Martha Stewart, the diva handy homemaker known as a control freak, likes drones.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart likes drones when she is in control, that is.

Martha Stewart introduced to robotic drones

Martha Stewart was recently introduced to robotic drones by one of her security detail, Dominic Arena, who had recently purchased one of the aeronautic spy machines. Arena had recently purchased a DJI Phantom flying camera, which range in price from $2,000 but can be acquired used for near $300.

“These drone-like, radio controlled aircraft are lots of fun to play with and they take extraordinary photos,” Stewart gushed on her blog, “Martha, Up Close and Personal.”  It is unclear how “fun” the drones would be considered by Stewart if she were to wake up one morning greeted by an invader robot taking illicit pictures of Stewart in all her glory, but so long as she is in control things seem just fine.

“Controlling them (the drones) takes practice and getting used to,” Stewart observed.  “Since my farm has lots of open fields, Dominic thought it would be the best place to get acquainted with his new toy.”

Martha Stewart’s drone flight

And get acquainted she did.  Martha Stewart flew the drone all over her expertly manicured farm and country farm house estate, taking pictures of the lovely Bedford, New York grounds.  “The results were amazing!” she crowed, posting over 30 pictures of her estate.  “Browse through the photo gallery below and leave a comment.  I’d love to know what you think about the photos, but also what you think about drones and the various ways they can be used in the future!”

Ok, Martha. I wonder how you are going to think about drones when they are an invasion of privacy?  How about when the sky is potentially cluttered with commercial drones and then terrorists figure out how to use this new weapon to their advantage? These are two of the more gruesome thoughts.  But perhaps it is the notion of a police state where armed drones monitor adherence to the state-mandated thought protocols like a version of the George Orwell book 1984 that takes an even more perverse twist.

These are just a few comments.  The pictures of your estate are beautiful, by the way.