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Saul Griffith is an investor in stocks, commodities and forex, writing under a pen name. Saul has top accounting qualifications and extensive experience in industry and the financial markets. He also has an abiding interest in breaking news that could be a harbinger of new trends and give insight into an instrument’s potential for providing value, growth or yield.

  • Richard Thompson

    It’s been five years since the financial crisis and no banks have moved in on the secondary mortgage market. Why is anyone even talking about housing reform anymore? When the fourth quarter earnings are out next week Fannie Mae will have officially paid back it’s ‘loan’ from the Treasury. That $187 billion is considered by many to be a gross overestimation, realistically it’s been paid already and it should be obvious to anyone now these were paper losses promptly paid back. The bailout was unnecessary. These companies are powerhouses. Eliminating them or otherwise compromising them will hurt America. Let’s not forget that the housing crisis was due to congressional policies aimed at reducing underwriting standards, banks capitalizing on the opportunity to push toxic loans, and new home owners with unrealistic expectations. The simplest and best solution is to release Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from conservatorship and monitor them. Am I the only one with common sense or do other people agree?

  • Tarun Bansal

    I agree. They should return the Share Holder money now. The Government and Banks got their respective share and now are profitable, It’s time for government to return the Share Holder share.

  • Gary E

    FHFA needs to set lose its slaves. they will have paid their debt, more than GM did, and they are not the property of the US govt. they are private companies as the courts over the last 5 years have proven time and time again. And as private companies they are being looted by the FHFA and treasury. How would we all feel when apple or walmart are next for the looting and corporate takeover? Are we so against the investors in america today that we see them as evil? well Im an investor and Im not evil and Im just trying to earn money so I can live my life. Isnt this the american dream? I pay my taxes and I work hard. I am an american. I am an investor. I am a TAXPAYER. Let F&F go from the slave master. Its obvious they are not insolvent. Its obvious the ONLY reason they were close to it was the BIG BANKS defrauded them of 400BILLION dollars. Take a look at who is paying who for the fraud. Thats right! the big banks! WHY? because they committed fraud on Fannie and freddie!!! the bankers should be locked up for their scheme on the american people and the tax payer money needed for the BANKS to save them!!

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