Google Maps is getting smarter and smarter.

google maps android

New features for the iOS and Android Apps improve not only navigating the streets by foot but also giving the most relative advice in commuting by train, car service or automobile – including which lane to take on the highway.

Google Maps suggests what lane should you take

Google Maps new functionality will suggest to you which lane should you take, switch to or just tell you to stay put.  The application analyzes traffic entering the expressway, for instance, and, with an understanding of the driver’s location, provides warnings if cars may suddenly serve into traffic, causing jams. Further, the GPS functionality will get into additional detail for providing options navigating roads with delays by giving warnings related to the cause of the delay.

The application’s GPS feature has been well known for providing step by step driving directions. They are excellent at getting from point and to point b, showing users the routes and their relative traffic loads through brightly color coded maps. The application also analyzes different modes of transportation, from driving to taking public transportation, complete with anticipated travel times and connecting bus and train schedules.

Google Maps also include the ability to search for a specific departure and arrival times

Additional features for commuters include the ability to search for a specific departure and arrival times customized around the user’s schedule. This search functionality considers the timing keys and provides information regarding the time the last bus or train will depart at night.  This functionality works well for people who rely their daily commute on trains and buses know very well that the services differ depending on the time of the day.

The latest update enables users to Given these well worn features, the maps have provided very little commentary on the micro details of the road conditions, such as providing lane usage advice.  Speculation is technology being used for Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s automated, driverless cars is also being cross platformed into the Google maps application.

Another function that was enhanced, which has been included since Google Maps was first introduced, is the ability to save locations, maps and even take them offline.  The latest upgrade showcased Google’s new integrated design, making navigation easier and more effective. Users can save and label selected maps in a specific location on the cell phone, which can be easier when looking for frequently used maps.