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  • Ted Barbaras

    Looks like you did well by selling twitter when you did and buying Facebook. BP would have been a good buy as well! I ended up losing 20k on apple during that quarter. Should have played the same this past quarter would have been gold. I just about recovered from a hefty 70k loss earlier. Over ambitious when the market went south and took a big sucker punch to the gut. But wasn’t enough to knock me out. Always need to have reserves.

  • muhamat ilham


  • dondevaney

    Who is the Moron?

  • Harry Madox

    “$90 per share (…/…) an approach we consider conservative…”
    What a moron!
    and that’s a Managing Director at UBS, what a joke

  • Harry Madox

    “$90 per share (…/…) an approach we consider conservative”…
    What a moron!

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