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Clayton Browne

Clayton Browne is an experienced writer, editor and translator with a broad background in the social sciences, technology, finance and investing. Favorite pastimes include science fiction, sports, poker and good food. He is an active volunteer at the Austin Children's Shelter and a member of the Austin-area Salvation Army Advisory Board.

  • brian

    Clayton, are you sh!tting the bed again ?

  • LovesTKD

    Wow another misleading headline that caused this misunderstanding in the first place. There is no outstanding contract at the moment that Blackberry has not or has been awarded. Due to the government being broke the purchasing of new phones is not high on the priority list. Especially if you have owned a Blackberry, they are hard to kill.

    Try sticking to the facts for a change not only in your article but in your title. When the news first broke most people didn’t read it as they had bought new phones the point is most of the phones are blackberry….and IMO will be for a very long time.

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