Police have fatally shot a knife wielding African-American just three short miles from the site of Michael Brown’s Ferguson, MO, shooting, according to press reports breaking from the region.

African-American ISIS in St Louis Police

NBC News is reporting a heavy police prescience on the scene.

African-American protester shot by the police, brandished a knife

The protester brandished a knife, Sam Dotson, police chief of the St. Louis metropolitan force noted, before he was killed.

According to KTVI TV in St. Louis, the man walked into a store with a weapon visible and police were called.  When the man walked out of the store he was shot.

The TV station reports:

Police were called but the suspect refused to put down the weapon. He tried to attack police and was shot and killed.

No police officers were injured in the incident, which occurred near Riverview Boulevard and McLaran Avenue.  The area in question is just north of the city center and the fabled Arch, bordering the Bellefontaine Walnut Park neighborhoods on a busy street.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Reports are that 100 people are currently gathering at the shooting location.

ISIS militants mingled with the protestors

The move comes as those supporting ISIS militants are being encouraged to converge on St. Louis, according to UK press reports.

The militants took to social media to promote the embrace of radical Islam and a fight against the US government.  They have even established their own hashtag for the event, #FergusonUnderISIS.  News footage from the scene of protests in Ferguson includes evidence ISIS supporters have intermingled into the crowd, a screen shot of CNN livestream coverage of the area shows.

One Tweet reads:  ‘So how is democracy treating you guys? #FergusonUnderIS #Ferguson

ISIS militants do not tolerate democracy, freedom of speech or religion and have been known to decapitate those who they disagree with.

‘I thought u guys back in #Ferguson were supposed to be Free & that u had equal rights. I’d really like to know what changed? #FergusonUnderIS’ another Tweet taunted.