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  • Barbara

    It’s a scam, a pyramid scheme, designed to separate the poor from their money and send it up line to the billionaires like Johnson and Walsh. And the products are overpriced crap filled with sugar and palm oil.

  • http://www.SCAMM.org Dave Ritchie


    Have you done the math on your numbers? My calculator says that according to your data, the average gross receipts for Latino distributors that year was $545.45 or a monthly gross of $45.45. Without access to your complete data set, I’d estimate that the median annual gross was down to two figures, if that much. Unless the cost to those distributors of doing business averaged less than $45.45/month, they lost money.

    During that same period, how much revenue did Herbalife rake in from its Latino customer base?

    IMO, if Ackman is right and the FTC shuts Herbalife down, only the top less than 1% of distributors, Herbalife execs, the corporation and Icahn and his pals are the only stakeholders who will actually lose money; and Ackman and every unpopular anti-MLMer out here will have in effect, put money back into everyone else’s pockets.

  • Rene E Porcile

    No confusion with my team – HLF is an opportunity, a sales commissioned opportunity. Its not a job and its not welfare. HLF paid 330,000 Latino distributors in USA $180 million in one calendar year. How much opportunity has Ackman created for Latinos in $$$ anywhere in the world??? Answer = ZERO!

  • nadowalk

    There is no confusion for Mr Ichan He is tottaly right on his statements.and for the leaders interviews and the “K” forms number change for distributors who do better or stop doing as a part time or full time business. But most important is the consumption of the products that one way or another people love taking them every single day 365 days of the year.

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