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ALEX GAVRISH is a founder of Etalon Investment Research ( www.etalon-ir.com ), an investment research and management boutique that is focused on serving institutional as well as sophisticated individual investors. Alex is the author of the book Wall Street: Back to Basics (2013). The book offers a range of thinking approaches that you can implement to achieve your investment objectives. http://www.amazon.com/Wall-Street-Basics-Alex-Gavrish/dp/1491008083

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    Schism jello shots!

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    Due activists care about the functional integrity of a company? Think about the Seattle Seahawks team that won the Superbowl. You could take out Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, the receivers, the awesome defenders, the kicker, you could break apart all these pieces and trade them. But then you wouldn’t have the team. You wouldn’t have the core. You wouldn’t have the original entity that made the organization what it was. I’m not saying that Symantec is the same as the Seahawks but maybe they are. I just don’t think these outsiders (who run up and buy some shares and do two months worth of ‘research’) have the capability to know what’s best. We know that they want more money, we do know that. But are their decisions rational and intelligent, that’s the question.

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