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I have a degree in managerial economics from Aarhus University - specialising in strategy. Have been employed in various firms private, state and semi-state. Branches have been: Transport (rail and ferrylines), mashine industry, building, energy and university administration.

  • Matthew Jensen

    Dude check your facts, lots of things out climb a English Electric Lighting. It’s rate of climb, 20,000ft per minute has been eclipsed by numerous aircraft, even many of its peers such as: Lockheed F104 (48,000ft per min), Mig 21 (44,000Ft per min) and Mirage 3 (46,000Ft per min) the Lightnings rate of climb is mostly fiction due to its ability to zoom climb on take off which is a cools stunt but not an efficient climbing profile.

  • DavidGolani11

    Thats the problem in a nutshell, the F-35 isn’t good at ANYTHING. The USMC requirement for STOVL is just a personal vanity of the corps. If you’re having to operate your planes from fields, roads and highways you’re LOSING the war badly. The Harriers have always been poor performing subsonic planes and more of a curiosity than anything, and the Marines definitely don’t need another one, nor do they need the V-22 Osprey. What they needed was a new helicopter but instead they opted for the ridiculously expensive Osprey that has no advantages over a heli and has problems with dirt ingestion and spalling (burning up) concrete runways.
    It is the F-104 Starfighter and the F-105 Thunderchief all over again. Pleanes with middling performance that ended up as missile meat for the enemy (we lost 50% of all F-105s in Vietnam) but we bought the plane anyway and strongarmed our allies to buy the F-104 even though it was a terrible plane with nasty stall characteristics, poor range and a turning radius of a diesel truck.

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