Samsung Entices Customers With Free Netflix Inc (NFLX)

Netflix is being used by the Korean firm to win over U.S. customers by offering a year-long free subscription of the streaming service. The new offer is a part of Samsung’s strategy to push its high-end devices to the prospective customers.Samsung Entices Customers With Free Netflix Inc (NFLX)

How to avail the offer?

Netflix subscription comes free with Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5 or a Galaxy Tab S. Advantage of this promotion can be taken by very few customers as it can be availed only by those who buy one of the said devices. After making the purchase, the buyer simply needs to register with where he or she will be required to submit the email address and receipt details. After the purchasing the device, buyers have to register their purchase on Also, buyers aging 18 or over and residents of U.S. mainland or District of Columbia are eligible for the promotion. After the above procedure, a credit for Netflix lasting for 12 months will be provided by Samsung to its customers.

All the Netflix subscribers, including new and existing, are covered under the promotion scheme. The full year subscription of Netflix values at $100. The promotion by Samsung will go up to January 17th. The caveat with this offer is that the first lucky 115,000 customers will be able to make a claim for Netflix subscription for free and not the latter ones.

Netflix popular in many countries

It’s too bad that Samsung has restricted the offer to the U.S. users. The Korean firm could have gained by extending the promotion to other locations where Netflix is available.

Netflix services are used all over the world even in those regions where it’s not legal. The people in these countries use tools like virtual private networks (VPNs) for giving Netflix an impression that they are logged in from some other location and not the actual location. This way they are able to get access to different shows and movies in an illegal manner.

However, Netflix has been accused recently of coming in hard on subscribers, who use tools like VPNs to watch shows and films not legally permitted in their country. It’s being speculated that the company is taking such measures after apparent pressure from movie studios demanding full-control over location and content of the viewers.

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