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  • Patrick James Bayham

    DWP is very anti-American..they need to go extinct .

  • D Ray West

    This is a bunch of BS by the big three. California, they have you by the balls. They will not let go without a fight that is for sure. This round goes to power companies. Hopefully, SCTY is not done fighting the war.

  • Anthop

    “Utilities have argued that batteries would store grid power, and feed it back under the guise of solar panel-generated power.”

    Sure, you >couldwant< to? Obviously, the utility charges for power taken off the grid, and you can never get as much power out of the battery as you put in. Add that to the fact that, in order to protect their own margins, utilities will naturally charge more money per unit of power than they will pay for each unit provided by solar, and what you have is a fancy method for losing a ton if money if you attempt to sell utilities back their own power. This is not a real concern for grid-interconnect, just an excuse.

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