WEALTHTRACK Great Investor who has made his name investing in small company stocks explains why he now favors large companies. Charlie Dreifus, the portfolio manager of the Royce Special Equity funds discusses why big is better in today’s markets.

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For as long as he can remember Great Investor Charlie Dreifus loved numbers. As a child he asked his mother to read numbers to him instead of storybooks. But it wasn’t until he took Professor Abraham Briloff’s accounting course at Baruch College that Dreifus found his calling, what he calls deep dive accounting. Briloff, who became an accounting legend passed away recently at the age of 96. For Dreifus he was a father figure, mentor and life-long friend.

Five years into a bull market where are the best values to be found? That is a question this week’s guest asks himself every day. Three years ago his answer led  him to expand his long-time concentration in small company stocks to include large ones as well.

He is Great Investor Charlie Dreifus, who for the last 16 years has made his name managing the Royce Special Equity Fund,  a value oriented small and micro-cap fund that has beaten its benchmark Russell 2000 index since inception, with less than market volatility. In 2010 Dreifus launched another value fund, but this one was not in small caps and never will be. It is the Royce Special Equity Multi-Cap Fund and it is emphasizing large cap stocks right now. It has also beaten its benchmark, the Russell 1000 since its inception three years ago.

Why did Charlie Dreifus want to go big? What’s his outlook now? Check out the video

Charlie Dreifus recommends: SPDR S&P Dividend ETF (SDY) – Holds all stocks in S&P 1500 that have raised dividends 20 consecutive years or more

50 Years of Dividends Dreifus Holdings

Royce Special Equity Multi-Cap Fund:

3M Co (MMM)
Dover Corporation (DOV)
Emerson Electric Co. (EMR)
Genuine Parts Company (GPC)
Illinois Tool Works Inc (ITW)
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
Parker Hannifin Corporation (PH)

Royce Special Equity Fund:

Lancaster Colony Corporation (LANC)


Charlie Dreifus
Charlie Dreifus