Samsung to Launch Waterproof Active Versions of Galaxy S5 and Note 3 [REPORT]

Samsung’s Active Galaxy S4 smartphone has enjoyed a moderate level of success. Now there are rumors that Samsung will offer waterproof active versions of the Galaxy S5 and Note 3. Electronic Times (which is a Korean-based newspaper) claims industry sources state the manufacturer wants to make an active version of the 5.7 inch Note 3 and the upcoming Galaxy S5.

Samsung to Launch Waterproof Active Versions of Galaxy S5 and Note 3 [REPORT]

Samsung’s waterproof feature for Galaxy S5 explained, “The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active swapped some of the original S4’s specifications for beefy looks and a sturdy body. It also featured a camera that could work underwater, and therefore had a new mode that made shots look better when they were taken in to a pool or in the sea. If Samsung was to adopt similar features for its S5, it is unlikely that it would want to increase the size or weight of the phone, so we suspect only the waterproofing technology will be employed.”

The Note 3 is expected to be extra large and bulky.

Samsung and Google working on Gear Glass

Waterproof phones are not the only thing Samsung is supposedly working on. A new report from CNET claims that Samsung is working with Google to create Gear Glass. Analyst/blogger Eldar Murtazin reported that the South Korean tech giant is currently creating their own version of Google Glass. Unfortunately, his predictions don’t always come true. However, he does appear to have solid sources with Samsung as some of his predictions came true. Since there is a lot of hype surrounding Google Glass, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Samsung came up with a similar item.

If this particular rumor is true, it’s likely that Gear Glass (its predicted name) would actually be a Samsung version of Google Glass and could be packaged in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The company’s next flagship phone will likely debut this spring. Time will tell if this rumor is true.

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