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A political economist at heart, Brian is known for taking a big picture point-of-view, but loves delving into the details of technology developments, financial statements, leadership changes, and all the other necessary components of a thorough analysis. He has spent time consulting for the Malaysian Prime Minister’s office, and has worked as a stock analyst for major Asian investing firms.

  • Darren Champagne

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever read congrats man. N. Korea is not aligned with Russia, not since the fall of the Soviet Union. They are too crazy for the Russians to want to deal with. The only reason China is slightly aligned is because they don’t want a beligerant, radical country on their border and not be their “friends.” North Korea could be wiped off the map and nobody would care. However Russia does have a military alliance with China. That is a real threat. A modern Russian army and a huge modern Chinese army are real threats.

  • Kieren Baggs

    Ahhhhhhhh yeah me too, Im pretty Sure Russia has an Alliance with North Korea and if they go to war, Im not a hundred percent sure but the U.S said that if north Korea was to go to war they would
    and Australia. So Dont be Suprised there’s Going to be another world war.

  • dick

    I just shit my pants. It smells like the scrambled eggs I ate for breakfast.
    Thank you.

  • Ding dong

    Omg crap

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