDavid

    You forget who is the President … He will roll over if push comes to shove

  • Brian Dobbs

    Did you know that show is a conspiracy right? It makes them seem like maybe they are crazy to discredit them and then gives bad advise hoping you will follow it. When we all know the best plan is to Dress up like a bear and walk around in the woods, that way they will leave you alone. :)

  • steve

    did you really just say “assistant” him?

  • Chris

    No sh$t Ryan, you dumba$s. I was asking Edward what he would prefer the US to do because it sounds like he think the US shouldn’t get involved if the North were to attack.

  • Brian Dobbs

    I thought it was very well backed up, he said some guy said it was the plan. what more do you need? I mean sure its been the plan since the Korean war, but I mean really? Also its clearly shown how it would be World war III as North Korea is so full of allies to back them if they invade and nuke south Korea….you know because they have a different plane and that’s all they really needed to win. If they could put racing stripes on those planes, they could take over the world even.

  • Tom Krapf

    Feed the pigeons??

  • Swede760

    Dictator: Sounds like a bad type of VD!

  • Sara Kuntski

    Lets get it over with !
    That little turd has been getting on every ones nerves time to end it !

  • ???

    I guess we will just wait and see if NK is serious and tries to take over SK then invades the U.S. I just have to say a couple things…….This isn’t Red Dawn the movie…. NK will pay if they even think of messing with the U.S. The other thing is if Obama abandons SK and leaves them to burn then allows them to invade us….. I will know then that Obama is just a mer puppet in all of this. If the Government is reading this just know that I have the freedom of speech.

  • MisanthropeMilitant .

    russia no problem funding everyone elses wars but cant fund its own.

  • Roger Stephen Roth

    The leader of North Korea is insane as Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. He is a very dangerous politician and the world should be really concerned about him.

  • ProgressivePride

    You did see the credentials of the author, right? His mother told him sitting in his room reading all those investment books was a big waste of time. In your face, mom!

  • don

    Leon Moore and meb. a couple of villages are sorely missing you idiots.

  • Brian Dobbs

    that seems logical as we know North Korea’s other planes don’t have the range to fly that far, and South Korea loves it when North Korean planes just fly over into south Korea, and sends them a polite escort with flowers up to them!

  • Roger Stephen Roth

    I feel North Korea and Iran are the two most dangerous countries on earth today. Besides them we have to worry about radical Islamic extremists and the religion of Islam creating new satanic spawns of new Jihad Holy warriors for Al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Taliban, and all other Jihadists groups world wide. All these people would be the main reason World War 3 would be fought. Nuclear terrorism and terrorism would be the main villains against the rest of the world.

  • Gorm

    I agree, Ryan. Clearly, mass migration across their borders is what worries China. Still, holding a country hostage, suppressing growth and advancement, while pillaging it long term just demonstrates the ramifications left unchecked.

  • TiredofPlusquellic

    You can end your existence at anytime. Leave the rest of us out of it.

  • Jason Blade

    These kinds of articles are just click baits. It doesn’t matter the content, as long as you click on it they get the ad revenue.

  • ACW

    A perfect example of sensationalist journalism. Unless Kim has agreed to give Russia exclusive mineral and mining rights, I doubt Putin would give away an air force.

  • Kristina Krovane

    Let me guess: Supplying NK with the SU-35 will give enough rope for NK to hang themselves, so China and Russia can come to the aid of NK to fight against SK. Then what? Russia and China divides NK and SK between them? In the end, China will do to Russia what Germany did to Russia during WW2 and turn on them. Why? Why would China want to settle for a piece of the pie, so-to-say, when they can have the whole thing (NK & SK) to themselves. And should China decides this, the USA will intervene just like they did to save which ever side we choose to assist–just like during WW2. In this scenario, my bet is that we will support China because Russia’s government is a loose cannon with an idiot/Putin leading it. Now, here is the part that neither side is anticipating: the USA, SK, and NATO winning the war. Now, what do you think will happen next? CHECKMATE.

  • Scott

    Based on the word of a “top” defector? How nonchalantly this article suggests the inevitable invasion of South Korea based on wanting to buy some 80’s era jets? I’ve no doubts the Superflanker is an awesome jet. But it’s not a stealth jet. I think it’s an F-15 knockoff. And I’ve no doubt North Korea has drawn up plans on invading the South. They’ve been quite vocal about it since the 50’s. But acting on those plans is a different issue. As ass-backwards as they are, the regime wants to survive and MUST KNOW an invasion of the South would be suicide. South Korea alone could mete out a savage ass-beating!

  • Ed Elmore

    So….. what kind of ACID did you take?

  • SabanNation

    Superstitious poppycock.

  • Ed Elmore

    What Garbage!!!

  • Ed

    NK attempting a “lightning war” (blitzkrieg) would most likely result in the complete and total destruction of the NK army. Any attempt to detonate a nuclear device would immediately turn everyone against NK because that is a line you simply, do not, cross. MAD was termed that because anyone using a first strike would simply destroy themselves.
    This is not Nigeria or Syria or Afghanistan, this is a fragile situation in which one wrong step by Kim would kill millions of Koreans, leave parts of the peninsula a radioactive ruin and bring suffering and poverty to the survivors. Worst Case, NK nukes Seoul and Inchon and maybe Pusan, casualties in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million. NK forces swarm as far south as Daegu before running out of everything and learning that Pyongyang was nuked in retaliation and Kim is dead. Massive surrender of Korean forces as they slowly come to realize that everything they had been taught for their lives, was a lie. China get’s most of the area around the NK border, SK might get the East and it all goes down as a life lesson about dictators. 40 years of trial and tribulation.

  • meb

    I hope a nuclear war starts soon and wipes out the human race.

  • Leon Moore

    I can’t wait for WWIII. Too many people in the world now. There are lots of Americans to sacrifice. Some of the safest people will be the ones in prisons away from populated areas. Wouldn’t that be ironic.

  • justin j

    James Franco and Seth Rogan, Your country needs you!

  • David Lally

    North Korea has about 820 warplanes, more than South Korea, though Seoul is backed up by American air power. The South says most of the North’s aircraft are obsolete. North Korea also suffers chronic fuel shortages that have forced its air force to cut sorties, experts say.

    North Korea would not be able to prosecute a full-fledged war for very long. Its biggest problem is that North Korea would quickly lose control of the skies because of the vastly superior (South Korean) and U.S. air forces. The reported number of North Korean aircraft is meaningless, because many of them cannot fly, and North Korean pilots have little training in the air.

    The U.S. stations 28,500 U.S. troops in South Korea and has recently flown nuclear-capable stealth B-2 bombers and F-22 fighter jets during joint drills in a show of force aimed at deterring North Korea.

    Logistics and supplies are another issue. Heavy equipment deployed by naval and air forces requires extensive repairs, especially on rugged terrain like the Korean Peninsula. South Korea’s Defense Ministry estimates North Korea’s wartime resources, mostly stored underground, would last only two to three months.

    North Korea’s only chance of winning any war depends on how quickly it can end one.

  • Tammi Renee Adams

    How can it be a secret if we know about this.

  • Barb Page

    Where does North Korea get the money to buy anything? Counterfeit US $100 bills?

  • Michael Figiel

    non sense, who is going to fly the jets? they need Top guns to fly those special air planes, it takes time, training and a big set of cojones to do that

  • jk

    Yeah,it’s Sauron!!

  • BigCity

    what in the Sam Hill are you blabbering about son ?

  • Ron

    Genius!!! But were in the US can we find a fat, dumb pot head and a pretty boy jack a$$ to do it???

  • Chris

    No sh#t Ryan, you dumba$s. I’m asking Edward what he would prefer the US to do because it sounds like he’s saying the US shouldn’t get involved if that happens.

  • F-Fighter

    This little Kim Jong don’t know what’s( WORLDS WARS) is like,he and his army will be in “Hell” the first day if this war begins…Stupid little kid,he thinks this is like playing video games war.(LIL’ JONG) you have every things in this world that you want why be so stupid..wants to be burn in h#ll…make peace,you stupid *ss…

  • Guest

    like giving a pistol to Obama?

  • Andrej Kesarijskij

    War in Ukraine will last two years (2014 – 2016). Then WW3 will start.
    Then Tsar will come to power in Russia to protect people from the antichrist.
    Antichrist will allow all sin. Don’t sin. God is merciful but 666 is not
    forgivable. 666 is given with grey plastic card. Food stores, prisoners, and police
    will 666 people too. Don’t get new documents. Don’t get any surgeries. Don’t
    eat meat. Don’t eat fast food. Don’t eat junk food. Pray the Jesus prayer.
    Don’t go into UFO to be healed by evil demons. Feed the pigeons. Give to
    charity in the name of Archangel Michael. Reject vaccines. Hide with Orthodox
    Christians to escape mark of the beast.

  • Soyoun Choi

    If N korea purchases Su-35s, many chances are there that N Korean Su-35 pilots will fly defected to the amazing
    South Korea or Su pilots will bomb the Kim Jung Eun’s office or his bedroom.

  • Todd Caporaso

    Where are the facts that support the title of your article? Irresponsible journalism from a writer and site with zero journalistic credibility. Try to strike fear to get a few reads…pathetic and desperate. Article title should be titled The 3 Minutes I Wasted of Your Time

  • ProgressivePride

    Gee, it’s getting to be that two deranged narcissists can’t even negotiate an exchange of war toys anymore without it being splashed all over the pages of Value Walk and The Inquisitor. But seriously, thanks to Mr. Shukla for the heads-up about the impending war. Where else could we be kept so well-informed on such goings on?

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m planning to catch-up on episodes of Doomsday Preppers straight away.

  • justin j

    You shouldn’t comment online during “that time of the month”. You maybe right but you sound like a jerk.

  • Roger Stephen Roth

    Actually World War 3 has already started and the enemy is Islam and the radical Islamic extremists. North Korea would be an additional enemy in a major war. Either way i do feel that North Korea needs to be liberated as a country. Lets hope things don’t get ugly.

  • Ryan J

    Do you want to foot the bill to bring that country back up to standards and educate the masses. With how they are brain washed expect more insurgency than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

  • obama sucks

    obama is a fool and a traitor. Seems like you have your head entrenched firmly up that traitors azz.

  • Ryan J

    The U.S. has a security pact with South Korea. It is called if they get into a fight. We get into a fight. That is usually how allies and security agreements go genius.

  • justin j

    What if we sent in a news anchor and producer to interview Kim and have them assistant him?

  • RamboUnit

    1. China will not allow this.
    2. Lets NUKE THE NORTH!
    3. Didnt North Korea invade the south in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare?
    4. LETS invade the north and take there land for military bases!
    5. I play to much CIV 5!

  • Think wider

    Ha ha ha :D this is so funny…
    There is no common sense in this text… This is military and politically idiotic text

  • Evolve-Or-Die

    isn’t South Korea more economically and technologically advanced than North Korea? South Korea needs to arm themselves to the teeth and destroy those bastards if they attack, punto


    why would that fat guy want to unify korea under that horrible failed economic system in north korea they don’t even have electricity or food kim jong un cant feed a country the size of north korea less a unified one!!!!

  • Kathy Wentzel

    All South Korean males are required to serve (at least two years) in the military; this has been going on for more than 40 years. They don’t need a “draft” when military service is mandatory. Expand your knowledge base and read a little.

  • Chris

    So if North Korea invades South Korea, you think the US should do what?…

  • no-step

    This is what happens when you fight a war…AND DON”T FINISH IT! It happened in 1914 Europe…had to go back in 1941 and do it again. It happened in 1950 Korea, too. But…America was suffering under a democrat president who refused to let MacArthur finish it. America has to learn that if we’re going to deploy combat forces anywhere, WIN THE DAMN WAR…or stay the h#ll out of it.

  • txgator

    I see what you did there…

  • Edward Smythe

    When the N masses troops on the border , light them up with tactical nukes !

  • sup bro

    Yahoo please don’t link articles from this junky website again, it’s worse than Motley Fool

  • paulkbri

    you must be one of the millions who got free phones and free pizza to vote for that person you call a president. I see you are on aol, doesn’t that mean assholes on line. You shoot your mouth of and you didn’t put your name. So who is the coward? As a matter of fact yes I did serve MY country. I am a disabled veteran of Viet Nam. So why don’t you take your big ballsy reply and shove it up your a$s, Mr as$hole on line (AOL)

  • txgator

    I’ve been to the 38th parallel which is way scarier than the 33rd..

  • BigCity

    China buys a lot of stuff from S. Korea, advanced electronics & whatnot. I question whether they’d support the North this time.

  • Edward Smythe

    Your father fought a war that America thought was not worth winning. If it is not worth winning , it is not worth fighting ! 60 years later and it is still not over . something wrong here !

  • OpStingray

    I see that bumper sticker on a lot of Priuses these days…

  • Rude Boy

    The North will decimate the South in 24 hours. After that, the USA will obliterate the North. There will be no WWIII over this one. China will not allow it.

  • One World

    Of course, you mean the 38th parallel. Actually, since the armistice was signed in 1953, the 38th parallel no longer marks the DMZ, the dividing line between north and south Korea. The
    DMZ lies both above and below the parallel.

  • Ray Volovar

    You can buy ’em, but can you fly ’em?

  • vjdffnb

    If any of you take an ounce of the seriously you’re retarded.

  • Edward Smythe

    If a war is not WORTH WINNING, it is not worth fighting !

  • osmel

    That is BS, first North Korea has no money to buy the SU-35 and Putin is not stupid to extend a credit line to the financially broken N. Korea. In the improvable case that N. Korea get its hands in the SU-35, they will need at least 70 to 80 planes to turn the balance with the South, Russia (Shukoi) will need at least 3 years to produce those planes and North Korean pilots will need to train 8 hours a day for a whole year to master the SU-35. All the “surprise” will be lost

  • Edward Smythe

    No reason for fighting men on the ground to protect S. Korea. Simply explode nuclear weapons over the N Korean Capital ! (war over )

  • Phillip Lamb

    Well given that he can’t do anything about it without UN approval, I would say they need to be the ones to get off their as$es and do something about it. The UN is the worst thing ever conceived. Does anyone believe that the Geneva Convention or Hague Conventions will be honored if we truly go to war?

  • snowmobilejer

    Kim Jon Un, he die! You go now please.

  • George

    Please just let it be between the ignorant leaders who keep messing with each other and leave all the rest of us out of it. Go out to a field and fight your own crap out. Secondly, its about time the people stand up and take their planet back from all these idiots who think its their job to run other peoples lives and control other peoples lives. Stop with all this bull sh$t. We all have our differences, we all should have the right to live freely, we all should not have to worry about violence, we all should be paid a fair wage for a fair amount of work, we all would like to eat, sleep and live without having to look over our shoulders. And most of all, for myself, I wish people would just grow up and stop acting like ignorant brats that don’t know any better. Lets get some common sense going and stop this stupid violent cry baby nonsense.

  • Kendall

    You people that think the president actually makes a difference are the dumbest people walking the earth.

  • Geno Bouwens

    Bring it on Punk! A lightning fast attack will result in a lightning fast response fool.
    Where do all these crazy S.O.B.’s come from? Kim Jon Un needs to read history books before he tries something that will be his demise.

  • G.W.

    Because Obama is the biggest piece of sh#t walking the earth and useless to boot

  • Nate

    This reads like Sadaam having weapons of mass destruction. Is Putin really the one “laying the groundwork for WW3” or are other forces at play?

  • Kenneth

    Mr. Shukla forgot the most important player in all of this, China. North Korea depends on China for its existence. If China allows North Korea to invade, then it will be WW3. China has too much to lose to let this happen. This is all rhetoric at best.

  • DDW

    “North Korea To Buy Russia’s Su-35 To Invade South In A Lightning Assault” LOL, This is so funny. Neither has any money, both are dealing with huge credit problems, and Russia is going to extend Billions in credit to NK – that will never be paid back in any way? No wonder they are both failing. Countries are businesses in every sense of the word. The minute the Leaders forget that, is the minute their death sentence is delivered to them.

  • Peter

    Really? I’m sorry that I read your crap dumb a#s.

  • Hue Pack

    The “secret” invasion plan…..

  • AOL

    Your comments just show how ignorant you are. Why don’t you volunteer to fight? So to you he’s dumb because he doesn’t dance a jig to your stupid comments. I am sure that you have never served in the military: therefore you are clueless as to what war is all about. Therefore I’ll label you as a coward.

  • OpStingray

    I wonder how many lefties will flee to Canada, if WWIII breaks out?

  • Realist

    Yup, right up to the point you see T-72s, BTMP-84s and thousands of NorKs pouring across the 33rd Parallel. Ever been to the 33rd Parallel? I have and it’s a scary and very tense place…

    Must be nice living in a dream world…

  • kthyfault

    I’m not going to disagree with you, paulkbri’s comment is very dumb. However, I will add that the 2nd dumbest people walking the Earth are those that think that Obama is a good president.

  • Mike

    Because he is the President of Russia.

  • Ted Heim

    How about threats from their fat leader???

  • Eddie

    My Dad fought in the Korean war in the 1950`s, now it`s happening again…waiting for WW3….

  • Mike

    If this is so threatening, why isn’t South Korea drafting men for the military?

  • Ted Heim

    I don’t know !!! Your comment was pretty stupid in itself.

  • Barron

    That is what our Military Commanders do Paulkbri.

  • TheWord

    You people that voted for and continue to support Obama are dumbest people walking the earth.

  • Ted Heim

    Why do we have to wait for the Communists to make the first move?

  • TruthHurts

    That’s not a very good argument. I expect better….Try again.

  • Nerd Jerks

    Good point.

    As far as I can tell, the NK citizens have done nothing to threaten me nor do they have the capability to do so.

    Their leader on the other hand threatens us and our families every single day and, yes, does need to be removed from Planet Earth as soon as possible.

  • philfugate

    Not too much fear mongering.

  • ChristSandwich

    you people and your stupid Obama comments have to be the dumbest people walking the earth.

  • Nerd Jerks

    Putin could take the money and give them useless planes…. you know… if Putin had any common sense and actually wanted what’s best for the world. What easier way to drain NK of the last of it’s funds?

  • ChristSandwich

    Why the F does the world not assassinate that little turd?

  • Gorm

    And WHY should the NK citizens suffer further? This is another classic case where the leadership should be taken out as THIS guy constitutes the THREAT, not the country!! The UN accomplishes LITTLE if it can’t control mavericks who seize power, victimize citizens, create global unrest. Our UN needs to be more responsible, accountable. Today, where assassinations are outlawed, these characters need SEIZE the leadership, protect themselves from domestic threats – principally by employing spies, suppressing any threats, confident that external forces will not threaten their regime.

  • Richard

    I am just waiting for the excuse to support SK militarily in a fight and flatten NK. Kin Jong-un will likely hide behind his population of woman and children when it all come down.

  • Totes_McGoats

    Just one bomb drop on Pyongyang…cmon US…

  • Arthur

    South Korea, buy and Install 1 railgun , and 1 laser, and one super-sensitive radar…That’s all..

  • paulkbri

    If Putin is laying the ground work, what is obummer doing? sitting around, playing the links. Some one should tell obummer that this is where he earns his paycheck

  • Philip Noah

    Ummm…they can’t keep their MIG-21’s flying what makes them think they can support SU-35’s?

  • Craig H

    We don’t have “jump in”. We already have forces on the ground and likely many of them will be engaged almost immediately in the conflict should North Korea come over (or under) the DMZ.

  • aholes

    wow pure propoganda again. maybe they will get them. maybe its a sicret maybe not. maybe they have rockets maybe they dont. but they sure are ready to take over. maybe today maybe tommorow mabe in 100 years. Be scared America be scared. Stop spreading fear u a holes.

  • JamesJinSC

    Soviets have always had the best ejection seats available because we have always given whoever flies their junk the opportunity to field test them.

  • Mentok The Mindtaker

    Like everybody else has said, without an expert pilot, that Su-35 is just a kill marker on a side of a ROKAF or US fighter.

    Then there’s the fuel to get it in the air in the first place. And other consumables. And maintenance. And other supporting ground and air assets. Not to mention finding the cold hard cash to PAY for all of this – including the jets! – in the first place.

  • Bruce Sanders

    To paraphrase Borat, “Giving an SU-35 to North Korea is like giving a pistol to a monkey.”

  • Bach Ngo

    tiger paper that all about

  • *Switch-Game-Proper*


  • Bach Ngo

    I don’t think so

  • Bonzer

    Without top-notch pilot training a SU-35 is just another target.

  • Molon Labe

    Sounds like ‘Lil Kim be huffing paint…. His war would last about a 3 days if he decided to toss a Nuke into the mix.

  • John Pound

    Other than his own penis.

  • Jason Smith

    That’s like giving an F-22 to a pilot trained on a Cessna… Sure it sounds nice, but, the pilot is in over his head. Good luck with that.

  • Reggie

    God, I want the three minutes of my life back from reading that stupidity….

  • Ex F16 guy

    They can buy all the Su-35’s they want but they are only as good as the pilot.

  • Jake

    North Korea invading South Korea will not start WW3. It will be a short war in were the US and South Korea kick North Koreas ass and no one comes to their aid not even China.

  • http://www.andras-nagy.com Andras Nagy

    THe author is a sensationalist and a fool. Stop smoking and inhaling, Stupid!

  • DCnyc

    how has north korea hurt you or your family? is there a reason for your antipathy and desire to destroy the north koreans beyond news stories?

  • jblvcegda

    One Trident sub will turn the North to Dust. It will be the shortest experience Fat Kim ever will have.

  • TruthHurts

    North Korea….You are so naive….You can have all of the Su-35’s you want. They will still have to go up and meet the F-22 and F-35. And while I do believe that N. Korea can do major damage to the south I also understand that it would be the end of N. Korea which is good for everyone, so I kinda hope this happens.