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Aman Jain

Aman is MBA (Finance) with an experience on both marketing and Finance side. He has worked as a Risk Analyst for AIR Worldwide, and is currently leading VeRa FinServ, a Financial Research firm. Favorite pastimes include watching science fiction movies, playing PC games and cricket.

  • Barbara

    I find it ridiculous that CA is considering amending their environmental regulations to lure Tesla. There is already a site in TRACY, CA that is ready for building and has already complied with existing environmental regulations. If CA really wanted to be a champion of environmental responsibility, it would promote sites that ALREADY conform to their existing standards. Show the rest of the US that being environmentally responsible can STILL attract business! Look here: http://www.ci.tracy.ca.us/?navid=595 under the Cordes Ranch project. This move by the CA legislature should insult every environmentally responsible individual and business owner in CA.

  • Jonathan

    The Jersey bill smells like an attempt to get Tesla to agree to cap store count at 4.

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