Imran Khan Admits To Marrying Ex-BBC Meteorologist

Imran Khan, former cricket legend and current PTI chairman, reversed previous comments he had made denying that he had married Reham Khan, who was previously a meteorologist for the BBC. The Daily Mail initially reported the rumor that the two had wed in secret, although just days before the report, Imran Khan called the rumor “greatly exaggerated.”

Imran Khan Admits To Marrying Ex-BBC Meteorologist

Imran Khan announces marriage

The Daily Mail reports that Imran Khan traveled to Pakistan to formally announce his marriage to the 41-year-old professional broadcaster. The 62-year-old politician made the initial announcement while speaking to reporters at London’s Heathrow Airport before he boarded a flight to Pakistan.

Reham Khan currently anchors a news program in Pakistan, but she previously lived in London while she reported on the weather for the BBC.

Khan family, others upset about the marriage

Apparently the marriage has caused a row in Imran Kahn’s family. The PTI chairman’s sister Aleema Kahn, when told that her brother had admitted that he was married, reportedly said, “Really? Really? Let’s see if he announces it officially. I am taken aback.”

She added that they hadn’t met Reham Kahn and that she didn’t know if they even wanted to meet her. When the rumor that the two had married first surfaced, she said it was a lie and that political opponents started the rumor in order to tarnish his reputation.

In addition to the showdown within the Kahn family, the marriage sparked a political storm as well. According to the Daily Mail, some members of Khan’s political party tried to talk him out of marrying the mother of three.

Hates pages posted on Facebook

Some who are angry about the marriage created hate pages dedicated to Reham Kahn on Facebook. Online trolls accused her of being a lesbian because she had stroked a woman’s back. They also criticized her for going to parties. Some complained about the short skirts she wears and that she danced with unknown men in public. Others even called her daughter a “pornstar” and claimed to have topless photos.

One person posted a photo that claims it shows her in a U.K. sex shop wearing a pink nightgown and carrying a whip.

The rumor about Imran Khan’s plans to remarry isn’t new. The Telegraph reports that his ex-wife Jemima Goldmith said in October that he was preparing to remarry. She reportedly said she was changing her name back to her maiden name. Imran and Jemima divorced in 2004 after nine years of marriage.

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  • arhum

    Imran khan ohhhh remarried to reham khan wow he is a play boy and reham khan is prostitute frnds juz let them on wot they want to do :-):-):-)

  • Papoo

    Why does IK’s re-remarrying bother any one? Do you want him to have affairs then it would be said he is a playboy. Let him get martied and settle down so he can concentrate onnational affairs which he has not given up, married or not!!

  • Irum

    have no issue of Imrans khans marriage whatsoever
    that it is with Reham Khan.

    My issue is all this is happened during
    Dharna. Where he has made all this Azaadi march life and death issue. People
    did die as a direct result of this movement. Lost of Billions of rupees occurred and
    many human lives were lost . The rhetoric from Imran Khan was he will die but he will not
    go back.
    And during all this he was engaged in full
    time romance with Reham Khan. That is my issue.