The Winklevoss twins, those confirmed globe-trotting playboys fresh off a partying on the islands off Spain, are back in the Hamptons at high season and have some unique ideas about Bitcoin mixing with models.

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss Bitcoin Winklevoss Twins

Winklevoss twins pitching a new use for Bitcoins

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss made a splash in Montauk over the weekend and, while cocktailing, were over heard pitching a new use for Bitcoins: payment for modeling gigs.

According to a New York Post Page Six article, the dynamic duo were overheard chatting up One Model Management’s Scott Lipps while guests at Ben Watts “Shark Attack” party held at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk.  The Winklevoss twins were pitching Lipps on using Bitcoin to pay for modeling services of financially sophisticated models.

One can only imagine the conversation.  “Look, Scottie, this is an innovative idea,” the conversation might have unfolded in an imaginary world. “We discovered this thing called ‘Bitcoin’ while partying this past winter in the Mediterranean. We like models and we like Bitcoin. Get the connection? We’re naturals!”

Winklevoss Twins think they discovered Bitcoin

As previously reported in ValueWalk, its almost as if the Winklevoss Twins think they discovered Bitcoin much like Al Gore discovered the internet.

As if considering themselves the Columbus of Bitcoin, the Winklevoss twins apparently regal in telling the story of how they “discovered” the internet while partying the day away in Ibiza, a Mediterranean island off the Spanish coast with a reputation as a hub for electronic music and late night partying among Europe’s young, rich and idol class. “We were on vacation, and happened to bump into a guy who is mutual friend and he started to tell us about bitcoin,” Tyler Winklevoss explained in the interview. “We were fascinated from day one.”

The twins parlayed a Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) court win, where Mark Zuckerberg was required to pay the Harvard University alumni on claims Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from the Twins. This was parlayed into a position where, acting in Hunt Brothers like fashion, they acquired nearly 1% of all Bitcoin in existence, which currently represents nearly a $57 million stake. The two think that the same way Facebook encouraged us to be socially open, Bitcoin encourages us to be financially open.

It is this quest for “open” relationships the twins appear to be tying in with models in a never ending quest to make Bitcoin ever more popular.

It is unknown how Lipps responded to the Winklevoss twin’s pitch or if they ended up finding models at the July Fourth bash.