How To Hide Friends’ Updates On Facebook Without Removing Them

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When it comes to the social network, we have a variety of friends. Some post very useful information while some post annoying stuff on Facebook, thereby spamming our precious News Feed space. For those who post such annoying, and totally unrelated-to-our-lives stuff, here’s a way to hide friends on Facebook, without actually removing them.

You can also remove your friends on Facebook, but then they might feel offended by your action. They might be a friend or family and that’s why you might don’t want to unfriend them. An easy solution is to hide updates from such people, and here’s how it’s done.

Hiding friends on Facebook

To hide people on Facebook, find an update by the person whom you don’t want to see on your News Feed. Click on the small down arrow which is placed at the right side and then click on “Unfollow.” You’ll now unfollow that person’s post which means from now on, you won’t be able to see updates from that person. You’ll still be friends with that person, but updates from that specific person won’t appear in your News Feed.

Next, go to the chat section of Facebook and from the bottom of the screen, click on Advanced Settings.

A small pop-up window will open. Click on “Turn on chat for only some friends.” Type in the name of your friends whom you want to chat with and then click on the Save button.


Apart from friends that you’ve entered here, you’ll appear offline for all other friends. No more will you receive annoying messages from unwanted friends on Facebook. Now that’s peace of mind!

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