Developing mobile applications is a hot area of development, and Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) is aggressively moving to make such developments easier for computer programmers.

Oracle Micros Systems

Smart phones are not only used for communication, but increasingly are being used for business purposes such as warehouse product scanning and tracking, as tools to assist in logistics management and even a more effective method to handle trade show booth attendance. Encouraging developers to adopt new tools using their database applications can be critical to success, which is behind Oracle’s bid to attract more developers with its Mobile Application Framework (MAF), whose goal is to simplify the development of cross-platform enterprise apps for smartphones and tablets.

Cross platforming a cell phone or tablet application between Apple’s iOS and Android involves many complexities.  While nearly 80 percent of iPhone users update their operating system on a regular basis, such is not the case for Android. Thus, programming for Apple iOS can be considered much less complex than targeting Android and its difficult programming language and seldom consistent user requirements.

Oracle’s Mobile Suite

On Monday, Oracle announced updates to its Mobile Suite, which aims to make enterprise applications more mobile friendly.

The centerpoint of the new release is MAF, which builds on the cross-platform development tools Oracle already offers. The ideal model is build once and distribute on multiple platforms with as little work as possible. The framework provides developers choices. They can select JDeveloper IDE (integrated development environment) or Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, as well as selecting among a number of development languages, including Java, JavaScript and HTML5, when developing native Android and iOS apps.

The Oracle platform boasts 80 ready-made user interface components and supports Apache Cordova plug-ins, which are a set of device interfaces that lets developers access features such cameras or accelerometers.

Oracle’s Mobile Security

Security is a challenge presented by the growing number of mobile enterprise apps. Oracle attempts to address this by integrating MAF with its Mobile Security Suite, which comes with features for application containerization, advanced authentication and authorization, and integration with social network log-ins.

On Thursday the company also rolled out its SOA Suite 12c, with the intent of making it simpler to integrate mobile applications with the software. This marked the second time in less than a week that Oracle has upgraded its products to target ease of use for mobile developers.