A love lorne Colorado teen with an odd fascination with religious killings is in FBI custody after attempting to travel to Syria to fight with rebels, according to press reports.

Colorado teen Syria

The profile of Shannon Maureen Conley, an average looking white female willing to engage in violence on behalf of a religious calling, must be chilling for FBI profilers looking to protect America. She could have slipped in anywhere and not drawn the slightest attention with her all-American looks.

Colorado Teen in love with a terrorist in ISIS organization

But Conley had drawn attention of investigators as well as a Tunisian-based terrorist who claimed to be fighting with the ISIS organization in Syria, her professed lover.

It is unclear if Conley ever physically touched the man she claimed to be in love with, but her movements inside the US were a little clearer to investigators. The 19-year-old nurses aide, who sought to marry the Tunisian rebel after meeting online in 2013, first jumped on the FBI’s radar when a security guard reported seeing her suspiciously taking notes around the Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado, where a 2007 religious shooting occurred.

Shortly after this incident Conley said she hated “those people” and “if they think I’m a terrorist, I’ll give them something to think I am,” The Denver Post reported. FBI investigators, who reported the first incident, interviewed her again one month later where Conley declared herself as “ready to wage jihad in a year” after undergoing military training with the Army cadet program, the U.S. Army Explorers.

Colorado Teen found by NSA’s heavy surveillance?

It is unclear if the FBI / NSA electronic surveillance program was at all involved in the case, which caps an eight month investigation by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.  What the FBI is saying is that Conley’s father alerted investigators that her daughter was making her way to the airport to board a flight to Turkey for the purpose of fighting for the Syrian rebel group.

The decision to fly to Turkey came after the 19-year old approached her father to garner his blessing to marry the Tunisian-based terrorist.  The father refused to provide his blessing. This is when a one way ticket had been purchased for her, according to the Denver Channel.  Her father called authorities on April 8 as she was preparing to leave for Turkey, which is what tipped off FBI to her travel plans, according to reports. It is unclear if any electronic surveillance or a passport restriction at the airport was involved with the woman’s arrest.