Galaxy S6 To Act More Like Stock Android Than Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S6 may finally solve one of the biggest complaints—and perhaps the only major one—about Samsung’s smartphones. The Korean electronics giant is known for cramming its phones full of bloatware and leaving little room for anything else. However, a report from a Korean news outlet suggests the Galaxy S6 will look and perform more like a stock Android device than the Galaxy S5 and other previous Samsung phones.

Galaxy S6 To Act More Like Stock Android Than Galaxy S5

Samsung to overhaul TouchWiz

Business Korea reports that Samsung is going to make major changes to its user interface, which it calls TouchWiz. The Galaxy S6 is apparently going to be the first smartphone with the improved interface. The improvements will reportedly include reducing the capacity of system memory and simply improving the function of the smartphone by upping some of the main features and dumping some of the unnecessary ones.

The website said its source mentioned Google’s Nexus 6 specifically, saying that they want to simplify the user interface to make it as easy to use as Google’s stock Android smartphone. Because Google’s Nexus phones are built on the basic Android user interface and don’t need a separate one, they don’t need a ton of extra software storage space.

Galaxy S6 to become more responsive

Of course it’s unclear just how much of the bloatware Samsung will dump. It sounds as if much of what will disappear has to do with the operating system itself, so there will still probably be a ton of extra pre-loaded apps that are nearly impossible to get rid of. However, freeing up space by simplifying the user interface should help.

It sounds like the biggest impact the user interface improvements will have is on how the Galaxy S6 performs. Many Galaxy S5 users complain about the smartphone’s slow responses, particularly when compared to the Nexus 5 and Google’s other stock Android phones.

Also Samsung’s phones tend to have a more cluttered appearance than the stock phones, although the company will have to be careful about which features it dumps. Hopefully the company has been paying close attention to consumers because some of the TouchWiz’s extra features are certainly helpful.

It shouldn’t be too long before we finally see the Galaxy S6. Samsung is expected to unveil it at the Mobile World Congress in March.

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  • Jon Rickenbacker

    Bloat ware and unwanted isn’t the same thing. My car has surius radio that I’ll never use but I’d never considered removing it. Someone somewhere uses those seven apps.

  • Scruff

    I’m looking at 7 apps right now that I have ZERO use for nor want.

  • HM

    I have the S4 Google Play Edition and it is so much better than the regular S4 and S5. if the S6 comes with vanilla android it will be my new phone.

  • Alex A

    Does the S6 really look like that? If so, I wants especially running on Lollipop and a revamp Touchwiz.

  • me

    please put the pipe down

  • SatyaAsian

    Bloatware, what are you talking about? The person who wrote this has no idea what they’re talking about. Iphones are the only phones which have infinite bloatware and crap. If the writer of this article owned Samsgung, they would see clear and empty space. This is why every techie buys a Galaxy or NOTE , BECAUSE THERE IS INFACT NO bloatware and it’s the opposite of Iphones in this respect. yahoo, please post articles by techies who can back up what they say.