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    Yes you are correct even in Indonesia the market is going for Android ran devices ,people seem to believe they are more connected to the world whereas BlackBerry appears isolated


    I already know the z3 will flop, sorry but completely wrong design, I would. Never state that unless I was prepared to offer the correct one


    Of course CEO will say he is pleased even though he is not, remember Thorsten stating “we will sell 10,s of millions of handsets? If Blackberry does not investigate a new focus pertaining in smartphone design they are done. The board members of BlackBerry must oust John Chen and find someone that knows what will sell and what wont, all my work is guaranteed or I require no pay

  • Subliminal7X

    Actually, BlackBerry offered lower cuts elsewhere, and Amazon (US) is selling Z10s for as low as the equivalent of 15,100 rupees. I bought a Z10 with LTE shortly after launch when in Canada, and still it was USD $200 less than the launch price in India (whose model is 3G). So yes, their India strategy was highly flawed and it cost them. Let’s see how the Z3 does.

  • http://bbin.in/ Shahriyar Ali

    cut is global, not just in India. BlackBerry reduced the prices of smartphones & kept it equal wordwide. do some homework before posting will you? :)

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