Want to live in one of the best cities in the US?  Get ready to pack your surf board Los Angeles, put away your Yankees hat New York City.  And in the winter, forget out going to South Beach in Miami, Florida.  Get ready to move to Plano, Texas or Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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Top ten best cities for families

Wallet Hub’s 2014’s Worst and Best Cities for Families list is out and based on the top ten list, the best places for families to live are small towns. The top ten cities do not include any municipalities with populations over 1.5 million residents.

Best cities rankings

Los Angeles was beaten out by California cities of Fremont, number four on the list, and Irvine, the number five city on the list in Orange County, California. Los Angeles was ranked 109, seven spots ahead of number 117 Stockton, California and just ahead of 110 ranked New York, New York.

Best cities: Number of playgrounds per capita

The number of playgrounds per capita might be considered a good leading indicator.  The list had two firms in the overall top ten: Madison, Wisconsin and Virginia Beach, Virginia. But this theory gets thrown out the window when recognizing that Detroit, Michigan, number five on the playground list, is dead last, number 150, on the overall list, just below number 149 Miami, Florida.  On the least number of playgrounds in any municipal region is Los Angeles, an area that is considered one big playground for certain people who aren’t hanging out on the swings.

The highest number of attractions list appeared to have the most attractive large cities on the list – New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago – yet most did poorly on the overall list, with San Francisco the highest rated at 53, just below Oceanside, California, at number 51, and Bakersfield, which came in at 50 on the list.

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 Best cities list build up: 31 unique metrics spanning five categories

To build their list, Wallethub considered 31 unique metrics spanning five categories:  1) Family Activities & Fun; 2) Health & Safety; 3) Education & Child Care; 4) Affordability; and 5) Socio-Economic Environment. “These metrics are by no means perfect – especially since a certain amount of a city’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and home is ultimately where the heart is – but what they collectively reveal will hopefully enable families to make more informed choices if and when they are presented with a move to a new city,” Wallet Hub stated on their web site.