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  • Tuco Ramirez

    Blackberry Classic? LOL. They’ve clearly run out of ideas and are now throwing every possible idea at the wall in hopes of finding something that will stick.

  • TipRanks

    It was a $8.80 PT. Sorry for the mistype.

  • thelastford

    What year was this target $88?
    or am I drinking again!


    If the physical type handset was the correct design, Blackberry would not be in this mess in the first place. Apple has applied for a patent allowing the device to sense pressure on the touchscreen. This application will allow accidental keystroke touch not to register, making the touchscreen keyboard even better. It blows me away that Chen does not understand that technology is about the future. Attempting to bring back ” classic” means the same as bringing back the old out of date type tech. Consumers want futuristic designs when it comes to technology. Chen does not seem to understand this, yes way back when the bold and the torch was top of the line, that was then this is now. Very Very big mistake if Blackberry thinks the Classic wont flop.

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