College Basketball coach Bobby Knight was once famously quoted as saying if a rape was inevitable, “relax and enjoy it.”

Facebook Messenger

Reaction to Facebook’s privacy policies

The reaction in some mainstream publications to Facebook Messenger’s recent privacy flap seems to take the same tone.  Rather than ask a real questions, the mainstream, almost as if on command, is saying don’t worry this is all just technical verbiage, legal mumbo-jumbo you don’t pay attention to anyway. “Nothing to see here, now scurry along on your little way.”

But I’m still confused. Why aren’t the real questions being asked?

Most terrorists and spy agencies are aware not to use cell or Internet communication for their devious plots. They know cell phones can be turned on remotely.

So why is it a cell phone needs to turn on a phone without a user’s permission or activate a camera?

Why is it a battery can no longer be removed from a cell phone and why can’t a user “turn off” the cell phone tracking device?

US government’s capability to eavesdrop on Internet and cell phone communication

Even before Snowden released NSA eavesdropping secrets to the public, terrorists and global spy services were documented to know the US government had the capability to eavesdrop on Internet and cell phone communication.  If terrorists are smart enough not to use cell phones and internet for communications – and such spy programs that target innocent civilians have been documented as generally ineffective at stopping terrorist plots – why is it such spying on the general population continues?

Why hasn’t the big media pressed – or even dug deep into – the story of why the US government is spying on citizens who have no terrorist affiliation?   40 percent of US citizens being spied on have no terrorist affiliation, why hasn’t this been further investigated?

The problem, according to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), has nothing to do with the reported revenue they receive from government spy agencies to allow access to user communications. No, it’s Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s fault.

As previously reported in ValueWalk, Facebook says the terminology they use is standard language from the Android operating system.

Snowden a criminal? US government not spying on individuals?

It is interesting to note how the facts and issues have changed very dramatically since the Edward Snowden news first broke.  At first, the big media re-assured us that Snowden is a criminal and the US government is not spying on individuals. Then slowly the real story started to leak out.

Not only is the US spook apparatus spying on US citizens with no terrorist affiliation, but they brazenly use the technical spy system to “snoop,” as it was described in the certain respected big media, on a Senate committee investigating the CIA for abuse.

Now I’ve done “snooping” before.  I had a girlfriend who kept a diary beside the night table.  Once when she left on a business trip I “snooped” to see what impact – if any – I was having on her life.  (It was a disappointing experience.)  That’s snooping.

The US Senate being spied on by the CIA using the most intrusive and controlling spy apparatus in world history – and the media glossing over much as it has overlooked the documented MF Global criminal cover up.

The US spy apparatus isn’t just “snooping.”  What they are doing is cause for reasonable concern — particularly when the real questions are not being asked.