You may think that France is the biggest wine market in the world. Not anymore. In 2013 France was overtaken by the US which took its no. 1 spot with 3 million litres of wine consumed. On the other hand, China continues to dominate the beer market, leading the US by as much as 20 million liters consumed in 2012 for a whopping total of 44 million litres!

Other interesting facts include:

  • The most expensive beer was sold for $1,815 while the most expensive wine was bought for $500,000!
  • What’s the world’s best-selling beer brand?
  • Surprisingly Vatican rules the world in wine consumption per person with 73.9 liters every year!

As Octoberfest and popular wine festivals are just around the corner, this might be a good time to show your readers some interesting financial aspects of their favorite drinks.

Beer vs Wine: Brands Comparison, Surprising Facts And Market Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Beer vs. Wine

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