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  • zany

    2015: BlackBerry is still here… and with a profit! #bbforlife

  • Ryan

    What’s your idea of innovate? Whether you like the design or not it is an innovative product (software and hardware) . How can we judge a phone that hasn’t even been released yet?

  • MartinJdub

    FYI – 247WallSt made a previous prediction that BlackBerry would disappear in 2013. http://247wallst.com/special-report/2012/06/21/247-wall-st-10-brands-that-will-disappear-in-2013 – Still here and even stronger


    thanks Martin, its really too bad that John Chen operates like Thorsten did and did not take chances that may have strayed from their company policies. Too bad that they don’t understand that sometimes that is where the magic is found. IF Blackberry hired me for a three month probation period they would feel it was the best choice they have ever made. Would you talk on a honking big square phone Martin? either would I, if I had BB shares that design would make me sell. I noticed when rivals were launching phablet type phones BB loyalist were saying “who wants to hold that pancake against their ear”, but now that BB made a more of a horrible one the loyalist now like it. OH brother. The Passport is the most worst design that Blackberry has come out with to date.


    those assets would not have continued costing them money if they would have learned how to innovate. Chen is adapting to Blackberry’s demise because he does not know how to fix it.


    The only job of a CEO is to realize what will sell and what wont before designing and manufacturing it. the other exec’s do the rest. If John remotely thinks the passport will sell he is the incorrect CEO for Blackberry.

  • LP

    You are talking about EMM? Or automotive connectivity/infotainment?! Or BBM?!
    BlackBerry is not just handsets… And the 0% in handsets is greatly exaggerated…

  • Mikael Grenoble

    blah blah blah, eat sh!t If you hate their products so much, why read their articles? Nothing better to do than to bash bb, man your life must be sad…

  • timesout

    You obviously know nothing about financing or business. Blackberry is selling assets that are costing them money. The selling of their assets is a good thing. Like I’ve stated before someone (you) has been shorting shares and I’m guessing you’re loosing big on that idiot choice. I am glad John Chen is the CEO and investors now see he is BlackBerry’s best chance of a turn around. My advice to you buy shares, hold them, and shut up. Best way for you to profit by the end of this year.

  • Martin Delaney

    Marketshare at 0%, hey at least marketshare “stabilized” LOL

  • Martin Delaney

    BlackBerry is dead they just won’t admit it. If they listened to actual innovative ideas such as yours they could have had a chance but instead they were arrogant and now are dead.

  • Martin Delaney

    Blah blah blah, what is a blackberry?

  • Martin Delaney

    They were correct. BlackBerry IS dead. Marketshare at 0% taking out loans from Prem Watsa to survive. They are dead they just won’t admit it.

  • Mo Cat

    So, BlackBerry didn’t get the right CEO, they should have gotten you according to your last post. Then you start rambling nonsense about your child. Is BlackBerry your child? Again, your posts are full of ridiculous comments and if I were you, I would stop immediately and delete my profile. You are really making a donkey out of yourself. Ask around if you don’t believe me.

  • zany

    Well you have your own opinion. I think that BlackBerry is a key player right now and will still be a key player in 2015. Don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.


    Oh and this is why Apple and Android is profiting big time? Hmmmm I did not know that is how things worked.


    BJ it is true BlackBerry is now 90% smaller, and Chen is shrinking it further. Chen should be oust before it’s too late, sorry if the truth hurts.


    Nevertheless the market share for BlackBerry is still falling at at alarming rate. Chen is adapting to this by selling off everything rather then focusing on what caused the demise. For this reason he will continue to shrink this wonderful tech company till there is nothing left.


    The executive management is doing the completely wrong thing for BlackBerry. If your child is not doing something right and you tell them, are you being negative? Telling the truth and being negative are two different things. If a CEO is telling one of his employees they are doing something wrong is that being negative? Well sorry to say but Chen is the one doing it wrong so don’t call me negative for supporting the truth.


    I asked at the walmart in Saskatoon and they told they don’t carry BlackBerry brand anymore if you don’t believe me phone Walmart in Saskatoon. I searched the store pretty good prior to asking.

  • Tyler Johns

    Aeropostale is actually about to relaunch itself, With this “Aero Now” Event, They’re completely re-branding, Going by just Aero now and what not, They’re also remodeling stores, and making big changes to the stores and product. and they were actually doing better last quarter… Sure They’re struggling but I wouldn’t exactly count them out.

  • B J

    Declining sales and losses;
    Disclosures by the parent of the brand that it might go out of business;
    Rising costs that are unlikely to be recouped through higher prices;
    Companies that are sold;
    Companies that go into bankruptcy;
    Companies that have lost the great majority of their customers; and
    Operations with withering market share.

    None of which are true.

  • Mo Cat

    What? If I wish BlackBerry to survive, I should support your cause rather being negative and bashing? Man, you are really trippin, the only one being negative and bashing BlackBerry is you, not me. I will bet that most frequent readers here, will agree that you are the negative one, not me.

  • Mikael Grenoble

    Proud owner of a BB Z10 and Z30 here, I’ve had BB from day 1. That being said, I also had to use an iPhone for work. No way they’re going under. BB10 = best OS out there, best touch screen keyboard, great multitasking, just an outstanding device. Once people realize that BB made a come back, which all they need to do is try a new BB10 device, they will realize how horrible the iPhone really is and get off their bandwagon. App gap is now gone, no more excuses.

  • Cucc90

    Okay now you’re just making stuff up. I was literally in Wal Mart today and there was a decent sized BlackBerry display. I searched for any articles pertaining to wal mart dropping BlackBerry and there is no evidence whatsoever. If you claim to have this revolutionary cell and battery technology, why would you not just sell it to the highest bidder? Or are you full of crap like the wal mart story?

  • Vincent Cooney

    they were implying the brands would disappear — whether through merger, acquisition, OR bankruptcy.

  • zany

    LOL keep dreaming…BlackBerry will not be gone…we’re halfway through 2014 and stock prices are RISING haha


    It’s BlackBerry that is being negative, by not being willing to learn. It is for that reason they will be no more. I do not wish for a Canadian company to die, as I am Canadian. But they are not willing to try or do anything to save this company. Walmart is now not carrying BlackBerry products. Mo cat if you wish BlackBerry to survive, you should support my cause rather then being negative and bashing.

  • Sixtyseven

    Who ever predicted this about Blackberry can eat their shit.

  • Mo Cat

    Really? I hardly comment here but what I’ve noticed every time when I visit this site, I always see you making negative comments about BlackBerry. Today’s post is not the most negative that I ever seen you posting here, although it’s still a negative tone overall. You really should change your life mate, it seems like BlackBerry kills your whole existence.

  • Sam Leeds


  • smartypants

    yes, blackberry will disappear like 24/7 Wallstreet in 2015


    I not sure about the others on the list, but I know for sure that Blackberry will be gone. Prior to just before Thorsten Hiens was appointed CEO, I sent a letter to RIM stating if they do not investigate a handset design that would restart the smartphone industry, its over for them. At this time I don’t think its too late for them to take part in this endeavour.

  • jeb

    This list is retarded. There is no way in hell any of these companies are going under in 2015.

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