• pmcurl

    The last colony in the world? I thought French Guiana was still a colony of France. If anything, they should become anj independent country, like most of the former foreign colonies of U.S and European nations.

  • Hillbilly

    Having lived and worked in PR now for nearly 15 years, I can see no advantages to PR statehood. First, our current exemption from Federal income taxes would vanish, and this addition tax liability combined with the already hefty PR income tax would be a huge financial blow to the working middle class. Less disposable income..less local spending. Even if PR lowered their own income tax to compensate somewhat, that would also be a huge financial blow to a government that is already bankrupt. Thousands of local government workers would lose their jobs (adding to the current 15% unemployment), and many essential services and programs would evaporate or be severely curtailed. Plus, what few relatively decent jobs thee are in the private sector (light industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.) would quickly disappear upon statehood as those companies moved next door to the Dominican Republic. Even independence is no longer a viable option, as the island has a Federally-subsidized over-population (3.7 million on an island of 100×35 miles) which is hugely dependent on all sorts of Federal funds and social programs. Statehood would be an economic and social disaster for Puerto Rico. Oh…almost forgot…as a state, we WOULD be able to vote for President..yee-haw!!

  • Diego Conde

    As a Puerto Rican that is not interested in statehood I am not offended, but your premise is incorrect. Puerto Rico has never been offered statehood by the US. Many local plebicites have included the statehood alternative and it has not prevail, if that is what you mean.
    I agree that our finances are unappealing to say the least. But for US to be the owner of the last colony in the world while campaigning the world for “democracy” is shameful… to the US and to PR. Somehow the status has to change.

  • Mentallect

    Puerto Rico was offered statehood years ago, but turned the offer down. Let them eat that decision for a few years, or at least until they get their financial house in order. America cannot afford more states like MS, Texas, and Alabama which receive more in federal dollars than they pay in taxes.

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