Does anyone have oversight authority of industrial-spy complex?

CIA Spying

CIA spied on US Senate investigators’ computers

After it was discovered that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) illegally spied on the computers of US Senate investigators who were investigating the CIA, the agency’s head – who is accused of essentially lying to the US Senate on the topic – apologized.

But is this enough for a violation that is being considered at threatening the cornerstone of democracy itself?

“The CIA Should be Very Worried,” a headline on Bloomberg View declared. The article went on to detail what appears as a rogue agency and intelligence apparatus who operate without apparent regard or respect for anyone in government.

The report notes that a CIA inspector general report concluded that the CIA’s employees improperly spied on the computer network of a Senate committee investigating the spy agency for using illegal torture techniques.  The Bloomberg article, authored by “The Editors,” said if the CIA hacked into its Senate overseers’ computers, “it is deeply disturbing, to say the least.”  The article went on to day it was “a piece with the arrogant and anarchic way the CIA has often conducted itself over the past decade.”

The report noted that statements made by CIA Director John Brennan in Congress were in-fact false:

“When the facts come out on this, I think a lot of people who are claiming that there has been this tremendous sort of spying and monitoring and hacking will be proved wrong,” Brennan said. The exact opposite has occurred.

CIA’s interrogation methods were largely unsuccessful

The soon to be released Senate report upon which was the subject of CIA’s apparent spying will conclude that the CIA’s interrogation methods were largely unsuccessful and reveal “in grim detail” what occurred during such “torture” sessions, according to the report.

The CIA had shown disdain for investigators throughout the process.  When asked to provide documents on the issue, the CIA comically delivered millions and millions of disorganized and some say intentionally obfuscating fashion.  The report later noted that documents, in a few instances, had mysteriously disappeared.

US intelligence agencies have increasingly become under focus as they appear to operate in a virtually unaccountable environment where even whistleblowers are afraid to provide information when higher level executives commit criminal infractions.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden was first to face such retribution after revealing a massive spying apparatus perpetrated on US citizens.  While the FBI and NSA engaged in spying on non-terrorist targets should be the focus of the investigation in this regard, the focus remains on meta-data.  When journalist Glen Greenwald did disclose that Arab-Americans were being spied on, the real story is how the spy apparatus might have been used to keep track of political opponents and those seeking to uncover government wrong doing in the MF Global case.