Michael Lewis makes numbers approachable. He takes something like the Oakland A’s improbable run to a record winning streak and playoff appearance despite an uncompetitive payroll through the use of Sabermetrics and makes it, well, sexy. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have Brad Pitt at the ready and Jonah Hill to stand in contrast to his costar. The film “Moneyball” took a seemingly unappealing topic like baseball economics and gave it life.

Brad Putt Flash Boys

Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys: Timely approachable work

Lewis’ newest book “Flash Boys,” a look into the world of high frequency trading, looks as though it to will bring math to the masses.

Rumors in Hollywood have screenwriter and Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin pegged for the writing of the film adaptation of Lewis’ book which drew attention to unseen trading practices.

Sorkin won an Oscar for his screenplay for “The Social Network” which dove into the life of Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) starring Jesse Eisenberg. He was also responsible for “The West Wing” and others.

Almost immediately following the release of “Flash Boys” in April, the film division of Sony snapped up the rights to produce it making it the second project of Lewis’ to be made into a film despite its less than “approachable for the masses” subject matter.

Lewis says the markets are rigged

Lewis famously said early in his book that the “market is rigged,” in “Flash Boys.” Expect that line to come to the forefront of the film and be repeated quite often when the film is put to the screen.

While negotiations are still ongoing, sources report that Sorkin has a “tremendous” interest in adapting the book into something he can make his own. It’s rumored that he will partner with Scott Rudin who is expected to produce the film. The two have collaborated on “Moneyball” and other projects including an untitled Steve Jogs project currently in the works with Sony with Danny Boyle anticipated to direct.