As egregious spying from both the government and private sectors that once would be considered unacceptable isn’t questioned, individuals have options to protect themselves. This is evident in a new product offering that allows for the detection of drones that might by flying overhead without being noticed.

Drone kickstarter

Kickstarter campaign develops a drone neutralizing mechanism

A Portland, Oregon group isn’t waiting for government protections that may never come from intrusive drones recording happenings on your private property. A small company started a kickstarter campaign to encourage crowdfunding to help it develop a drone neutralizing mechanism.

While federal officials debate what restrictions will be applied to the drones, the team at Domestic Drone Countermeasures has been working for more than a year on hardware that detects drones and ultimately deters unauthorized recording.

On the company’s kickstarter page the company founders discuss what prompted them to develop the product, which stemmed from a May 8, 2014 drone incident in St Louis when a drone filming in high definition slammed into a downtown skyscraper.  Who was flying it and why they were shooting video so close buildings?  This is still unknown, the Kickstarter page notes.

Commercial use of drones

“Drones are becoming more available and can be operated by anyone who can fly a Remote Controlled plane,” the company says, nothing that drones are sold at common stores frequented by average citizens such as Kickstarter and, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN). Citing 3D Robotics, the group notes that the drone manufacturer sells about 2000 autopilot systems per month to customers around the world who want to build their own drones, while a Chinese competitor, DJI Innovations, places at least 10 times as many drones in the public’s hands each month. Just based on these two companies there are over 300,000 drones are being put into the skies this year alone, which the company calls “alarming!”

In a 60 Minutes video, the company noted the FAA has no rules to regulate the use of these smaller drones and any drone regulation will not be updated until 2015, at the earliest, meaning that if you want to protect yourself from drones, the starter kit being developed from Kickstarter funding might be your only answer. Currently, the campaign has a long way to go, with only 12 backers and $736 raised – all with 25 days to go.