The new Amazon Fire phone is catching on with developers.

Amazon fire Phone

App submissions are at record level after Amazon Fire Phone launch

Five weeks after its launch, app submissions are at record levels, the company says, and the app submissions to the Amazon App store has more than doubled.  (To provide context, the data sample is only five weeks long and thus without comparing directly to the Apple or Google app stores such submission rate increases are statistically inconclusive.)

“When we launched Fire phone, we couldn’t wait to see what developers were going to build with Dynamic Perspective and Firefly,” said Mike George, Vice President, Amazon Appstore. “While the underlying technologies for Dynamic Perspective and Firefly are sophisticated, we’ve made it simple for developers to harness their capabilities.”

It is the Dynamic Perspective and Firefly technologies Amazon focuses on. The company is quick to point out fire phone is the only smartphone with Dynamic Perspective and Firefly technologies. Dynamic Perspective is an entirely new sensor system that responds to the way a customer holds, views and moves the phone. Firefly recognizes things such as web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR and bar codes, movies, music, and millions of products, and lets the user take action in seconds.  Another product benefit is that Fire phone’s carousel allows users to see dynamic, relevant information that is related to the app or game directly on the home screen.

Fandango highlighting a top-10 movie list

Fandango is the nation’s leading moviegoer destination and they are currently highlighting a top-10 movie list on the home screen carousel that deep links to show times at nearby theaters for fast on-the-go ticketing. Using Dynamic Perspective directly from the home screen moviegoers tilt their phones left to reveal Fandango user movie reviews, navigate moviegoing menus, and see custom video playlists of related movie trailers, celebrity interviews.

“We are seeing an enormous shift in consumer engagement and commerce on mobile, as more than half of our ticket sales are now on mobile devices,” said Paul Yanover, President of Fandango. “As we work with Amazon on even more unique features for Fire phone, we expect to see continued growth in mobile engagement and ticketing.”