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American Apparel Ex CEO, Dov Charney Is Broke And Living By Friend, Wants To Buy Back Company

Dov Charney is broke or is he? and living at a friend’s apartment in LES and also wants to BUY BACK AMERICAN APPAREL

Bloomberg’s Trish Regan reports on her conversation with former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney in the wake of his ouster from the company. Regan speaks on “Market Makers.”

And you wont believe how he is spending it

American Apparel CEO: I’m Down to My Last $100K

American Apparel Ex CEO, Dov Charney Is Broke And Living By Friend, Wants To Buy Back Company

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  • Berri Jam

    I think Dov’s a fox. He said he’s down to his last 100k and staying at his friends house to give the illusion he’s almost spent to bring American Apparel’s guard down. What he needs to do is go find money (another reckless backer) to pay off Standard General so he can get his 43% or 90 million shares back in his control. Rally another 7 % shareholders to follow him (good luck to those dumb enough to follow) and take back his company.

    Has anybody seen or read the agreement between Dov and Standard General? There strategies are all based on the terms written up.

    Rumor of Dov buying back his company through BK makes absolutely no sense. That means he’s willing to throw away his lifetime’s work in stocks to zero. And he doesn’t have enough money to buy via BK. He would need to first pay off the 220 million debt. It’s the debt holder – Crystal Financial that would be DIP if BK happens.

    Dov’s an irrational maverick but by rallying workers to protest, unionize, and trashing current management ; he is just cutting his own nose to spite his own face.

  • Sheeraz Raza

    The text is based on the Bloomberg Interview and we noted the latest news that he owns the $4M home…

  • I care less

    Not sure how author of this article got a job.You should have been fired for misleading people. Dov is broke with 100K and 90Million in share. What about his real estate in LA worth 4 millions. I hope his company goes BK so he loose it all. Dov is 2nd worst CEO of 2014 in world. Who in h#ll in right mind would put him as CEO position. I wouldn’t hired him to swipe the floor and pick up garbage