Coming on the backs of three influential middle eastern nations recalling their ambassadors from Qatar in March, the gulf state now stands accused of aiding the creation of a terrorist cell in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

UAE terrorist cell

UAE: Men have been arrested while attempting to re-establish Al Islah

A group of men have been arrested while attempting to re-establish Al Islah, a group linked to Egypt’s terrorist designated Muslim Brotherhood.  “A group of Qatari men, directly overseen and controlled by the Qatari intelligence was arrested in the UAE,” a senior official told Gulf News.

Al Islah was disbanded last year as more than 65 people were accused of plotting an Islamist coup in the UAE and were handed prison terms.  Officials were quoted as saying Qatari cell had been planning to recruit members and raise money for Jabhat Al Nusra, an Al Qaida-linked rebel group fighting Syrian.  Last month State Security Section at the Federal Supreme Court showed their toughness, sentencing Raafat Mohammad Harb to life imprisonment for establishing and running an Al Qaida-linked terrorist cell. He was sentenced in absentia as the Palestinian fled the country. A Qatari doctor received a seven-year jail sentence in March after being convicted in the UAE of ties to Al Islah group.

Qatar supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Qatar, which finances the Al Jazeera television network, heavily supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt under ousted President Mohammad Mursi. This angered the UAE and others who viewed the actions as a threat to regional stability and might potentially break up the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

As previously reported in ValueWalk, the GCC is a group of six of the richest and most influential Islamic nations in the Middle East.  The group has typically been supportive of US goals in the region and the GCC is notable for their their behind closed door agreement to mandate that the US dollar is used in all trade for oil, known as the “petrodollar trade,” which is key to the US remaining the dominant world reserve currency of choice.  ValueWalk had previously noted the group could be on the verge of a breakup over the Muslim Brotherhood issue and discussed the importance of the group relative to the petrodollar trade.