Computer hackers may have compromised health records of 1.3 million Montana residents.

Computer hackers Montana Health Records

Hackers compromise Montana’s health records and bank account information

Montana’s Public Health officials said they were the latest computer hack attack that compromised the health records and bank account information. The incursion was noticed on May 22 after suspicious activity was discovered.  The hack impacted current and former residents as well as the estates of deceased individuals as well as Montana Department of Health and Human Serivces employees.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are notifying those whose personal information could have been on the server,” said Montana Public Health and Human Services Director Richard Opper. “We have no reports, nor do we have any evidence that anyone’s information was used in any way, or even accessed.”

In addition to bank and health information, the sever stored names, addresses, birth dates and social security numbers of Montana residents tracked in the health repository.

Computer hacking incidents growing

The potential incursion in the small western mountain state comes at an unusual time. As computer hacking incidents grow more brazen, with computer security experts saying they’re having difficulty keeping up with the hackers, the networked house and health records of a large percentage of Americans now being embedded into computer systems and often wireless networks that security experts say can be hacked regardless of the security system utilized.

Back in Montana, users wonder what they can do to remain safe.  Those hacked are being advised to close their bank accounts and report anything “that appears out of the ordinary.” Other advice might be to watch the credit reports to ensure that your identity is not being stolen.  For their part, Montana state officials said in a press release they were strengthening security on existing servers. A report on the topic only says that users should be mindful of their bank and credit card statements at all time.

The Internet was supposed to simplify life. However, while it obviously has world changing benefits it also can bring new and very real dangers never before imagined.