Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), the social network, may be the biggest snoop in your network of friends – tracking what you say on cell phone conversations even when the Facebook application is off.  This follows a report on Fox News notes that the Federal Bureau of Investigations can track cell phone conversations even when the phone is turned off.  Fox News reports that FBI officials say they use the method to track critical “mafia” conversations.

(This article was updated 8/5/2014 after comment was received by sources claiming the privacy terms and conditions in question are that of Google and not Facebook.)

Facebook Privacy

The answer, notes Fox News host Shepherd Smith, is to take the battery out of your cell phone.

One element the report didn’t mention, oddly, is that on most modern cell phones it is now impossible to remove the battery. In other words a powerful spy tool has been created so the NSA and other government agencies can in some cases illegally track your every movement and monitor your every conversation and — it can’t be turned off.

Facebook tracking your cell phone conversations

This comes on top of reports that Facebook may be tracking your cell phone conversations.  Facebook terms and conditions required to accept to install the Facebook Messenger application now say Facebook may turn on your microphone without your permission, take pictures and videos.  This information can be passed to the US government, which is working to various degrees with different firms.  As previously reported in ValueWalk, Twitter is fighting government spying on its users, while Facebook seems to take a more cooperative response.

Sources familiar with the Facebook privacy policy say the policy is not from Facebook, but rather is Google Play’s privacy policy on cell phones.  Facebook’s formal privacy policy says “We disclose account records solely in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law.”  Speculation is they are unable to answer direct questions as to their providing user communication to US spy agencies due to court orders restricting such disclosure.

The excessive monitoring of US residents by the government is apparently treated with a yawn by the mainstream, it is really those who look two or three steps ahead where the conversation gets concerning.

US military engaged in population control study

Guardian reporter Nafeez Ahmed notes in a recent RT interview, the US military is engaged in study of how to control its population.  They have begun to classify anyone who protests against a government policy as engaging in violent political protest.  As climate change and massive derivatives that underlie the US financial system could literally change the world, Ahmed notes that governments are interesting in planning how they can maintain control for society’s elites.

Many in the media continue to overlook the growing intrusive and illegal nature of government. For instance, the most significant issue in modern press era is the Edward Snowden defections. Recent revelations that the CIA spied on the US Senate are a critical piece to explaining why Snowden’s revelations are important – the misuse of excessive spying capabilities – most of the real issues seldom receive attention.

As the US government appears to be removing what is a key to US freedom, and the media and public fail to take notice, building the most controlling government apparatus in the history of the world marches on mostly unchallenged.