Another National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower may be providing information to the media, the federal government suspects.


According to a CNN report, a recent article published by journalist Glenn Greenwald’s Intercept publication was based on documents provided after Snowden was forced to remain in Russia when his travel privileges were revoked by the US.

Document produced after Snowden left NSA

As proof of the new leak, government officials point to a specific document prepared by the National Counterterrorism Center that was dated August 2013.  The Intercept wrote an article based on this document, but this document was produced only after Snowden had left the NSA.

The leaked document in question revealed that nearly half the people on the US government’s list of terrorist groups are not connected to terrorism.

When Edward Snowden first released his documents to journalist Glenn Greenwald, a flurry of official establishment scorn was heaped upon Snowden and Greenwald for aiding and abiding the enemy. In retrospect, was this justified?

CIA spying on US Senate investigators

Since Snowden’s disclosure we have learned the CIA has been using this electronic spy apparatus to spy on US Senate investigators and nearly half of those on the list of American citizens being spied on are not affiliated with any terrorist organization.  These are facts those media participants and political leaders who vilified Snowden and Greenwald seldom mention.

As a new whistleblower is providing information on a spy apparatus that has gone apparently rogue and the media pretends not to notice or connect the dots to the Senate spying incident, the question comes to mind: what is the motivation of the new leaker?

Any new leaker most certainly witnessed the drudging that Snowden has taken.  His once comfortable six-figure salary and attractive girlfriend in Hawaii is now gone.  It is unlikely his lifestyle is the same and he lives day to day not knowing if his Russian hosts will expel the whistleblower from his home.

Government forces mistreating whistleblower

What is the reward?

Certain media who vilify the whistleblower are piling on top of government forces who tend to throw in prison and mistreat those who expose government wrongdoing.

Exposing government wrongdoing was at one point the job of the press.  For certain controlled media, apparently, the goal of the press is to repress information critical of the ruling government at the expense of the core principles upon which the US is based.

We are living in historic times indeed.