How is Investing in MENA Different from Frontier or Other EMs?

Dr. Amin El Kholy is Managing Director Asset Management at Arqaam Capital, a specialist emerging markets investment bank. Arqaam AM offers funds covering MENA, GCC and Pan-Africa, including a long/short hedge fund. Dr. El Kholy has been specializing on the MENA region since 1996. In this Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE video, he speaks about:

* Why MENA, including Turkey, is a fertile ground for stock pickers
* What drives investment returns from the MENA region? How is MENA different from typical frontier or emerging markets?
* What is the “New Silk Road”?
* Details about structure, liquidity profiles and recent developments of the capital markets in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE and Qatar
* How to exploit less liquid opportunities while maintaining the integrity and return of your strategy.


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