Alcatel Offers New “Affordable” Affordable Smartwatch

Alcatel, a European firm known for smartphones, will be leaping into the smartwatch business, and it claims it will create “a new market segment: the affordable smart watch.” The company has announced the launch of its  Onetouch Watch series, which based on the images, appears to be very similar to Apple’s upcoming smart watch. The company aims to price it at “a fraction of the cost of competitors”, but the exact pricing details have not been provided to date.

Alcatel Offers New "Affordable" Affordable Smartwatch


The new smartwatch seems comparable with Moto 360 in appearance, and Alcatel claims that it will have the look and feel of a traditional watch. Unlike Moto 360, Alcatel doesn’t have the small cut out at the bottom of the display. However, there appears to be a fully functional inner display which is surrounded by an outer ring.

Features of Alcatel smartwatch

The Alcatel smartwatch will be compatible with Android smartphones and it will be able to monitor daily activities (including a heart rate monitor), take photos, control music and of course, receive notifications from a linked phone. There also appear to be a variety of different straps, such as a plastic sports strap and a metal strap which looks more formal. Details on all the features of the new smartwatch are sparse at this moment, but the company is working hard to promote the new device by calling it affordable compared to other smartwatches on the market.

Whether the new smwartwatch  willrun Android Wear or a new OS is also not clear, but at a very low price, if it can offer good features and a long battery life, it has the potential to be a big seller.

More details on Alcatel’s new smartwatch are expected to be revealed at CES 2015. Stay tuned to ValueWalk to for more detailed coverage in the coming days.

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