• Steven

    He could call it the Model 3. Which isn’t the same as a Mazda 3, but then he could be S3XY, which would be very 1337 and all internets and stuff.

  • sub-j

    Model E -> Model SEX
    problem solved

  • Scott Dean

    Models F, O, R, N, I, C, A, T, and E . . . too many letters?

  • Steve Ryan

    Eeeeshhh, Suxy probably would of worked…. until I starting thinking about it……

  • Steve Ryan

    Oh….. well have a nice day?

  • Jaime

    Way to not answer my question.

    My original comment IS on topic.

    I’m unsubscribing to this thread. Peace.
    ~the non-prude

  • Nora Lenderbee

    Well, I recall the car model “6000 SUX” from the movie Robocop. So maybe replace the model E with the model U. Their marketing folks may disagree.

  • Steve Ryan

    Ok, so maybe Tesla should drop the “Model” naming convention all together, obviously Ford will always have a cow about it, I suppose starting with the model “A” hmnnnn yeah,
    so….. maybe start thinking a little more futuristic something like “Unit” or “Series” oh crap BMW…. well food for thought…..

  • Ken Gage

    The carnal side of life doesn’t get enough attention. Glad to see a company embrace SEX positive attitudes and not be prudes. What a beautiful society.

  • Nora Lenderbee

    Ask that of a Mustang or Jaguar owner. Selling cars to young men is ALL about sex. Well, selling anything to young men is mostly about sex.

  • PeriSoft

    Saxy? But we can probably rule out a Model A if Ford is involved. Sixy? Soxy? Suxy? Probably not suxy… I’m out of ideas, gentlemen.

  • Steve Ryan

    I don’t know, you started the Thread……. Let’s get back on topic shall we…….

  • giantslor

    Actually, welcome to the world of almost all animals.

  • Jaime

    And what do procreation or mammals have to do with a car?

  • donny1020

    yes, everything is about procreation, welcome to the world of mammals. What a prude.

  • Jaime

    Must EVERYTHING be about sex?! What a disgusting society.

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